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North Korea nuclear test site part-collapsed: Chinese experts

Bejing - North Korea's underground nuclear test site has partially collapsed following a massive bomb blast last year, making it unusable, Chinese seismologists have concluded.

Op-Ed: IS says Paris attacks 'The first of the storm'

Paris - News from Paris, unbelievably, is getting uglier — 129 people are believed dead with many more injured. IS has claimed responsibility and is threatening more strikes. C'est guerre? Oui.

Facebook bug lets users see view counts for every post and page

Some users of Facebook's mobile site are being shown view counts next to every post on the social network, letting them see just how many times their own content has been seen as well as how popular friends' posts are.

YouTube begins rollout of new transparent, smoother video player

Google has begun to update the main YouTube website design to use a new transparent video player that has less intrusive controls than before. The change is the first of several planned additions this year.

Twitter forces all of its users to have a plain background image

Twitter has unexpectedly removed custom background images on all user profiles without any explanation of why it has made the change. Stumped users from across the world have been left staring at a blank white space where their image once was.

Thousands flock to 'sin-free Facebook'

A special "sin-free" social networking site has drawn 100,000 members in a month of operating. Created by a group of Brazilian Evangelical Christians, swearing and erotic content is banned and blessings, prayers and inspirational quotes encouraged.

France hands Google ultimatum for worldwide right-to-be-forgotten

France has warned Google that it must begin enforcing right-to-be-forgotten requests on its worldwide "" site as well as search results for individual countries within the next 15 days. If it fails to comply then sanctions will be imposed.

Scam dating sites leads to the arrests of Japanese executives

A group of Japanese executives were arrested because of dating sites they ran. Millions of users were members, but only one was a woman.

Washington Post mobile site hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The mobile-friendly version of the Washington Post's website was hijacked for a short time Thursday night by hackers claiming to be from the Syrian Electronic Army. Visitors found warning pop-up messages from the hackers.

Millions of WordPress sites are at risk of hijacking

A major vulnerability has been discovered in the WordPress content management system that makes it possible for hackers to gain complete control of the administration area and even the web server that WordPress is running on.

Op-Ed: The onslaught of ad blockers is killing websites and the Internet

The vast majority of websites rely on revenue from adverts displayed on their pages to be able to operate. Yet many consumers install ad blockers that hide them from sight, preventing websites from getting much needed money - and the trend is growing.

Op-Ed: The importance of social media in promoting website content

In a world where social media increasingly decides what internet users see and do and with SEO becoming less reliable, it is more important than ever for websites to use the technology effectively to communicate with users and market their own material.

Facebook Messenger gets its own standalone website

Facebook has created a new standalone website for its Messenger service which can be used independently of the main Facebook site. The move follows the removal of messaging support from the core Facebook app on iOS and Android last year.

China deletes over 60,000 online accounts ahead of new regulation

Some of China's largest online companies have been forced to delete over 60,000 accounts registered on their services ahead of the upcoming date for the introduction of new censorship and regulation of names used online.

The Pirate Bay returns a month after forced closure

Notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay has returned to life just a month after being taken offline by Swedish police last December. The site is blamed for copyright fraud amounting to billions of dollars by the music, film and software industries.

Malware infects hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites

Hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs powered by content management platform WordPress have been infected by malicious malware via a plugin.

Teenagers rob elderly man they met on a sugar daddy site

Manhattan - An 85-year-old man went on a sugar daddy website seeking out companionship, but instead he got robbed by two 17-year-old twins.

Sotloff beheading video released by controversial SITE Group

The latest video purported to be from ISIS, depicted the beheading of American journalist Scott Sotloff, was discovered by a controversial private intelligence group run by an Israeli national.

Policeman suspected of killing man he met on a cannibal site

Police in Dresden, Germany, say that they arrested a police officer on suspicion of murder after a man's body was found in the Erz mountain. The suspect and the victim met via a fetishist website for cannibalism.

Donald Trump backs crowdfunding site

Donald Trump has decided to enter the world of crowdfunding. Trump has become an investor in a new crowdfunding site that launched just a few days ago.

Holographic treatment for sight problems

New technology has been developed which may be able to help people, suffering from degenerative eye diseases, to see. The technology harnesses holographic imaging.

Site accuses women of being hookers and posts their private info

The 'potential Prostitutes' site posts photos and numbers of women who users claim are prostitutes, and then charges 'offenders' if they want the information removed.

Vandals cut art from sacred American Indian site in Sierra Nevada

Bishop - Using power saws, vandals have cut out ancient rock carvings made up to 5,000 years ago by Native Americans in California's Sierra Nevada. What they couldn't steal they damaged badly. A reward is being offered to anyone who can help find the culprits.

Amazonians 'free the Xingu River' prior to Rio+20 UN Earth Summit

There has been much controversy about the construction of the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil. On June 15, the people did something about it, and freed their river.

Charlie Sheen offered $3 million to represent dating website

The former "Two and a Half Men" star, Charlie Sheen, has been reportedly offered big money to be the face of an online dating website.

Archaeological sites threatened by rising seas

As sea levels rise due to global warming, thousands of archaeological sites in coastal regions around the world could be lost due to erosion, a team of archaeologists have warned based on the findings of a recent study.

Archaeologists find 'mini-Pompeii' in Norway

Oslo - Archaeologists in Norway have found a Stone Age dwelling site they believe was covered suddenly, possibly in a sandstorm, leaving the house in a state of unprecedented preservation. The find is described as a “sensation.”

Cyndi Lauper's Give a Damn Campaign launches

The Give a Damn site has launched days later than planned. The site funded by Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund promotes equality.

Ontario's Eco Commissioner: Intimidation must stop

In Gord Miller's annual environmental report, which outlines the state of Ontario's environment, he said that developers in Ontario have too much leeway when they are allowed to file lawsuits against citizens that protest planned developments.

Protesters win their one year moratorium on landfill Site 41

It was a big decision, and reports are that it took Simcoe County Council over three hours to deliberate. But in the end, Council voted to approve a proposed one-year moratorium on the construction of a landfill, Site 41, in Simcoe County, Ontario.
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Punggye-ri site images where nuclear tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009
Punggye-ri site images where nuclear tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009
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The Pirate Bay has a new logo that pokes fun at the authorities
The Pirate Bay has a new logo that pokes fun at the authorities
Anasazi ruins at Chaco Culture National Park  New Mexico  USA.
Anasazi ruins at Chaco Culture National Park, New Mexico, USA.
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WEB: Ratter logo taken from
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