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Simpsons News

'Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon dies at 59

Los Angeles - Sam Simon, nine-time Emmy Award-winning comedy writer and producer of "The Simpsons" cartoon show, died, Sunday evening at the age of 59.

Simpsons co-creator saves 'gay' Irish bull from being slaughtered

A bull in Ireland who was going to be slaughtered because he might have been gay has been saved by Sam Simon, the co-creator of the 'Simpsons.'

Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode trailer revealed

A trailer of the previously announced Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode was released at the Comic-Con event in San Diego at the weekend.

Itchy & Scratchy to be cut out of Simpsons in Russia

Authorities in Russia decided that the Itchy & Scratchy show will be cut from The Simpsons when the show airs in the country.

'Simpsons' creator Groening says Springfield inspired by Oregon

Springfield - In an interview with the Smithsonian Magazine, Matt Groening, 58, creator of "The Simpsons" revealed that the 22-year-old TV show is named after Springfield, Oregon.

Usher's lyrics similar to Homer's?

Is Usher such a fan of Homer Simpson that he would go to the lengths of copying a song of his? The similar lyrics of Usher's OMG and Homer's Christmas Carol in a 2003 episode have been found very similar by American DJs.

Vatican newspaper claims Homer and Bart Simpson are Catholic

L'Osservatore Romano, based on an analysis by a Jesuit priest, affirmed that Homer Simpson and his son Bart are members of the congregation led by the Pope. D'oh!

Glee stars on The Simpsons season premiere

Stars know that they are hot if they are animated on an episode of The Simpsons. Glee stars Lea Michele, Amber Riley and Cory Monteith will be appearing on the season premiere.

Homer Simpson is 'most influential wordsmith since Shakespeare'

The Simpsons has brought us incessantly lasting phrases like "eat my shorts!" and "d'oh," but which has been the most influential on the English language?

Britain: Follow 'The Simpsons' example for healthy eating

The British government is investing 640,000 pounds ($1 million) in the TV show "The Simpsons" as part of its Change4Life campaign. The purpose is to encourage citizens to "ditch junk food" and seek healthy alternatives.

The Simpsons goes African

One of the longest series in the history of television, The Simpsons, will now receive an African makeover in Angola, according to one of the country's advertising agencies.

Review: Dexter, Bart, kung-fu & whodunits in this week's DVD/BDs Special

From the teeth-grinding savagery of Surveillance, Dexter & Wyvern; the humor of The Simpsons & Everybody Hates Chris; the classic kung-fu of 5 Deadly Venoms & the cautionary tale Julia, there's a fantastic, underrated Blu-ray or DVD to choose this week.

Study Finds The Simpsons Sets Bad Example

An Australian study of the popular The Simpsons cartoon has revealed a large number of smoking references in the show and concluded that watching "The Simpsons characters smoking may prompt children to consider smoking at an early age."

The Simpson's Are Going Postal

Simpson's fans in the United States can start sending their mail in May sporting their favorite Simpson's star on the corner. That's right The Simpson's are going postal.

It's Pays To Be A Simpson

The actors who make up the cast of the cartoon show The Simpsons will have a little extra in their pay cheque next season. The stars have been given a raise to $400,000 an episode.

Brits Being Warned Of Fake Banknotes With Homer Simpson Instead Of Queen

£20 banknotes were meant as a novelty item and were being sold out of the trunk of a car in Gateshead on Tyneside when authorities came and confiscated hundreds of the fake money by the seller. Officers will be searching for more such sellers in the area

The Simpsons Get Stoned

The Simpsons get stoned, carved up, crated and shipped around the world and everybody's happy. A remote village of stone carvers in Kenya get to ride on the Simpsons gravy train.

'The Simpsons Movie' Rolls into Theaters

'The Simpsons Movie' heads into theatres worldwide today and with its large fanbase, powerful marketing and positive reviews will it break all records in the box offices this weekend and set the bar much higher?

The Simpsons Reveal Springfield Hometown in Vermont

In a stunning upset, the US town of Springfield, Vermont, has beaten 13 rivals and will host the premiere of the film about the animated family The Simpsons. Chambers of Commerce across the nation hail all Springfields as winners.

US City Named Springfield Wins Title of 'Simpsons' Official Home

13 different towns named Springfield across the country competed in an online poll to win the right to be called the 'official' home of The Simpsons. Which Springfield won? Read this article to find out.

The Simpsons Movie Doin' It Messy Style

Creator Matt Groening goes back to the show's animated roots as far as the Tracey Ullman Show for The Simpsons' big-screen debut. Groening promises a style of animation not seen in the movies since the 80s. Also, no penguins.

Harry Shearer's Satire on DVD

Best known for his roll as bassist Derek Smalls in the satirical metal band Spinal Tap and the many voices that he performs on The Simpsons, Harry Shearer's comedy can now be enjoyed on his new DVD 'Now You See it'

The Simpsons Movie - Video Game

EA will be making the game for The Simpsons Movie, which will hit theatres this summer. Will this game be better than previous games or will this be another failure to the collection?

Doh! Angry Voices of Simpsons Characters Threaten Movie Boycott

The voices of the Spanish language version of the Simpson's TV series are fighting mad.

The Simpsons Movie Trailer

Here's the newest trailer for the Simpsons Movie out in theatres July 27.

Fox Riled About Simpsons and 24 Episodes on YouTube

Twentieth Century Fox has issued a subpoena to YouTube.

Jack Bauer to Appear On The Simpsons

This May, Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) will be appearing on the Simpsons spoofing '24'. FOX will be airing two episodes of Simpsons that night and, depending on which airs first, one will have the honor of being the 400th

If Simpsons was in Japanese Anime

This is an excellent translation of the Simpsons in anime version.

The Simpsons Movie : Trailer 2

I don't know why the Simpsons took that long to come to the movie theaters but nevertheless it is on its way. Hope it will be as good as the series. I would love a Family Guy movie too.

Simpsons Shaking Their Booty To Bollywood!

Looks like we desis are not the only one bitten by Bollywood bug! Check out the Simpsons and their groovy dance moves! Gotta love any clip which showcases Simpsons and Bollywood together.
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The Itchy and Scratchy characters from The Simpsons
The Itchy and Scratchy characters from The Simpsons
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