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Policeman suspected of killing man he met on a cannibal site

Police in Dresden, Germany, say that they arrested a police officer on suspicion of murder after a man's body was found in the Erz mountain. The suspect and the victim met via a fetishist website for cannibalism.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 2 comments

Donald Trump backs crowdfunding site

Donald Trump has decided to enter the world of crowdfunding. Trump has become an investor in a new crowdfunding site that launched just a few days ago.
In the Media by Owen Weldon

Holographic treatment for sight problems

New technology has been developed which may be able to help people, suffering from degenerative eye diseases, to see. The technology harnesses holographic imaging.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Site accuses women of being hookers and posts their private info

The 'potential Prostitutes' site posts photos and numbers of women who users claim are prostitutes, and then charges 'offenders' if they want the information removed.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 3 comments

Vandals cut art from sacred American Indian site in Sierra Nevada

Bishop - Using power saws, vandals have cut out ancient rock carvings made up to 5,000 years ago by Native Americans in California's Sierra Nevada. What they couldn't steal they damaged badly. A reward is being offered to anyone who can help find the culprits.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 1 comment

Amazonians 'free the Xingu River' prior to Rio+20 UN Earth Summit

There has been much controversy about the construction of the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil. On June 15, the people did something about it, and freed their river.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 3 comments

Charlie Sheen offered $3 million to represent dating website

The former "Two and a Half Men" star, Charlie Sheen, has been reportedly offered big money to be the face of an online dating website.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 3 comments

Archaeological sites threatened by rising seas

As sea levels rise due to global warming, thousands of archaeological sites in coastal regions around the world could be lost due to erosion, a team of archaeologists have warned based on the findings of a recent study.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh

Archaeologists find 'mini-Pompeii' in Norway

Oslo - Archaeologists in Norway have found a Stone Age dwelling site they believe was covered suddenly, possibly in a sandstorm, leaving the house in a state of unprecedented preservation. The find is described as a “sensation.”
In the Media by Christopher Szabo - 8 comments

Cyndi Lauper's Give a Damn Campaign launches

The Give a Damn site has launched days later than planned. The site funded by Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund promotes equality.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 2 comments

Ontario's Eco Commissioner: Intimidation must stop

In Gord Miller's annual environmental report, which outlines the state of Ontario's environment, he said that developers in Ontario have too much leeway when they are allowed to file lawsuits against citizens that protest planned developments.
In the Media by Stephanie Dearing - 3 comments

Protesters win their one year moratorium on landfill Site 41

It was a big decision, and reports are that it took Simcoe County Council over three hours to deliberate. But in the end, Council voted to approve a proposed one-year moratorium on the construction of a landfill, Site 41, in Simcoe County, Ontario.
In the Media by Stephanie Dearing - 2 comments

Teachers Furious at Site that Rates them

A digg like website rates teachers in Australia, good or bad.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 21 comments

The Windy City Looks to Blow-in the Olympics

The U.S. Olympic committee stuns the world by picking Chicago over Los Angeles as the U.S. choice to hold the 2016 Summer Olympic games.
In the Media by rob13

Google Blog Bars for Your Site

Google adds Google Blog Bars to get customized blog news for any site.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham Launches "Site-to-Store" Shipping

Need some hentai porn you saw at but don't want to pay the shipping? Rather pick it up at the store? Now you can!
In the Media by RobotGod

Buy you own word

Buy a word and "take control of your own destiny"
In the Media by kaleigh2u - 3 comments

Body Found At Home Explosion Site

After more than three days of searching through the rubble of a house demolished by an explosion earlier this week authorities have discovered human remains. One of the homeowners, Jyoti Moorthy, the wife of University of Toronto business professor ...
In the Media by Bucklys - 9 comments

Singer Keith Urban sues Keith Urban over Web site

Country singer Keith Urban has filed a lawsuit against a painter of the same name, claiming that the lesser known Keith Urban's Web site infringes trademark and cyber-squatting laws.
In the Media by Brandigal (Donna) - 4 comments

Site Barred From Releasing Paris Hilton Items

A federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against a Web site peddling personal pictures, videos, diaries, and other items that heiress Paris Hilton once kept at a storage facility.
In the Media by Critical_Conformity - 3 comments

More human bones found near skull site

A human skull was found in Georgia and on Saturday more bones were found about 100 yards from where the skull was found.
In the Media by Brandigal (Donna) - 1 comment

Officials debate link between ground zero site and worker illnesses

Doctors have definitively established a link between work at ground zero and chronic respiratory illness.
In the Media by Brandigal (Donna) - 1 comment

I Heart Movies - A Movie Social Networking Site a social networking site for movie lovers and fans.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 1 comment

Web site facilitates contact when a loved one is in the hospital

Nikki and Antonio Carrington didn't like discouraging visitors during their son's 43-day stay at VCU Medical Center, but they couldn't risk it with his weakened immune system.
In the Media by greger69 - 3 comments

It’s Official: MySpace Is Biggest Site on Internet

Myspace is the biggest site on internet in terms of total number of page views.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 3 comments

Site Promotions

People are always asking me for ways to promote their site for little to no cost so I decided to post about the ways I promote mine without spending over 10 bucks.
In the Media by Rumble - 2 comments

Police Decry Web Site on Informants -

"Police and prosecutors are worried that a Web site claiming to identify more than 4,000 informants and undercover agents will cripple investigations and hang targets on witnesses."
In the Media by ccmd00d - 4 comments

Chinese hackers prompt Navy college site closure

"Chinese computer hackers penetrated the Naval War College network earlier this month, forcing security authorities to shut down all e-mail and official computer network work at the Navy's school for senior officers."
In the Media by ccmd00d - 1 comment

Free baby offered in Web site ad

Information on a "case of possible child endangerment after receiving tips from two concerned people regarding a posting on Craigslist, the online classified-ad service, that purported to offer a free baby to a good home."
In the Media by ccmd00d - 6 comments

Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net

Ten of the best sites you don't want the boss to catch you on.
In the Media by Bob Norman - 3 comments
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