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Sirte News

Libya loyalists take IS bomb factory in Sirte

Tripoli - Forces loyal to Libya's unity government said Sunday they had seized a building used by the Islamic State group to manufacture explosives in its coastal stronghold.

Libyan forces edge slowly forward against Islamic State in Sirte

Surt - Forces loyal to the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos (Solid Structure, or BAM), move slightly further into Islamic State controlled territory in the center of the city of Sirte.

Clashes in Sirte continue between ISIS and forces loyal to GNA

Surt - Today, there were fierce exchanges between the encircled fighters of the Islamic State (IS) in Sirte and Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos (Solid Structure, BAM) forces loyal to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).

Op-Ed: Islamic State resistance in Sirte expected to end in a few days

Surt - According Brigadier Mohammed Al-Gosri, the spokesperson for Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos (Solid Structure or BAM), artillery shelling on ISIS militants encircled in a small area of Sirte has continued for five days.

Troops loyal to GNA suffer casualties during Sirte offensive

Surt - Forces loyal to the UN-brokered Libyan Government of National Accord the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos (Solid Structure) continue their progress against the remaining fighters of the Islamic State (IS) surrounded in a small area at the center of the city of Sirte.

Pro-unity government forces begin final offensive on IS in Libya

Surt - The Solid Structure operations forces loyal to the UN-backed Government of National Accord have made further gains and are preparing for a final assault on the remaining fighters of the Islamic State surrounded in the center of Sirte.

Forces loyal to Libyan unity government retain hold on Sirte

Surt - The media office of the Albunyan Almarsoos (Solid Structure) that is in charge of the battle in Sirte against the Islamic State, announced that 10 of its forces were killed and seven injured in a suicide car bomb attack by ISIS in Abu Grein.

ISIS counter-attacks in Libya with 3 suicide attacks in Sirte

Surt - Three vehicles driven by Islamic State suicide bombers, targeted Albinyan Almarsoos (Solid Structure) forces in Sirte. The forces are loyal to the UN-brokered Government of National Accord.

Libya's Sirte — from Kadhafi to the jihadist IS

Tripoli - Forces allied with Libya's unity government are closing in on Islamic State group fighters in Sirte in a month-long operation aimed at ousting the jihadists from their North African stronghold.Here is some background on Sirte and its fall to IS.

Libya warplanes bomb IS positions in stronghold Sirte

Tripoli - Warplanes of Libya's unity government on Thursday bombed Islamic State group positions in Sirte as part of an offensive to retake the jihadist stronghold, the military said in a statement.

Op-Ed: Forces loyal to Libyan unity government aim to surround Sirte

Surt - Forces of the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos (Solid Structure), mostly militia from Misrata, say they are aiming to encircle Sirte the last large city stronghold of the Islamic State in Libya.

Libyan Misrata militia make more advances against Islamic State

Surt - Misrata militia, part of the forces of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) made more gains against the forces of the Islamic State as they retreat towards their stronghold, Sirte.

IS accused of executing dozens in Libya bastion

Tripoli - Human Rights Watch on Wednesday accused the Islamic State group of executing dozens of people in its Libyan stronghold of Sirte, saying the killings amounted to war crimes.

Op-Ed: Western Libyan military forces begin attacks on Islamic State

Misratah - Spokesperson for the Joint Military Room, formed by the Presidential Council of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), General Mohammed Al-Ghasri, said forces of the Misrata Joint Operations Chamber are advancing against the Islamic State.

Op-Ed: Islamic State advances towards Misrata and to the south

Surt - The Islamic State appears to be launching an offensive of its own to the west and the south before an attack is launched against it.

Op-Ed: Libyan troops moving toward Sirte to attack Islamic State

Surt - The Libya Herald reports that two groups from the Libyan National Army (LNA) are moving towards the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Sirte from both the southwest and the east.

Libyan State Council president asks for attacks on Islamic State

Tripoli - Abdulrahman Sewehli, president of the State Council, has asked the Presidency Council of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) to send forces to liberate Sirte and other places controlled by the Islamic State.

Mystery planes bomb Islamic State positions in Sirte, Libya

Tripoli - Last night, unidentified planes attacked areas controlled by the Islamic State in the city of Sirte, Libya. A witness said that planes were heard around midnight and then massive explosions

IS 'beheads' 12 in battle for Libya's Sirte

Tripoli - Islamic State group jihadists have beheaded 12 people and hung them on crosses during a battle for the coastal city of Sirte, the national news agency LANA reported Saturday.

Op-Ed: Tripoli-based government in Libya launches air attacks on Sirte

Surt - The Tripoli-based Libyan government has carried out air strikes on the city of Sirte, which is under Islamic State control. The strikes targeted a building where IS fighters had gathered, according to Tripoli officials.

IS claims capture of Libya's Sirte: SITE

Dubai - The Islamic State group claimed to have seized full control Tuesday of the Libyan city of Sirte from the Fajr Libya militia, including a power plant, according to a US monitor.

Op-Ed: Sirte airport in Libya seized by Islamic State

Tripoli - The Al-Ghardabiya airport, just south of the city of Sirte has fallen into the hands of fighters associated with the Islamic State. The capture was confirmed by Battalion 166 of the Tripoli government.

Op-Ed: Tobruk Libyan government bombs oil tanker in port of Sirte

Tripoli - The narratives coming out of Libya vary considerably with the source. Prominent western media often offer limited coverage and no significant analysis.

Gaddafi's body remains unburied

The corpse of Col. Gaddafi is still attracting viewers who flock to the cold store where it is unceremoniously displayed on the floor. Espousing Islamic tradition, the new leaders of Libya remain uncertain what to do with the unburied body.

Reports claim Gaddafi killed in Sirte

Sirte - Several news agencies are reporting Col Gaddafi was wounded and killed in Libya. A photo of a bloodied Gaddafi has also started circulating on the Internet.

Libya: NTC commander claims prisoners say Gaddafi is in Sirte

According to a National Transitional Council brigade commander, Col. Muammer Gaddafi is in Sirte. He claims the information was provided by captured pro-Gaddafi prisoners. He also admitted that claims of Gaddafi's son Mutassim's capture were not true.

Libya's NTC claim Gaddafi's son Mutassim captured in Sirte

There have been celebrations in Tripoli following the news that Col. Gaddafi's fifth son, Mutassim, has been captured in Sirte. However the reports remain unconfirmed by senior NTC officials.

Op-Ed: NATO's surprise with pro-Gaddafi resistance is surprising

It appears surprising that NATO military spokesman Col. Roland Lavoie has expressed such surprise that pro-Gaddafi fighters are putting up a strong resistance in Sirte. They have reason to fear surrender to NTC rebel fighters.

Sirte hospital 'was a holocaust, not a hospital'

Most of Sirte, including Ibn Sina hospital, is now under the control of NTC fighters. The hospital which had been blasted by shells during the fighting was described as "a holocaust, not a hospital" by a doctor.

Sirte: the final battle for Libya

National Transitional Council fighters have launched a final assault on Sirte. Although they have control of much of the city they have met fierce resistance from pro-Gaddafi fighters, and resentment from fleeing civilians.
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