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Simpson News

O.J. Simpson freed from jail on parole

Los Angeles - Disgraced American football star O.J. Simpson, whose racially charged 1995 murder trial riveted the nation, was released from jail on parole early Sunday after nine years behind bars for armed robbery.

O.J. Simpson freed from jail on parole

Los Angeles - Disgraced American football star O.J. Simpson, whose racially charged 1995 murder trial riveted the nation, was released from jail on parole early Sunday after nine years behind bars for armed robbery.

'I've done my time': O.J. Simpson asks for prison release

Los Angeles - Disgraced former American football star O.J. Simpson argued for his release from prison on Thursday after serving nearly nine years behind bars for armed robbery, saying, "I've done my time.

OJ Simpson granted parole, could be freed in October

Los Angeles - Disgraced American football legend O.J. Simpson, whose 1995 acquittal for double murder polarized the nation, was granted his release from prison Thursday after serving nearly nine years behind bars for armed robbery.

Knife allegedly found on former O.J. Simpson property

Los Angeles - Los Angeles police said Friday they are investigating and testing a knife that was allegedly recovered on a property once owned by former football star O.J. Simpson.

Jessica Simpson causes stir on Twitter after HSN appearance

On Thursday, singer Jessica Simpson appeared on the Home Shopping Network to promote her products. However, some viewers are accusing her of being drunk during the presentation.

20 years on, America recalls OJ Simpson freeway chase

Los Angeles - It's like JFK or Princess Diana dying: almost everyone in America old enough remembers where they were the day of the OJ Simpson white Bronco freeway chase.Twenty years later, it remains an iconic TV moment.

Op-Ed: Why do NFL stars throw their lives away?

Foxboro - Aaron Hernandez has joined the "I'm-too-stupid-to-play-profe ssional-football-Dream-Team". Along with teammates like OJ Simpson and Michael Vick, Hernandez has thrown away a great opportunity.

Smithsonian says 'no' to OJ Simpson

The Smithsonian was offered a chance to have the suit warn by OJ Simpson on the day was acquitted for the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman

OJ Simpson's lawyers try to bail him out today

OJ Simpson's lawyers were back in a court room today to attempt to secure bail for him while they continue to prepare for his appeal, which will be presented on the basis that he did not receive a fair trial in Las Vegas.

Are Folks Too Soft-Hearted About Neighborhood Criminals?

Notice that when someone is accused or found guilty of a crime neighbors and family members say they just can't believe it. Are these people overlooking behaviors or did these accused really appear innocent?

Carmelita Durio, sister of O.J. Simpson, dead at age 60

Carmelita Durio, 60, died Monday morning at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento. Durio was the sister of O.J. Simpson. She had been ill since collapsing in a Las Vegas courtroom in October after O.J. was convicted of robbery and kidnapping.

'The Simpsons' to be featured on U.S. postage stamps

The characters from “The Simpsons” TV show will be featured in new stamps to be released on April 9. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is honoring the 20th anniversary of the program.

Juries Who Look at Harrowing, Gruesome Photos May Be Traumatized

Even looking at photographs of the victims of terrible crimes can cause trauma science says. Horrendous details associated with killing children may be especially disturbing. Psychologists go on to say people should be warned, especially juries.

Liar, Liar: Getting the Truth from a Crook Is Tricky

During investigations of high profile cases like that of Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, or Phil Spector, there are those who are called into to examine them to determine whether they are lying or not.

Blagojevich, Anthony Cases Raise Debate on Presumed Innocent

Issues involving the presumption of innocence have been grappled with in American law and application for many years. It is considered to be for some a virtual commandment with no deviations or incongruities.

Casey Anthony Attorney Seeking Fame?

O. J. Simpson’s attorneys had television interviews, book deals and fame after the notorious football player walked. Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony who has been accused of killing her daughter, Caylee, supposedly wants the same star treatment.

OJ SImpson Guilty

Disgraced football legend OJ Simpson was cleared of murder charges 13 years ago. Today, he stands guilty of other crimes - robbery and kidnapping.

OJustice is Served

OJ he beat the rap the first time, he skated on the civil suit regarding his wife's death. This time the gavel sang a different tune.

Mr. Media Interview: Norman Pardo, 'OJ'S Court,' OJ Simpson promoter, radio show host

Everybody has an opinion on O.J. Simpson. He’s this, he’s that – one thing we can all agree upon is that his life is certainly not a dull one.

Down On His Luck Mike Gilbert Pens An O.J. Simpson Book

A new tell all book is out in the market about O.J. Simpson. His ex-manager Mike Gilbert says that the former football star confessed to him that he had killed his ex-wife Nicole Simpson.

O.J. Simpson Back in Jail

O.J. Simpson is back in jail after allegedly violating the terms of his release in regards to the Las Vegas robbery incident. Simpson was supposed to be in court on Wednesday.

O.J. Simpson to stand trial

Breaking News: O.J. Simpson has been ordered by the Judge to stand trial for the Las Vegas hostage ordeal that took place on September 13, 2007. He plead not guilty to 12 charges that included conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery, burglary and coercion.

Simpson Book Will Hit The Market

The book by OJ Simpson, "If I Did It" will be repackaged and published after the Goldman family made a deal. The name of the publisher in New York will be released on Tuesday. Last month the family were rewarded the book by a federal bankruptcy judge.

Video Game Features O.J. Simpson and a Knife

Take Two Interactive has a new game called All-Pro Football 2K8, which features Simpson. As his team "The assassins" move down field and Simpson scores a Touchdown, a hooded mascot above the scoreboard makes stabbing motions with a large knife.

Goldman Family Owns Rights to OJ's Book

Ron Goldman's family obtained the rights to OJ Simpson's book [i]If I Did It[/i] on Monday. The book will be held under the name of Ron Goldman LLC. Simpson's lawyer says that the bankruptcy trustee shouldn't have the right to sell his clients items.

O.J. Refused Service at Steakhouse then Plays the Race Card

This owner takes his right to refuse service seriously. Will he now face the wrath of OJ Simpson?

Owner Refused OJ Simpson Restaurant Service

Have you ever seen on of those signs in a place that you shopped at? The one that states the owner reserves the right to refuse service. Well this is one owner that did just that.

O'J' Simpson's "If I Did It" murder-book will be auctioned

Judge Gerald Rosenberg issued a court order in March taking the rights, title and any interest of this horrible book away from O.J. Simpson and Lorraine Brooke Associates, Inc. Now it will be auctioned off.

Hockey Girl Spots a Celebrity in the Real OC

I have much better celebrity stories than this, but this one surprised me a little.
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