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Smart TV News

Roku announces plans to build its own voice assistant

Roku, manufacturer of streaming media players, has announced it's planning an expansion into home audio that will include its own digital voice assistant. The company will license its technology to manufacturers of smart speakers and soundbars.

Warning: Your Smart TV could be spying on you

As the Internet of Things advances and more and more items become connected data security and privacy become hotly debated topics. One area of concern is with the growing prevalence of smart television sets.

Facebook videos are coming to your TV

Facebook has announced a new video app for smart TVs that's designed to let you watch content from friends, family and publishers on the big screen. The launch marks the next step in Facebook's ambition to become a video site in its own right.

Sky to 'set TV free' with an all-new range of set-top boxes

European TV provider Sky has unveiled an all-new range of set-top boxes and mobile apps that combine to create a "whole new way of watching TV." The service is supposed to seamlessly blend live and on-demand content.

Review: The television keeps getting smarter and prettier

Smart TVs are becoming loaded with new features that further converge computer technology with America's box of wires and flickering lights. Screens get better too making images almost real-life quality.

LeapFrog announces system with gaming apps for kids

Emeryville - LeapFrog has provided educational games for kids since 1994. Now they are launching a new console which offers 100+ learning games for kids.

Emerging TV tech innovators recognized at Sport Social TV Awards

Think about the times you and your family and friends crowded around the television. What were you watching? Chances are it was some sort of sporting event.

The Golf Channel and iPowow Tee up multiscreen participation TV

As one of the oldest sports, golf is rich in both history and devotion. Yet some say it isn’t as quick and exciting as other major sports, giving fans less of an involvement and investment in the game.

Engaging reality audiences through social TV

No matter what your opinion is on certain reality TV shows (cough, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, cough), chances are you’re still watching the genre in one way or another.

Soccer, ice hockey fans able to interact with live games

If you’re a loyal soccer or hockey fan, you are now be able to interact with games live on-screen thanks to a partnership between iPoWow and Red Bull Media House.

Sports fans to receive engaging new experiences via connected TVs

As the Smart TV landscape continues to evolve and grow, innovators set to create new levels of engagement for Sports broadcasts.

Smart TV: The next frontier of cybercrime

Who is watching who? After smartphones, the next frontier for cyberfraud could be the smart TV in your family room as it has Internet connectivity, applications, microphone and camera ― researchers say as they find that smart TV could be spying on you.

Op-Ed: Is Google's Chromecast worth looking into?

Its name is the 'Chromecast', but it's often described as the 'dongle'. Could this low cost solution answer the woes surrounding the internet-enabled TV industry? Furthermore, is it really worth pursuing in such a device?

Samsung Electronics accused of ad plagiarism

Samsung Electronics is suspected of copying from Beta Band's 2004 video, "Assessment" in making Samsung's new flagship smart TV ad, according to Scottish musician Steve Mason, one of the founding members of The Beta Band.

Op-Ed: CES 2013 - Is it consumers or companies that want Smart TVs?

Smart TVs are one of the items being showcased at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with companies introducing what's to come on the market. But are Smart TVs really what the consumer market wants?

Op-Ed: Smart TV is here — And all those stupid people do is watch TV?

Sydney - After years dragging the chain on streaming, internet TV is here, and it’s a mess. Worse, the industry has discovered that all people want to do is watch their favourite shows. The swine. Don't they know that thousands of plutocrats might cry?

Op-Ed: The iPad at 2 — Its full impact is yet to be seen

The iPad showed that desktop computers have far exceeded the power most people need for what they want to do. Internet-connected TV might just do the same.

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A 24  Samsung SyncMaster P2470HN LCD TV/monitor displaying Wikipedia page along with a television ch...
A 24" Samsung SyncMaster P2470HN LCD TV/monitor displaying Wikipedia page along with a television channel within a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) at the top right corner (2011 model)
3D TV by LG
3D TV by LG
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Samsung smart TV at CES 2018
Samsung smart TV at CES 2018
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Smart TV
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LG Smart TV model 42LW5700-TA showing web browser  with on-screen keyboard active (June 2012)
LG Smart TV model 42LW5700-TA showing web browser, with on-screen keyboard active (June 2012)

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