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Size News

Fashion on upward curve: bigger is beautiful

New York - For years, images of impossibly slim, gorgeous, blemish-free women have filled fashion magazines, billboards and television screens.

Op-Ed: Apps for Apple Watch are ridiculous but will still take off

The Apple Watch has been in the hands of owners for over a week now and its dedicated App Store is beginning to get stocked with apps designed for its tiny screen. Most of these apps offer no more productivity than their iPhone counterparts though.

Internet Explorer is finally dead, Microsoft is killing the brand

Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's Convergence conference yesterday that the long ill-spoken Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company's new "Project Spartan."

Laptop power bricks could be shrunk to a quarter of current size

A MIT spinout company, FINsix, has developed a power adapter designed for laptops that is around a quarter of the size of the current units used.

Parents underestimate the size of their youngest child

Most parents underestimate the size of their youngest child, often by several inches, according to a new study. This tends to become apparent when a second child is born.

Smaller animals see the world in slow motion

Dublin - According to a new study, smaller animals such as insects and birds perceive time as if it is happening in slow motion. This allows them to quickly escape large predators.

Size Does Matter in Sexual Selection

It is an age old debate: does size matter in sexual selection? There is no new light shed in relation to the human male. However, there has been some interesting new research been published about beetles.

Study says penis size does matter in bed

According to a study, penis size does matter in the bedroom, but only for some women, as well as for certain types of orgasms.

Genital shape matters more than size, evolutionary scientists say

Bloomington - Biologists have found that shape matters more than size in the evolution of genitals. Scientists say that genital evolution was very important in the emergence of new species, but it acted first on shape and fit and only much later on size.

No penis enlargement for police and army in Indonesia

In Indonesia 'macho men' do not have their penises enlarged. They face exclusion from some of the most alpha male positions in society. Political prohibitions on enlarged penises bar their owners from membership in the police and the military.

Size Does Matter If You're A Jumping Spider

When it comes to jumping spiders sex lives sex matters. The virgin females want the meatiest male spiders for their first time. More experienced spiders rather have the comfort of a smaller partner.

Dog DNA: Scientists discover gene that determines dog size

A single gene determines whether some dogs fit into a purse and some dogs can be ridden like ponies.

And God Created Woman, So Blame Him For Size Zero

It's incredible how times change. The sultry, pouting Miss Bridget Bardot in the fifties was the very image of what women wanted to be - the original size zero, by all accounts. But have a look again - that body just doesn't seem real

NASA cuts astronauts down to size

Size does matter - especially to NASA.

John Lewis Weighs into the Size Zero Debate

One of the biggest department stores in London is using a size 12 model and a size 10 mannequin to launch its new line of swimwear

Visualize size differences with Sizeasy

Web site Sizeasy is a really cool visualization tool designed to give you an idea how big something is.

The Universe is Big

How big is the Universe?

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Close-up size comparison of selected Burgess Shale fauna. Modified from illustrations by Arthur Weas...
Close-up size comparison of selected Burgess Shale fauna. Modified from illustrations by Arthur Weasley, Matt Martyniuk, and Mateus Zica.
Matt Martyniuk

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