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Sister News

Magnolia Boulevard talks about 'Sister' and Blues Traveler tour Special

Maggie Noelle, the lead singer of Magnolia Boulevard, chatted with Digital Journal about their tour with Blues Traveler.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe to headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is posthumously headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for its Class of 2018. The gospel queen finally gets her due.

Woman accused of shooting sister in the head over Facebook feud

A woman in Kentucky is being accused of shooting her half-sister in the head on Wednesday, all over an argument on Facebook.

Reddit: Letter from sister to brother in heaven goes viral

A touching letter from a grieving sister to her deceased brother on his birthday has gone viral on Reddit. Your first guess as to why Jenny attached balloons to her letter is right. She trusts God and the angels to deliver her letter to her brother Adam.

Philadelphia police: Boy, 7, assembles gun, shoots sister

Philadelphia police say that a seven-year-old boy who found the key to the safe that held his grandfather's dismantled gun, opened the safe, assembled the gun and accidentally shot his 8-year-old sister in the arm.

Robert says he was having sex with sister Amanda, not stealing TV

Springfield - One of two siblings, Robert Larrivee, gave an incest alibi after officers caught them allegedly trying to steal a TV set from a bar. A witness said Robert and Amanda entered the bar's restroom and started "ripping the television off the wall."

UK store to sell replica of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress

UK department store Debenhams has announced plans to release a replica of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress, which she wore earlier this year at her sister Kate's wedding.

Couple on blind date find out they're brother and sister

A UK woman joined a website, and eventually got herself a blind date. However, she found out the blind date was with her long-lost brother.

Twin who survived suicide pact provides few answers

The twin who survived a suicide pact with her sister refuses to provide police with any information on why the shooting took place.

Profile: Sister Fa, female African rapper

Her name is Sister Fa. That's the showbiz name. Her real name however is Fatou Diatta. She is one of the rare Senegalese female hip hop artistes.

21-year-old charged with manslaughter in her sister's stabbing

Winnipeg - A 21-year-old woman in Winnipeg is charged with manslaughter following the stabbing death of her 18-year-old sister. Police said they got into an argument which escalated.

Protest against Catholic schools in Berlin Special

Berlin - On April 15, a group of students and former students organized a protest in Berlin against the educational system in the Catholic schools.

12-year-old girl accidentally shot by older sister

Galveston, TX - An accidental shooting of a 12-year-old girl happened in a Galveston neighbourhood as area residents were just waking up. Three sisters were believed to be playing with their mother's gun when it went off, striking one of the girls.

Study shows that having a sister makes us happy

Study finds that those who had sisters growing up experienced an overall sense of balance and well being. Conversely, those with brothers experienced more distress.

Man stabs and kills his young sisters just before birthday event

We hear quite frequently how a crazed individual goes on a killing rampage, shooting his family, acquaintances or even total strangers. But when it is your own brother and the weapon is a knife, the story somehow seems different.

Madoff swindled millions from his own sister

Bernard Madoff’s sister Sondra Wiener, 74, apparently invested all her savings with Madoff and has lost it all. Her her brother and neighbors say Wiener was a victim of Madoff's scam.

How she saved her brother

Sister saves the life of her brother

Sexy Photos of Sanjaya's Sister - The Latest on American Idol

Sanjaya's had his share of publicity, now its his sister's turn!

Girl was questioned over sister's murder

A 16 year old was found serious stab injuries at a house in Ovenden, Halifax, on Monday night, and died at Calderdale Royal Hospital

10 Year Old Brother Gives All For 6 Year Old Sister

Young boys pays price for saving sister...

'Sister' was a thief

She worked for 3 doctors, was well paid and admitted to stealing over $400,000 from them to cover her addictions.

Pakistani Men Arrested in Sister's Death

Two brother in Pakistan have beaten their sister and her lover to death with bricks for bringing (APPARENT) shame upon their family as they were not married. The couple were discovered by the brothers in what one of them quoted as "A WRONG SITUATION...

Teen brother accidentally shoots and kills 8 year old sister

An eight-year-old Saskatchewan girl is dead after she was accidentally shot in the head by her 14 year old brother.

Teen Pleads Guilty In Sister's Death via Arson

The teen has pleaded guilty to setting a fire on purpose that killed his younger sister.

Japanese student admits killing sister

"TOKYO, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A young Japanese man admitted Thursday that he killed his sister and cut up her body."

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