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Iconic places of protest around the world

Paris - Thousands of anti-government protesters have been camped outside the Sudan army headquarters in Khartoum for three weeks, staying put to demand civilian rule even after Omar al-Bashir quit power on April 11.

The Pirate Bay's new logo warns the authorities to stay clear

Notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay has a new logo which seems to directly poke fun at the Swedish authorities who cancelled its main domain name yesterday. It has now relaunched on a series of new domains after its iconic ".se" was forced offline.

Dramatic increase in crime on social media sites

There has been a large surge in the number of reported cases of harassment on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Police forces have noticed a 20 percent increase in allegations involving these sites with some saying it could be higher.

Man sentenced to 37 years for raping women he met on dating sites

On Friday, a man from California was sentenced to 37 years to life in prison for raping women he met on dating sites, including

UK website launched for May film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The Royal Blog of Oz, the "Wizard of Oz"/L. Frank Baum blog of Dorothy and Ozma Productions, owned by Jared Davis and others in the Oz community recently reported that the United Kingdom website for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return has launched.

FT Editor: News Sites Will Charge Access Within One Year

A lot of companies are predicting that online content will not be free anymore. The Financial Times editor is the latest person to discussion a subscription-based model.

Growth of the Web: 162 million websites and counting

According to Pingdom, the Web is now home to more than 162 million websites and growing. In1993, there were a mere 623 sites on the web.

Toward Freedom: A source site with a lot of interest and off-radar human grief

Toward is a quality site, written by people who know what they’re doing when they hit the keypad. It contains a lot of material I haven’t seen on mainstream media. News is global, and pretty grim, usually, dealing with an eclectic range.

The news like we don’t see it: RIA Novosti, Russian news

Anyone who’s been watching Russia’s return to life will be interested to see this. Originally I was thinking of doing one of their articles. The site itself is the news. I read Xinhua daily, but this is international hardball. Pick an article.

You Can Learn For Free On The Net

Have you ever wanted to attend MIT or learn a new language? Both of those will take a bite out of your pocket right? Wrong! Online courses can be had for free. If you want to explore your computer can help you learn for free.

Top Twenty Web Sites: Most Downtime

Yahoo has zero downtime in 2007, Google next with 7 minutes downtime.

Wikipedia breaks in to top 10 US sites

Wikimedia Foundation Inc”s “ wikipedia” online encyclopedia pushed to the top ten popular websites in US in January according to the comeScore Network Inc.

Microsoft creates Digg-like sites in Norway and Belgium

Microsoft starts MSN Reporter for Norway and Belgium users which adopts a Digg like voting system

1,100 relics unearthed at Beijing venue sites

1,100 cultural relics were unearthed at Beijing Olympic venue construction sites last year

YouTube & MySpace Facing Clicks-to-Cash Dilemma

User driven video web sites generate a ton of web traffic but can they turn that traffic into cash?

Theory of Self-Selection (in Social Bookmarking)

A straight forward discussion about some of the fundamental theories behind social news sites

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A view from the roadside coming into Ballina  Ireland.
A view from the roadside coming into Ballina, Ireland.

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