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Gaddafi's body remains unburied

The corpse of Col. Gaddafi is still attracting viewers who flock to the cold store where it is unceremoniously displayed on the floor. Espousing Islamic tradition, the new leaders of Libya remain uncertain what to do with the unburied body.

Reports claim Gaddafi killed in Sirte

Sirte - Several news agencies are reporting Col Gaddafi was wounded and killed in Libya. A photo of a bloodied Gaddafi has also started circulating on the Internet.

Libya: NTC commander claims prisoners say Gaddafi is in Sirte

According to a National Transitional Council brigade commander, Col. Muammer Gaddafi is in Sirte. He claims the information was provided by captured pro-Gaddafi prisoners. He also admitted that claims of Gaddafi's son Mutassim's capture were not true.

Libya's NTC claim Gaddafi's son Mutassim captured in Sirte

There have been celebrations in Tripoli following the news that Col. Gaddafi's fifth son, Mutassim, has been captured in Sirte. However the reports remain unconfirmed by senior NTC officials.

Op-Ed: NATO's surprise with pro-Gaddafi resistance is surprising

It appears surprising that NATO military spokesman Col. Roland Lavoie has expressed such surprise that pro-Gaddafi fighters are putting up a strong resistance in Sirte. They have reason to fear surrender to NTC rebel fighters.

Sirte hospital 'was a holocaust, not a hospital'

Most of Sirte, including Ibn Sina hospital, is now under the control of NTC fighters. The hospital which had been blasted by shells during the fighting was described as "a holocaust, not a hospital" by a doctor.

Sirte: the final battle for Libya

National Transitional Council fighters have launched a final assault on Sirte. Although they have control of much of the city they have met fierce resistance from pro-Gaddafi fighters, and resentment from fleeing civilians.

NATO to continue bombing Libya

NATO ministers and partners met today in Brussels to discuss their ongoing involvement in Libya. Despite the predictions from U.S. Army General Carter Ham that NATO would cease their involvement from today, NATO has committed to continuing action.

Infighting as Libyan rebels on looting spree in Abu Hadi, Sirte

Widespread looting has broken out in the Sirte suburb of Abu Hadi, in the hands of rebel fighters. Infighting has broken out between eastern fighters and Mistrata rebels who seek revenge on Gaddafi loyalists by stealing, looting and setting homes on fire.

Gaddafi spokesman says NATO bombs are killing Sirte civilians

In the interview Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim gave to confirm his capture was lies, he tells of the dangers 180,000 civilians face in Sirte. He claims they are being bombarded with NATO bombs.

Tawergha refugees fear slaughter in Sirte

Amidst those trapped in the besieged city of Sirte are 5,000 refugees who fled from Tawergah, where they claim they faced ethnic cleansing. The black African Libyan's of Tawergah are fearful of reprisals if caught by the NTC troops.

Libyan hospitals in crisis

Civilians are dying in Libyan hospitals due to a lack of basic medical supplies. Civilians in Sirte are dying because they cannot reach the hospital to receive medical attention due to NATO bombs.

NTC commander admits did not capture Moussa Ibrahim

It appears that news of the capture of Gaddafi's spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, was premature. Although an NTC commander announced Ibrahim was caught on Thursday, the fighters' high command now say that he was not captured.

Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim reportedly captured

Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman for Colonel Gaddafi and his former government, has reportedly been captured outside Sirte by NTC rebel troops. Ibrahim shot to fame across the world with his daily briefings from Libya.

Gaddafi tells loyalists 'I am on the ground with you' in Libya

Colonel Gaddafi has released a statement assuring loyalists he remains in Libya and is fighting alongside them. Moussa Ibrahim also states that the ousted leader is "happy that he is doing his part in this great saga of resistance."

Op-Ed: NATO's bombs placing Libyan citizens in harm's way

Nato is continuing to bombard Libya in order to protect civilians, despite growing evidence of rebel atrocities and killings.

Op-Ed: Gaddafi's men – why do they keep fighting?

It is now a month since Tripoli fell and the “Great Guide” was unceremoniously guided from power. But his forces refuse to give in and they are fighting back with much more determination and with much more popular support than witnessed before

Op-Ed: Libya's Bani Walid, Sirte and Sebha — Quick finish or quicksand?

As fighters mass on the outskirts of Gaddafi's last strongholds the odds look to be overwhelmingly on the side of the rebel forces. But it is a game with high stakes and much of the future of the revolution could rest on the outcome.

Libyan in Scotland says Nato strike killed family in Bani Walid

Aberdeen - A Libyan man who lives and works in Scotland has claimed that a NATO air-strike on Wednesday has claimed the lives of five members of his family.

Op-Ed: How Libya was won, by NATO and special forces

Last week NATO shamelessly weighed-in on the side of the rebels with the help of special forces on the ground. Without it, the rebels would never have won. There is now talk that NATO has broken international law. So what role did they really play?

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