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Small News

Financially strapped Atlantic City considers gamblers' way out

Atlantic City - East Coast gambling mecca Atlantic City, N.J., is almost out of chances to save itself from looming financial catastrophe.

Is the smallest insect ever debate finally settled?

Moscow - After a long debate about the accuracy of measurements and the measurement method, the world’s smallest insect has finally been announced. And it is very, very tiny.

Men with small testicles make great dads, according to study

The size of a man's testicles may play a role in how good of a father they are to their children, according to a new study.

Smallest aquatic bacterium discovered

A new group of bacteria with different genetic characteristics have been discovered in the ocean. These are the smallest ever bacteria yet to be discovered.

Harvard robotic insects make first controlled flight

Aerial drones aren't a new concept, but in fact has been researched and developed for quite some time. While they are becoming smaller and smaller, the roboticists over at University of Harvard developed the smallest aerial drone so far.

Grammy winner Alan Jackson performs benefit for WV Coal Miners Special

Grammy Award Winner Alan Jackson hit the stage in Charleston West Virginia Saturday night in a benefit concert for the families of the 29 coal miners killed in April at the Montcoal Mine explosion.

Small TV's Are Back In Widescreen

With the switch to digital television, small handhelds are coming back - in ATSC! Small manufacturers are taking the lead.

Rapidly maturing pygmies

Ever wondered why pygmies are so small? Three Cambridge anthropologists wondered, and found an answer to this question. They think that pygmies simply stop growing earlier in order to speed up procreation.

Small Penis Syndrome: Do You Measure Up?

It's a syndrome seldom talked about in mixed crowds. "Small Penis Syndrome". Men, with an average sized penis still worry that they are too small. Though most women, 85% in fact, are satisfied with their mates attributes, many men don't believe it.

First murder in 100 years for small town

Buckley, Washington is a small town that hasn't had a murder in 100 years until Thursday night.

Hope for Cancer Treatment comes from small Molecule

A small, non-toxic molecule may soon be available as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer, including lung, breast and brain tumours, say researchers.

Mini Google

A Simpler Google.

Op-Ed: Parents give disabled girl hormone treatment,surgery to keep her 'childlike'

The child, who is severely mentally disabled, has already undergone some hormone therapy that has stunted her growth to keep her the same size of an average nine year old girl - they will also give her surgery.

Whatever it is, it's Really Small Phone

Tiny 4 oz (90 grams) phone with built in FM, MP3, MP4 player, Bluetooth, GSM, Camera.

Small nukes could devastate the world

A small-scale, regional nuclear war could disrupt the global climate for a decade or more, with environmental effects that could be devastating for everyone on Earth, researchers have concuded

Toshiba Announces 100GB 1.8-inch drive; 100GB iPod on the Way?

Toshiba announced it will ship a 100GB 1.8-inch hard disk next month

Scientists Levitate Small Animals

Scientists have found a way to levitate animals using sound waves.

Small Tsunamis hit Japan after Earthquake

A series of Small Tsunamis heads for the Northern coast of Japan after an 8.1 magnitude Earthquake

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A photo of a small stingray
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