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Review: Women lead the way in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include some uncompromising representations of women representations; an intriguing cat-and-mouse chase; a video game brought to life; and an animated film that keeps it pretty simple.

Neon signs are causing robins to stay awake at night

Researchers have discovered that bright lights emitted by neon signs and streetlamps at night in cities are disrupting the sleep cycles of robins and other birds, keeping them awake at night and getting "worn out" due to a lack of sleep.

Crowdfunding worked beautifully with Louise Log

New York - Back in April of this year, Flournoy and friends launched a crowdfunding campaign via Seed&Spark for a third season, which since has been given the “Green Light” as they met their goal with great success.

Review: Drunksouls mixes reggae, pop, and funk

DrunkSouls approaches reggae with the energy of a punk band, throws some pop, rock, and a little funk on top of that and ends up at their distinct, lively sound.

Review: Blunda's vocals remind listeners of David Byrne

New York - Music lovers have probably heard “Blunda” before in some form, whether through his involvement as guitarist/keyboardist for Paloalto, who recorded 2 albums with Rick Rubin on American Recordings, or his previous work as guitarist for Fastball.

Review: Coming out of nowhere, The Lockhearts have graced music

New York - There’s a new rock quartet from Sydney, Australia on the block. They are called “The Lockhearts.” This group has seemingly come out of nowhere, earning an unusually long residency at Ziggy Pop Spectrum on Oxford St in Sydney.

Review: Mixed emotions from Richard Tyler Epperson

New York - Salt Lake City musician Richard Tyler Epperson has been creating music since he started playing bass when he was twelve, and it wasn’t long until he had taught himself piano and began playing in bands.

Review: Joel Havea's natural talent shows nicely

New York - As an Australian musician living in Germany, Joel Havea has experienced a range of different music scenes and pulled from a number of different influences, particularly reggae and pop.

Review: Good for techno listeners, just needs less auto tune

New York - New York City solo artist Tachyon creates disco-infused dance/pop music that’s recommended for fans of Daft Punk, Passion Pit and Fun.

Review: Alive from the Scrapheap tells a beautiful story

New York - Christina Rubino is a New York native who strives to tell a meaningful story. “Alive from the Scrapheap” tells a beautiful story. It’s about an artist who got lost trying to find herself and only found herself when she was lost.

Review: Ras Xix satisfies the needs of techo fans

Los Angeles - Ras Xix is a compellingly passionate Singapore progressive rock/pop artist who has just relocated to Austin, Texas, solely to promote this album and reach more people with his music.

Review: 'no:carrier' has an interesting name, and an interesting album

Los Angeles - German/Californian “Electro Noire” duo “no:carrier” are back with a third album, after their first two reached commercial success.

Review: 'Un Boombox Symphonique' is dynamic and cinematic

Los Angeles - Australian electronic/downtempo musician Kbit just dropped a new album entitled, “Un Boombox Symphonique.” It is dynamic and cinematic,

Review: Progtronica combines 90s nostalgia with modern indie aspects

Los Angeles - “Inspiration is all the music that’s out these days, wide variety. From great musicianship of Radiohead to simplicity of pop music like Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand to huge sounds of dubstep,” says Gumshen of their latest album, “Progtronica.”

Video: Stray dog ‘sings’ along with Ukrainian busker

Dniepropetrovsk - A video has gone viral on YouTube showing a stray dog beginning a duet with a street musician in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk’s European Square.

Video: 10-year old girl sings duet with the Boss on Toronto stage

Toronto - It would be the thrill of a lifetime for any Bruce Springsteen fan but 10-year old Halle Tator is taking her on-stage debut, singing with the Boss, all in stride.

Scientists discover elephants sing like humans do

A new study conducted on a dead elephant has demonstrated to researchers that elephants sing in the same way that humans do. The vocal sound is so low that it is inaudible to humans, but it is, nonetheless there.

Bobby McFerrin puts on a show in 'The Sing Off' finale

NBC's acappella competition concluded last night in a two-hour finale that featured guest performers such as Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson and Bobby McFerrin.

US Soldiers take over National Anthem

U.S. Army Chaplain (Major) Jim Higgins has been inspired to move to Colorado by an inspiring and moving moment involving the National Anthem and several hundred soldiers before a movie.

Sing to Your Computer, Download a Song

An Australian computer scientist believes we will soon be able to search for and download music off the internet simply by singing to our computers. You will not even need to recall the song title you are looking for.

SingStar Pop jams on PS2

Sony belts out another one.

The Police sing 'Roxanne'

The 49th annual Grammy Awards began with a note of nostalgia with the reunited Police singing their classic "Roxanne."

Eric Clapton almost cancels a concert because of a wine bottle

the company that made up the concert, a well known wine brand, printed eric Clapton´s name on the label of several bottles.

Who will sing with Justin at the Grammy's?

One lucky fan will win a trip to the Grammy Awards for the chance to perform live with Justin Timberlake. Who will it be?

Singer Sues Hilton for $6 Million

Soprano Alison Trainer claimed she was bitten by bedbugs while at Phoenix's Hilton Suites. She's now suing the corporation to the tune $6 million dollars for pain and suffering.

Dolphins sing 'Batman' theme

Yep they are probably smarter than us... Tho I doubt they could sing "Wipe Out"...

Jennifer Lopez at a birthday party, in Moscow.

Jennifer Lopez has sang in Moscow for $1.5 million.

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The cast of Glee
The cast of Glee
From left to right: Louise Log actors Danusia Trevino and Everett Quinton.
From left to right: Louise Log actors Danusia Trevino and Everett Quinton.
The cast members perform on stage in Glee
The cast members perform on stage in Glee
Carol Burnett sings a duet with Glee star Jane Lynch
Carol Burnett sings a duet with Glee star Jane Lynch
Britney Spears and Heather Morris in Glee
Britney Spears and Heather Morris in Glee

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