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Silver News

Chatting with Josh Prenot: 2016 Olympic silver medalist swimmer Special

Olympic silver medalist and American swimmer Josh Prenot chatted with Digital Journal about his swimming career and plans for the future.

Mining for silver in your laundry wastewater

Silver nanoparticles are being used in clothing for their anti-odor abilities but some of this silver comes off when the clothes are laundered. The wastewater from this process could end up in the environment, having a detrimental effect.

Harnessing silver for the antimicrobial fight

The use of silver to fight infections has been in place for thousands of years. Silver can still play a major role in the antibiotic fight. Researchers are using modern gene editing techniques to see how silver poisons pathogens.

Super flexible mobile phones from new silver compound

Flexible electronics is part of the future state development of electronic devices. Key to this are flexible touchscreens and such technology may be possible from the discovery of silver wires, between about 10 and 40 nanometers wide.

Interview with Niki Bakogianni: 1996 Olympic silver medalist Special

1996 Olympic silver medalist and Greek high jumper Niki Bakogianni chatted with me about her latest endeavors, and her silver medal win for Greece.

Special coating developed to protect medical implants

Infections from medical implants are rare but they can still occur. In order to safeguard devices from bacterial contamination, researchers have developed a special biofilm coating.

Nanotechnology builds unbreakable condoms

It is always better to be safe than sorry and with sexual intercourse nanotech may have the answer for lowering the risk of condoms breaking at the wrong moment.

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases gold and silver ice cream

Would you believe that Häagen-Dazs Japan's releases for December 9 include in their ingredients Ashirai silver foil, wine from Bordeaux, and specks of gold leaf?

How to make cut flowers last longer? A touch of silver

A new study has shown that the addition of silver to a solution can prolong the bloom of cut-flowers by several days. The new technique harnesses nanotechnology.

Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer completes purchase of LA Clippers

Los Angeles - Former Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer has completed buying the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, seemingly ending a painful real-life drama that began with racist remarks on a tape recording.

Judge OKs sale of NBA team over co-owner's objections

Los Angeles - The wife of embattled Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling can sell the NBA team for $2 billion despite strenuous objections by her husband, who is almost certain to appeal.

Lawsuit over fate of NBA Clippers begins in LA

Los Angeles - What ultimately happens to the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team — and possibly the crumbling marriage of its owners — could be resolved later this week in a courtroom as a lawsuit to determine who controls the NBA franchise gets underway.

HTC Nexus 9 Volantis rumored to pack some serious specifications

While no word if another Nexus smartphone will make its way to the market, the Nexus 9 tablet seems to be a sure bet. The source image was leaked with a series of speculated specs.

Silver nanoparticles target tumors

Scientists at have designed a nanoparticle that is spherical in shape and silver in composition. These nanoparticles help to locate and visualize tumor cells.

Barred Clippers owner gets no support from colleagues so far

New York - None of his fellow National Baskeball Association team owners were willing to support Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling if the league's commissioner tries to force him to give up his team.

NBA bans owner of LA Clippers for life

New York - Controversial Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was barred from the National Basketball Association for life on Tuesday and fined $2.5 million after making racist comments that made headlines across the country.

Op-Ed: How bar codes revolutionized shopping

If you ran a supermarket in, say, 1960 then you had a problem. The number of different consumer goods kept increasing but how could you accurately price every item at checkout?

Silver takes over as commissioner from Stern

A new era began for the National Basketball Association (NBA) on Saturday when David Stern's 30-year run as commissioner ended with his deputy, Adam Silver, taking over the helm.

Silver is the key to bio-batteries

The addition of silver has been shown to be an important additive for helping microbes turn sewage into power and to create bio-batteries.

Silver helps antibiotics work better

Silver has been shown to make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics. Silver weakens bacterial cell membranes and induces a chain reaction which makes them vulnerable to other chemicals.

Gold dips below $1,400, silver drops to $23 in panic selling

New York - Following a report by Goldman Sachs and the news Cyprus would be selling a significant portion of its gold reserves, gold and silver dipped at the end of the Friday trading session. On Monday, it fell even more.

Op-Ed: European Debt Crises and Currency Survival

What has been perhaps the most significant factor in the European Debt Crisis for the currencies markets has not been the actual event itself, but the reaction of global central bankers..

Jim Rogers urges investors not to sell their gold, silver coins

New York - Speaking with a financial news outlet, famed investor and money guru Jim Rogers urged investors not to sell their gold and silver coins, even though gold is trading 12 percent below its record high of $1,900.

Famed investor Jim Rogers: 'I’d rather buy silver than gold'

New York - Jim Rogers, famed investor and founder of Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI), recently spoke with a business publication and explained that although he owns both gold and silver bullion, he would prefer to buy silver than gold.

Montana State Rep. Jerry O’Neil wants to be paid in gold, silver

Helena - Due to the devaluation of the United States dollar, the soaring national debt and the astronomical budget deficit, one Montana Republican lawmaker is asking to be paid in gold and silver bullion coins.

Gold heist in California

$2 million in gold doesn't weigh as much as it used to. Two thieves were able to walk away with gold, silver and precious stones totaling as much as $2 million on Friday.

Will bullion prices fall further then climb to new heights again?

Toronto - Throughout 2012, bullion prices have been rather lackluster. Investors saw silver jump to $35 in February, but fall since. Gold has also seen a sharp drop. Does this spell the end for bullion or is this just a temporary adjustment for goldbugs?

Review: Should you invest in uranium?

An American financial analyst is recommending his subscribers to invest in uranium. His arguments are persuasive - if you think money is everything.

Shipwreck with £150 million of silver identified as SS Gairsoppa

Odyssey Marine Exploration has announced they have positively identified a shipwreck as that of SS Gairsoppa, a British cargo ship that was sunk by a torpedo fired from a German U-boat in 1941. The ship was reportedly carrying over 200 tonnes of silver.

Op-Ed: Gold and Silver Are Profitable Safe Havens

History has shown that people who are in power, or want to be in power, or who are afraid of losing power; will do irrational things at the wrong time and shock routine events to spin out of control.
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Silver medalist Catalina Ponor of Romania  gold medalist Alexandra Raisman of the United States of A...
Silver medalist Catalina Ponor of Romania, gold medalist Alexandra Raisman of the United States of America and bronze medalist Aliya Mustafina of Russia pose on the podium during the Victory Ceremony for the women's Floor Exercise final on Day 11 of the London 2012 Olympic Games
London 2012
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Precious Metals
Nancy Kerrigan
Nancy Kerrigan
Precious Metals
Precious Metals
The Silver Falcons aerobatic team.
The Silver Falcons aerobatic team.
The Los Angeles Clippers  bench is seen during a game against the Washington Wizards at the Verizon ...
The Los Angeles Clippers' bench is seen during a game against the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. in December.
Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons
Precious metals
Precious metals
FIRE: The historic general store in the silver boom town of Markleeville  about 30 miles south of So...
FIRE: The historic general store in the silver boom town of Markleeville, about 30 miles south of South Lake Tahoe, which is threatened by wildfire.
flamenc/Wikimedia Commons
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Precious metals
The SAAF aerobatic team performed to the delight of the audience.
The SAAF aerobatic team performed to the delight of the audience.
U.S. Government
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Precious metals
Folk art on a street sale in the World capital of silver in Taxco  Guerrero  Mexico.
Folk art on a street sale in the World capital of silver in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.
YouTube screengrab
YouTube screengrab
YouTube screengrab
Precious metals
Precious metals
DIRECTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Coach Doc Rivers shouts instructions to his players in a game again...
DIRECTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Coach Doc Rivers shouts instructions to his players in a game against the Wizards in December 2013.
Keith Alliston/Wikimedia Commons
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Precious metals
Precious Metals
Precious Metals
Precious metals
Precious metals