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Sleep deprivation News

Op-Ed: Sleep deprivation is a major social problem

Brisbane - So many people have sleep deprivation that it’s turning in to a social crisis. Sleep deprivation means dysfunction, and if everyone has it, the whole shebang is dysfunctional on a massive scale.

U.S. population are sleeping less each year: Study

People living in the U.S. are sleeping less now than they did thirteen years ago, according to a new study. The reasons for this are listed as technology use (too much blue screen) and stress.

Q&A: Why sleep trackers won't fix your sleep problem Special

Sleep trackers fall short when it comes to improving sleep. According to Mike Kisch, founder and CEO of Beddr, wrist-worn devices cannot accurately gauge sleeping position and lack FDA clearance to make a diagnosis.

Broadband Internet linked to sleep deprivation

Is there a connection between high Internet use and sleep? A new study indicates so, with the research drawing a connection between broadband Internet use and sleep deprivation.

How lack of sleep fuels marital stress

Lack of sleep carries many social ills, from grumpiness to relationship issues. It can also lead to something else more serious: stress-related inflammation.

Rise in sleep related problems with children

London - Children admitted to hospital due to sleep related problems has ore than tripled in the U.K. during the past ten years. This relates to children aged under 14 years.

Is social media use affecting sleep patterns?

Cardiff - Obsession with social media is taking its toll, especially among young people. A new report has found one in five young people are making do with less sleep due to social media use; and this sleep deprivation is having an impact.

Shift work sleep deprivation affects the function of the heart

A new study, looking at the effects of insufficient sleep (as might occur with jet lag or shift work), indicates that the heart can be adversely affected.

Essential Science: Sleep deprivation alters the brain differently

Sleep deprivation, over a long period, causes harm to the brain as well as increasing the risk of accidents. New research suggests the effect on the brain is not straightforward, with different regions and brain functions affected in varying ways.

Sleep deprivation revealed from studying blood

Sleep deprivation can now be revealed from an analysis of blood samples. Research shows that circulating fats and acids drop in people who are not getting enough sleep. Why have test? So employers can see if someone is "fit for work."

Naps seen as critical for sleep deprived

New research suggests a 30-minute nap can help stave off the effects of a poor night's sleep. This is good-health, potentially life-saving, news for many people who have trouble getting enough sleep at night.

Have a lot of negative thoughts? Study says just get more sleep

If you tend toward worrying a lot and have a lot of negative thoughts the solution might be easier than changing your career. It might just that you're not getting enough sleep, at least that is the findings of a new study out of the U.S.

Study: Lack of sleep may cause false memories

Psychological researchers from the University of California in Irvine and Michigan State University have published findings suggesting that lack of sleep makes you susceptible to false memories.

Chinese man dies from sleep deprivation watching the World Cup

Suzhou - The power of a good night's sleep should never be underestimated, as the family of a fallen World Cup fan can testify. Hours after the Holland game against Spain, a man was found dead from sleep deprivation, apparently having stayed up to watch the game.

California dreamin'? Not enough, say sleep experts

According to the latest data published by the CDC, 24.9 percent of Californians report getting an insufficient amount of sleep on a regular basis.

Disturbed sleep and nightmares may point to psychotic disorders

New research has warned that nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns in children may be an early warning sign of psychotic disorders in later life.

Not getting enough sleep? Your eyes reveal all

Sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes, mouth and skin, and, as a new research report highlights, these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people.

Op-Ed: Awakening to the dangers of ‘mommy medicine’

Sitting with my wife and newborn daughter at a local coffee shop, it was our family’s first outing since welcoming our first born just three weeks earlier.

James Gandolfini's death raises important health questions

"You snooze you lose" is an adage with which we are all familiar. But scientists and medical researchers are proving with frightening examples tonight that it’s the people that don't snooze who are at greatest risk of losing something - their health.

Astronauts headed to Mars face psychological challenges

Astronauts on a mission to Mars will have to deal with sleep deprivation, lethargy and an inability to focus on tasks, according to the scientists behind the Mars500 experiment.

Study: Researchers suggest sleep loss affects junk food cravings

A new study has been published that suggests the amount of sleep an individual gets is related to his or her predisposition to junk food.

Too little sleep might affect adolescent brain development

Adolescents who don’t get enough sleep might face the risk of long term problems with the way the brain is wired. Scientists are studying sleep deprivation in adolescent mice.

Are you among 70 million Americans suffering from sleep problems? Special

A good night's sleep to some Americans has become a matter of life and death causing symptoms of high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. In addition, experts say many motor vehicle accidents can be linked to some variety of sleep disorder.

Study links memory impairment with sleep deprivation

A team of University of Pennsylvania researchers announced discovering more about the brain region and neurochemistry behind sleep deprivation's inevitable fuzzing or eroding of memory.

New book 'Go the F@#k to sleep' expresses bedtime frustration

A recent study shows that parents lie about their superior parenting skills, but one father has decided to become completely honest. His new book "Go the F#@k to sleep" helps release the pressure felt during bedtime routine.

Stay conscious about sleeping: Health risks and misconceptions Special

Sacrificing sleep for other priorities is a common practice but one which causes serious harm. Anyone sleeping seven to nine hours on a daily basis and wonder why they still feel faint, unfocused, anxious or irritable may have an undetected disorder.

Op-Ed: Military accused of making false diagnoses to save billions

The military has been accused of falsely diagnosing -- and in at least one case using sleep deprivation -- some vets injured during their tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with personality disorder to keep from paying billions of dollars in medical costs

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Sleep deprivation is frighteningly harmful to one s cardiovascular and neural activity.  Often child...
Sleep deprivation is frighteningly harmful to one's cardiovascular and neural activity. Often children are misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders and adults remain undiagnosed, depending on even more harmful sleep substitutes or sleep aids.

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