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Man who posed as Justin Bieber faces over 900 child sex charges

Brisbane - A 42-year-old Australian man who was already facing child sex charges was charged with an additional 931 counts this week. He is alleged to have posed as singer Justin Bieber in order to extort sexually explicit images and sex from children.

Microsoft's new app strips Skype back to basics for India

Microsoft has launched a new Skype app aimed at users who struggle with limited data plans and patchy network connectivity. Skype Lite is a basic version of the popular messaging app that's smaller to install and uses less data.

Op-Ed: Sean Spicer's Skype journalists — democracy or media death?

This week, amid many controversial, and often adversarial, moments, Trump’s new press secretary Sean Spicer unveiled plans to allow journalists ‘Skype seats’ at daily press briefings.

Users can now Skype without an account

Using Skype is going to be easier because you don't need a full account. Microsoft is now allowing people to use Skype's audio and video call features without an account.

'Skype for Life' to replace dizzying selection of Skype clients

Microsoft recently closed down its Skype office in London for reasons that are now becoming clear. It is said to be building a cross-platform Skype client to run on any device, putting an end to the confusing mass of interfaces currently available.

Microsoft launches all-new Skype app for Linux desktops

Microsoft has unveiled a completely rebuilt version of Skype for Linux, bringing the previously abandoned app up to the standard of its Windows and Mac counterparts. The new release is faster, more responsive and supportive of new features.

Skype update stops it revealing your IP address to the world

An update to the Microsoft-owned Skype messaging software has finally removed a known issue present for over three years. The flaw makes it easy for outsiders to uncover a user's IP address, allowing them to execute DDoS attacks or other hacks.

Microsoft races to patch crippling Skype bug

Microsoft has rushed out an update to Skype on several major platforms after a crippling bug was discovered and widely reported yesterday. Similarly to an issue that recently affected iPhones, Skype would crash when a certain message was received.

Skype Translate now available for everyone

After being launched last year on an invite only basis Skype Translate is now freely accessible, and could be a template for future business and personal communications

Microsoft told that Skype logo is too similar to Sky's

An EU court has ruled that Microsoft-owned video messaging software Skype's name and logo is too similar to that of broadcaster Sky, preventing Microsoft from trademarking the Skype branding and allowing Sky to pursue Microsoft for licensing if it wants.

Microsoft expands beta of Skype for Web

Microsoft has launched a beta of Skype for Web. The new website will allow users to access Skype from any web browser, removing the issue of being unable to use the popular communication program on computers where it is not installed.

Wagner legend is brought to life by a fast-rising star Special

Toronto - New Jersey native Christine Goerke may be making her role debut as a legendary Wagner heroine soon, but she's still a tweeting, Skyping wife and mom who thinks size has nothing to do with sex appeal.

Skype rolls out web version of the application

Skype, the telecommunication software that enables voice calls and real-time messages over the Internet once again garnered the attention of the world by releasing a web version of the application.

Skype removes 'offensive' emoticons

The online video chat service Skype has taken down instant messaging emoticons showing a middle finger and a woman's legs.

Will Skype go 3D?

Skype, the instant messaging platform, has indicated it is developing 3D video calls. The project is being undertaken following Microsoft’s acquisition of the video conferencing platform.

Teen commits suicide over Skype blackmail

Scottish Daniel Perry, 17 killed himself after becoming the victim of an online blackmail scam on Skype. The blackmailers threatened if Perry didn't pay up, they'd share a recording of the conversation he was having with some girl.

Skype creates 'impossible' family portrait for Ugandan

Skype and an artist helped create what is being called an 'impossible family portrait' for a man, Denis, who fled his native country of Uganda.

Skype malware makes users' PCs slaves to mining Bitcoins

Kaspersky Lab, a Russian security firm, identified a spam message campaign on Skype that spreads malware that has Bitcoin mining capabilities.

Skype may be in trouble if police in France can't listen to calls

The French telecom authorities, ARCEP, informed the Paris state prosecutor that Skype must submit to the French law's concerning electronic communications operator, which requires operators to allow police in France to listen in on any calls.

Skyping dogs video goes viral

Technology such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype are wonderful resources for friends who want to keep in touch, but the technology isn't limited to humans as these two long distance canine friends will tell you.

Op-Ed: Ransomware targeting businesses, Skype users

Sydney - Ransomware is malware which locks users out of their computers and encrypts their data. The users are told to pay money to unlock their machines. Australian businesses are being targeted by this malware, which is also being reported on Skype.

Jessica Sanchez interacts with fans live on SKYPE Party

American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez was visibly overwhelmed with the huge crowd gathered at the Mall of Asia in Manila where she appeared live on Skype feed as she interacts with adoring fans Sunday night.

U.S. Army: Captain Clark, soldier who died on Skype was not shot

The U.S. Army has said that the soldier who died in Afghanistan while chatting with his wife on Skype was not shot. The Army said that in spite of the claim by his wife that the captain was shot, he did not have a bullet wound.

Wife watches as soldier husband dies while talking on Skype

The wife of a U.S. Army captain who watched her husband slump forward dead while he was on Skype with her has raised questions about official report that her army medic husband Bruce Kevin Clark, died of "natural causes" while serving in Afghanistan.

Skype for Windows Phone app gets beta release

Microsoft has launched a beta version of the Skype for Windows Phone app today; a full release is tabled for April this year.

Skype buys GroupMe messaging service for $85 million

Skype is going to acquire group messaging service GroupMe, which was created back in 2012 at a Hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.

Op-Ed: The Socially Networked Future of International Diplomacy Special

Paris - Well before entering political office, tomorrow's world leaders are meeting, talking and sharing --right now-- using social networks, with serious implications for our future global order.

Skype for iPad now available

After a month of speculations, Skype for iPad is finally out across the world. The native app which opens up Apple tablet PCs for voice and video chatting makes it possible to communicate with Mac and PC users.

American soldier witnesses birth of baby on Skype

Charleston - Capt Paul Santana and his wife Lindsey didn't let 6000 miles deter them from sharing in the birth of their child. With the help of the staff at a WV hospital and Skype Paul was able to watch the birth while stationed in Iraq with the Army National Guard.

Facebook revamps Chat tools, adds Video and Group functions

Facebook is rolling out a redesigned Chat service, adding functions to let Facebook users video-chat with friends. Group Chat has also been introduced for users who want to talk to multiple friends at once.
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