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Skull News

Papua New Guinea skull 'world's oldest tsunami victim'

Sydney - A 6,000-year-old skull found in Papua New Guinea is likely the world's oldest-known tsunami victim, experts said Thursday after a new analysis of the area it was found in.

William Shakespeare's head has gone missing

London - Archaeologists who scanned the grave of William Shakespeare made a most startling discovery. The Bard appears to have lost his head.

Huge 6,000-pound crocodile terrorized prehistoric seas

Suffice it to say, if this beast was in the water, you'd want to be out of the water. What is this creature? It is the largest sea-dwelling crocodile that has ever been discovered, growing to over 30 feet long and weighing three tons.

Human skull transplant carried out for the first time

A Texas man is "feeling great" after undergoing the world's first successful skull and scalp transplant. At the same time, doctors also gave him a new kidney and pancreas.

8,000-year-old skull found in Norway

Archaeologists in Norway have found what might be an 8,000-year-old skull, possibly containing brain matter, in a dig site in Stokke, southwest of Oslo. They say the find could help explain living conditions in the Stone Age.

Did facial bones 'evolve' for fighting?

Salt Lake City - University of Utah evolutionary biologists have proposed a new theory: hominin facial bones evolved for protection against the powerful blows of combat.

Skulls found in London may be those of ancient gladiators

London - Forensic researchers involved in the examination of skulls discovered by labourers in 1988 along the Walbrook River in London are now saying they could belong to ancient gladiators during the time that the city was known as Londinium under Roman rule.

Teens unearth ancient skull in Kansas City

Kansas City - Two teens in Kansas City found what experts believe to possibly be a prehistoric skull. The teens had been walking along a creek bed when they'd uncovered the bones and then found a tooth.

Man has 75% of skull replaced by 3-D printed replica

A US man has received the first ever 3D-printed skull-replacement. The custom-made replacement was about 75 per cent of the man's skull.

K-9 skull study may help children with craniofacial deformities

Bethesda - The family dog may be more than a fun and faithful companion; in fact, researchers believe dogs may help lead us to a better understanding of our heads.

Face of King Richard III reconstructed from skull (video)

Recently Richard III's remains were identified "beyond a reasonable doubt", and now, using techniques normally used to identify victims of crime, experts have rebuilt and recreated his face.

Dinosaur skull seized from Wyoming home

Federal agents seized a dinosaur skull that is related to a Mongolia smuggling investigation from a home located in Wyoming .

Chinese boy survives after his head was impaled with a sword

Changsha - A 15-year-old Chinese boy has miraculously survived after he was stabbed through the forehead with a huge sword, the Metro reports.

Ice Age skull of giant sloth unearthed in Southern California

Many archaeological finds are accidentally unearthed by construction crews, as was the discovery of a 1.8 million-year-old skull of a giant ground sloth in Southern California.

Report: Adolf Hitler's skull fragment belonged to woman

A skull fragment found outside Hitler's Berlin bunker by Soviet forces originally thought to have been Adolf Hitler's has been 'found to be female'.

T-Rex ancestor discovered

An international group of scientists has discovered fossils of a dinosaur in China that probably forms the link between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its much smaller ancestors.

Teen survives attack after five-inch knife wedged into his skull

A teenager survived a stabbing incident despite having a five inch knife plunged into his head. He has recovered fully from the incident and is attending college.

Sister Caught Bringing Brother Home, In Pieces

Two Italian women were stopped by Munich airport police when an X-ray of their luggage revealed a skull. The 63 and 62 year olds were questioned about remains they were toting.

Lilly In The Pink Celebrates Lydia Pinkham, The Lady In The Health Sector's Basement

A brand new version of the traditional folksong 'Lily in the Pink' is now online on e-Skeptic. They posted it just in time, before the year runs out. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Lily in the Pink is all about this.

Hirst's Skull Sells for 50 Million British Pounds

Hirst’s London Gallery White Cube said the 8,601 diamond encrusted platinum skull built by artist Damien Hirst is sold to an investment group for 50 million pounds (100.39 million US Dollars).

Freaky fish skull turns up far inland

As soon as he viewed the photo - those fanglike teeth, like something out of a horror movie - John Lundberg knew what the mystery creature was. "Once you see one of these things, you don't forget it,"

Art or just a really, really shiny and expensive skull?

Is the diamond encrusted skull called "For the Love of God" a work of art worth $100 million? If it is sold for its asking price it would be the highest payout to a living artist ever.

Research Links Human Brain Size to Climate Change

According to researchers at the University of Albany, humans developed larger brain capacity as they adapted to colder climates.

Homeless man dumps 'human skull' outside 7-11

Investigators in the District returned to a wooded area across from a 7-Eleven in northeast Washington where what is believed to be a human skull was found. Police are waiting on a ruling by the D.C. medical examiner.

More human bones found near skull site

A human skull was found in Georgia and on Saturday more bones were found about 100 yards from where the skull was found.

Skull suggests Neanderthal link

A skull found in a cave in Romania suggests humans and neanderthals may have interbred.

Ancient Skull Supports "Out of Africa" Origins of Modern Mankind

A human skull discovered over 50 years ago in South Africa has recently been reliably dated back to 36,000 years ago.

Weird News: Skull Festival & Condom Gown

Bolivian Skull Festival every November. As Woody Allen says "Just because you're dead, doesn't mean you have to be discouraged." Get granny and grandpa (their skulls, that is) and put on that beautiful dress made of rubbers.

Oldest Skull In Human Family Discovered

WASHINGTON (voa) - An international team of scientists led by French anthropologists has unearthed the oldest skull ever found in the human family, a seven-million-year-old fossil in the central African nation of Chad. The discovery opens up what exper...

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Skull Image

Skull from gladiator graveyard
Skull from gladiator graveyard
Dog skull
Dog skull
On the way... partial skull of Homo habilis  or Handy Man.
On the way... partial skull of Homo habilis, or Handy Man.
World s first skull transplant patient
World's first skull transplant patient
A skull implant  which is made out of the same ceramic material used for hip implants and dental cro...
A skull implant, which is made out of the same ceramic material used for hip implants and dental crowns.
UC Riverside
This is the skull of the holotype of Eodelphis in lateral view.
This is the skull of the holotype of Eodelphis in lateral view.
Mizuki Murakami
Craniofacial diversity exists between and within breed dogs. White strips highlight the palate (left...
Craniofacial diversity exists between and within breed dogs. White strips highlight the palate (left) and brainstem (right) in each skull example.
The Paleontological Laboratory of Teruel s Dinopolis Foundation put the skull of Turiasaurus riodeve...
The Paleontological Laboratory of Teruel's Dinopolis Foundation put the skull of Turiasaurus riodevensis was put on display on Tuesday.
Agencia EFE, S.A.
An impressive look at the jawline of a crocodile.
An impressive look at the jawline of a crocodile.
Skull in Gough s Cage sculpted into a bowl
Skull in Gough's Cage sculpted into a bowl
The Trustees of the National History Museum, UK
Half buffalo skull  this would be at least 100 years old. If not more.
Half buffalo skull, this would be at least 100 years old. If not more.
The skull of Yutyrannus Huali  showing the unique rippled crest that runs from its nose to its foreh...
The skull of Yutyrannus Huali, showing the unique rippled crest that runs from its nose to its forehead.
Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology