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Op-Ed: 5 social media tips for small business

Small business owners are increasingly leveraging social media as a promotion and sales tool. A recent LinkedIn study showed that 81 percent of small to mid-sized businesses are using social media, but how many are using it effectively?

Op-Ed: 6 top small business fraud risks

Small businesses are at a greater risk of financial fraud for one reason: they aren't aware of the most common scams and therefore aren't investing enough towards adequate protection.

Op-Ed: 5 best off-the-shelf website solutions for small business

When the time comes for your small business to make the jump to internet sales you will need a web store to simplify and secure transactions.

First cat cafe in United States opens in Northern California

Oakland - Think Americans are a little pet obsessed? Think the "Hello Kitty" craze was over the top, even before we all found out "Hello Kitty" was not a cat at all? Well, hang on -- you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Obamacare’s small business exchange & health coverage options

Leading up to the healthcare law which was stumbled out almost a year ago, President Obama assured small business owners that it would be simple for employers to shop for and secure healthcare coverage.

A true craftsman of San Francisco hopes his legacy will continue Special

San Francisco - When some people say customer service is dead and that technology has killed good customer service, then they have not been to a place like Central Upholstering Company on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco's Ingleside District.

Signs of economic growth good news for small business

Recent reports of falling unemployment, increased production and a rise in the GDP have many cautiously optimistic the U.S. economy is on the road to recovery, which is especially good news for small businesses.

Op-Ed: What people do not tell you about small business freelancing

Are you incredibly skilled, charismatic and even intelligent? Freelancing may still not be for you. Come read about the other side of being a freelancer.

Obama’s SupplierPay initiative hopes to shorten wait for payments

In an effort to support small businesses, Obama is pushing for major corporations to pay suppliers more quickly, as revealed by The White House on Friday.

Op-Ed: Creating Twitter lists can help your small business

Twitter can be an overwhelming tool. We want to build a following, so we follow many. But how do you ensure that you see what you really need and want to see? How, you ask? Via lists, that's how.

Small businesses feeling optimistic but lack money for hiring

A new survey shows that while many small businesses are feeling more optimistic about the economy, few are willing to take on new employees.

Op-Ed: Making good choices when it comes to hashtags

The hashtag can be a very useful tool, but a powerful one. What you put after that little hashtag can bring you great success but potential failure. A thoughtful hashtag plan is well worth the time for a small business.

Op-Ed: Staying current with your small business social media

Staying current is important in all facets of business. As a small business owner you want your customers to know that you are keeping up to date through all you do, including social media.

Op-Ed: Creating a social media policy for your small business

You might think that you only need a social media policy if you are running a larger company, but it's just as important for small businesses. If your business is larger than just you, it's beneficial to put a policy in place.

Op-Ed: Coaching CEO's and Entrepeneurs is a 'puzzle' she likes to solve Special

Seattle - Being nominated by the U.S. Small Business Administration this year for outstanding achievement is an honor. And no doubt, a highlight in the life and career of Mary Marshall who is an advisor and coach to CEO's across the nation and around the world.

Op-Ed: Social media on-the-go for the small business owner

As a small business owner you're always on the go. Off to meetings, networking events and just keeping your business running. You need the tools to keep up with your social media while you're on the move.

Study released by LinkedIn showcases SMB usage of social media

In a new study released by LinkedIn's marketing solutions division, the forward-look on SMB marketers points to confidence in the coming year and a broader adoption of social media marketing strategies.

Op-Ed: Is your company embracing the Digital Age?

The benefits of the digital age far outweigh the drawbacks, believes Tomas Cabrerizo, CEO of CFH Group. Online tools that once seemed like a fad or novelty are now powering the growth of businesses.

Op-Ed: Making good use of a conference hashtag on social media

Years ago when you attended a conference or event, your networking was limited to your confidence level, the number of hands you shook and business cards you exchanged. Not the case anymore with the use of hashtags.

Op-Ed: Social media 101 for small businesses — the 5 W's

Are you a small business owner trying to figure out if social media is the right place for your company/product to be? Are friends telling you "It's FREE. It's easy. You have to be there?" Let's take a minute before we commit to anything.

Op-Ed: Resources for the small business owner — Stay on top of trends

If your business plan goes something like “Sell stuff, make money,” you’re going to need some other tools in your small business toolbox.

Op-Ed: Mobile shopping replacing desktops and laptops

These days, a small business that has no Internet presence won’t get far with savvy online shoppers. But what if you’ve got a great website that doesn’t convert well to mobile devices?

Review: Murray Newlands New Book; Performance Marketing for Professionals Special

Internet Marketing giant, Murray Newlands, has just released a brand new book that I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of. Read on to find out more about Murray, his book, and the business of Internet Marketing in this exclusive interview.

Op-Ed: First impressions in an e-commerce age

In the 'Age of Amazon' more and more online consumers have high expectations for speedy fulfillment of orders, and quality packaging.

5 ways independent furniture retailers stay competitive Commissioned

Every major city has several big-box furniture stores, but if you search deeper you'll find a wide array of independent furniture retailers with their own stylish offerings. So how do these smaller outlets compete against the giants?

Op-Ed: 6 Ways to put your business at the forefront of LSEO

LSEO is something that is relatively new but becoming increasingly important for small business - here are some tips for mastering it.

7 best ways to summer-proof your home Commissioned

Summer is a great time to renovate your home. Many factors are in your favour during this season: renovators are available during the warm months, labour is inexpensive, competition is fierce and homeowners can get creative with their outdoor add-ons.

Op-Ed: U.S. Supreme Court issues ruling devastating to small businesses

With most Americans celebrating long-overdue rulings on the gay rights cases, the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a quieter ruling in a lesser-celebrated case, setting back consumers and small-businesses forced into arbitration.

Op-Ed: Accountant Jim McAvoy on why debt is so hard to manage Special

Victoria - Canadian households are in huge debt, not because of our appetite for consumer goods, but rather to meet living expenses. The result is that household debt in Canada has broken its own record, now ringing up over $1.5 trillion.

Op-Ed: How to Ensure Your Business Loan Application Gets Accepted

Getting a small business loan can be a terrifying part of seeing your dreams come true, so it's important to take every effort to pick the perfect lender.
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Small business marketing strategy
Small business marketing strategy
Sam Ingersoll Small Business Marketing Blog
More than 90 percent of startups fail within five years.
More than 90 percent of startups fail within five years.
Liz West
Small businesses like this one will be hurt most of all by a hike in the minimum wage.
Small businesses like this one will be hurt most of all by a hike in the minimum wage.
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Office of Governor Patrick
Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems  improve communities  people...
Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment
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