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Five points for digital transformation success

Digital transformation is not just about technology. The process concerns culture and structure. Organizations must change in five areas: mind-set, organizational setup, work-activity allocation, workforce composition, and C-suite understanding.

Use of the Internet is affecting student study skills

The expansion of the Internet has opened up opportunities for knowledge acquisition. But has the Internet decreased motivation with some students and affected mental health in some cases? A new study suggests so.

How U.S. workforce is responding to technology skills gap

There is a cyber-skills gap in many developed economies. A recent study has highlighted the lack of appropriate skills, like coding, in the U.S. However, the poll also reveals that the workforce acknowledges this, indicating a provision gap to be filled.

Q&A: Businesses need to face up to cybersecurity skills shortage Special

A new report on the cybersecurity skills shortage finds that the majority of cybersecurity professionals felt that organizations do not know what they need and that recruiters do not understand the field in which they are tasked in finding candidates.

Unskilled staff threaten banks' ability to digitally transform

This technological disruption has a large effect on how banks operate, and it seems unlikely that the pace of change will decelerate anytime soon.

382 hours on your phone: What else could you do with the time?

New research from entertainment firm PlayUSA has found the top time wasters for the U.S. public, as well as what they could do with the time instead. The biggest time waster, other than TV, is sitting glued to a mobile phone.

Inside Google's Digital Garage in Manchester Special

Manchester - Google has opened a 'Digital Garage' in Manchester's city center, which is a space on the high street for people to learn digital skills and access technology – for free.

Big plans for Digital Literacy Day

Toronto - What digital literacy is currently about and what it can be, on both an individual and collective scale, are to be explored and celebrated through various activities and education sessions across Toronto as part of the first Digital Literacy Day.

The five 'super skills' that today’s workforce needs: Interview Special

New research from the Institute for the Future has uncovered a knowledge gap highlighting five “super skills” that could change the future of work. To understand these skills further, Digital Journal spoke with Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam.

E-learning solutions for business success

For employees schooled on mobile devices and accessing on-line content, the use of electronic learning materials can lead to better engagement and improved learning outcomes, according to new research.

Walking in different directions can increase your math skills

A team of researchers from the University of Bologna and the Italian National Research Council performed a study that showed walking actually increases your ability to do math.

Why content marketing is facing a shortage of qualified staff

The world of digital marketing is facing a skills shortage when it comes to content generators. B2B News Network investigates.

Want to learn more about technology? Try these courses

Whatever your experience level, there are some great courses available online to teach you more about the world of technology. Covering skills from programming and web development to network management, everybody can learn new skills in their own time.

Colleges at the forefront of higher education Special

The route outside of high school doesn't necessarily lead to university. About 58% of post secondary students in Ontario choose one of the 24 colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in the province.

Documentary: Professional prisoners learning skills

In this eye-opening 25-minute documentary, we visit a prison in Russia that educates its prisoners, pays them well for their work and gives them skills for a chance of a better life on release.

Canadian MP Olivia Chow calls for improvements for new immigrants

Ottawa - Canadian MP Olivia Chow says the government needs to improve the recognition of foreign credentials, saying the Conservatives are still announcing half measures. Newcomers say foreign credential recognition is the biggest hurdle once they land in Canada.

What Makes a Journalist a Journalist?

When we think of a professional person our mind tends to assume they have university degrees. In journalism that is the case most of the time but not all of the time. The degree may get you in the door but it's not what will keep a job for you.

Empty Desks In The Adult Classroom Spells Disappointment for the UK government

The once was a time in education when the adult system was working. More were taking the steps to improve their education by taking a whole host of course, now it seems, this number is falling fast

RCMP: Kandahar cops making progress in street-survival skills

Canadian police training Afghan's with a view to stabilizing Kandahar province

Japan school to test applicants' chopstick skills

First there were training bras, and now ....

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