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Skeleton News

Korean 'Iron Man' Kim wins historic Olympic skeleton gold

Pyeongchang - South Korea's Yun Sung-bin made history Friday as he become Asia's first Olympic skeleton champion after completely dominating the daredevil event in Pyeongchang.

Skeleton with stone-encrusted teeth found in Mexico ancient ruins

- Archeologists have discovered the 1,600-year-old skeleton of an upper-class woman whose skull was intentionally deformed and teeth were encrusted with mineral stones near Mexico's ancient ruins of Teotihuacan.

Old tree in Ireland blows over and reveals medieval skeleton

Collooney - The remains of a young man was discovered by archaeologist after a 200-year-old tree blown over during a storm in Ireland.

Man to serve 3 months in jail for smuggling dinosaur skeleton

A Virginia fossils dealer was sentenced to three months in prison for smuggling a Tyrannosaurus skeleton out of Mongolia.

Skeleton: Russian Tretiakov rockets to gold

Alexander Tretiakov won Russia's first Olympic gold in skeleton on Saturday when he comfortably held off main rival Martins Dukurs of Latvia.

Pikus-Pace says silver makes the pain worth it

An elated Noelle Pikus-Pace called her Olympic skeleton silver "as good as gold" on Friday and announced her retirement for the second time after bouncing back from injury, family trauma an...

Skeleton stars get head start by design

Chereshnya - Hurtling head first down the Sanki sliding centre at speeds touching 120km/h, Olympic skeleton racers are a tough breed on the track and boast an artistic flourish off it.Take a look at the designs on their helmets for proof -- the patriotic, the nerdy...

Fairbairn takes a brainy approach

Canadian Olympic skeleton slider John Fairbairn has a degree in mechanical engineering and a brain painted on his helmet.

New ligament found in human knee

A new ligament has been identified in the human knee. The bone structure has been named the anterolateral ligament (ALL).

Police confirm identity of scuba-diving skeleton off Calpe, Spain

Tangier - Police have now officially confirmed the identity of the skeleton, wearing a neoprene scuba diving suit, found off the coast of Calpe in the Mediterranean sea in July 2013.

Skeleton in scuba gear with Moroccan ID sparks mystery in Spain

Alicante - A skeleton wearing a black and grey wetsuit, flippers and carrying a backpack has been found floating in the Ibiza canal near Alicante, Spain. He was also carrying a Moroccan passport and a whole load of cash.

Woman charged for sex with human skeleton

A Swedish woman who was arrested back in September after police found skeletons in her apartment has been charged on Tuesday for using the bones as sex toys.

63,000-year-old skull found in Laos

Parts of a modern human skull found in Laos are the earliest skeletal evidence of human occupation of Southeast Asia. Dating of the skull and surroundings suggests the remains may be up to 63,000 years old.

Three-bedroom house complete with skeleton for sale in Sweden

A home in Sweden is up for sale, and has a highly unique room-mate - a centuries-old skeleton that lives in the basement.

Gold-covered female skeleton found on Crete is 2,700 years old

A grave dating to the 7th century BC has been discovered on the Greek island of Crete. Unique in the Greek world, one of two female skeletons was completely covered with 3,000 pieces of gold foil

Scientists discover 3.2 million-yr-old Hominid Special

Cleveland - Meet Lucy's great-grandfather Kadanuumuu, who was found in Ethiopia recently. Scientists say the early hominid skeleton confirms human-like walking is more ancient then we had previously known. Have we found another piece of the missing link?

Lane Bryant denies making Victoria's Secret parody skeleton ad

Tucson - Despite the protests over the failure of networks to run the Lane Bryant lingerie ads last month, LB does not want customers to think they are behind the new Victoria's Secret parody "skeleton commercial" being shown on TV and around the Internet.

Man and Elderly Mother Found at Home Five Years After Death

The skeletal remains of a middle aged man and his elderly mother have been found in their home just outside of Brussels, Belgium five years after they died.

Game Of Beach Ball Turns Creepy When Kids Discover Human Remains

A group of children playing ball on a Florida beach discover an adult human skeleton in a back yard when they chased their ball into some high weeds of the yard of an ocean front home. The decomposed body had been there for several months.

Photos show mystery skeleton sticking out of iceberg off N.L. east coast

Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland's east coast.

Skeleton Found With Rope Around Neck - In A River

Police have found human bones, with a rope around the neck, in a river near Rustenburg.

Farmer wants to sell mammoth skeleton

A 76-year-old Kenosha County man in whose cornfield the skeleton of a mammoth believed to be about 12,500 years old was dug up in 1994 is interested in selling it, and officials of the Milwaukee Public Museum are interested in it.

Skeleton Closet Whacks All 2008 Candidates

I guess George would be turning over in his grave if he were reading about all the scandals that all of the 2008 candidates were involved with.

Ancient skeleton focus of modern debate

Deep in the dusty, unlit corridors of Kenya's national museum, locked away in a plain-looking cabinet, is one of mankind's oldest relics: Turkana Boy, as he is known, the most complete skeleton of a prehistoric human ever found.

Funny Skeleton Dance Video

This is a funny Skeleton Dance Video

Man seeking to make up with parents finds skeleton of father

A man hoping to reconcile with his parents made a grisly find in their Brooklyn apartment, police said: His mother may have been living with his father's corpse for three years.

Scientists Find Ape-Man Skeleton Leading to Clues on Evolution

Scientists digging in Ethiopia's desert have found the most complete skeleton yet of a prehistoric ape-man species thought to be a forerunner of humans.

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Skeleton Image

A skeleton holding a fishing pole.
A skeleton holding a fishing pole.
The newly identified knee ligament: anterolateral ligament
The newly identified knee ligament: anterolateral ligament
University Hospitals Leuven
Baby dinosaur skeleton found in Alberta.
Baby dinosaur skeleton found in Alberta.
Torvosaurus tanneri skeleton
Torvosaurus tanneri skeleton
Skeleton of Columbian mammoth  Mammuthus columbi  in the George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pi...
Skeleton of Columbian mammoth, Mammuthus columbi, in the George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, California

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