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Big Bang, dark matter and black holes killed by math

Straight lines in the universe eradicate a big-bang beginning to the universe. Without a Big Bang beginning, there are no black holes. Without black holes, there is no dark matter and no dark energy. There is, instead, an infinite stable, universe.

Op-Ed: Nanotechnology likely to be the next big technological revolution

Is technological progress slowing down? Are we simply refining technological advances originally made in the 1980s or earlier? Fear not: there is a next wave that will revolutionize technology. And it's small. Real small. A look at nanotechnology.

The 'Singularity' is here, but without any emotion

Technological singularity sometimes referred to as simply "Singularity" is a point in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. Some debate that "Singularity" is here today. Others wonder, will it ever come to pass?

The discovery of black holes: 50 years or more?

This month is the official 50th anniversary of using the term “black hole” to describe the mysterious bottomless pits of outer space. There is some dispute with this date, with evidence indicating that the term was coined a few years earlier.

Is our universe inside a black hole? An inside look at new theory

Indianapolis - Are universes inside giant black holes? Is our entire universe located inside a wormhole? This is not science-fiction, but it could answer various cosmic mysteries that plague scientists across the globe (or universe?).

Futuristic Ray Kurzweil Sees The Future Of Immortality

A scientific theorist, Ray Kurzweil sees the future of immortality. Kurzweil's whole life has been spent dedicated, and fascinated with technology and scientific advances.

Google, Yahoo and NASA back Singularity University

Google, Yahoo and NASA are backing a new university which will teach students how to cope in a time when computers are more intelligent than people.

Artificial intelligence, self programming computers, and brain implants: Homo Mecho

A new article of faith and mystic aspiration has appeared in the IT world: The “singularity”. A conference on Artificial intelligence (AI) in Silicon Valley says that ethics are needed for the future of the partnership between mankind and machine.

The Singularity is Near

A rare gathering of thinkers exploring the rising impact of science and technology on society.

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