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Silicon News

Making microwave technology much cheaper and better

Waterloo - A Canadian-led breakthrough with silicon materials could lead to microwave technology becoming far cheaper and to perform better.

Complete quantum silicon chip design revealed by researchers

Researchers have announced a "complete" design for a quantum silicon computer chip. The component allows quantum calculations to be run on existing semiconductor components. The blueprint shows how a quantum computer could be made from standard tech.

Quantum computing advanced with silicon-laced diamonds

Boston - Quantum computing could be advanced through a relatively simple process: the addition of a little silicon to a diamond, which turns diamond defects into efficient quantum bits.

Carbon nanotube processors could be 1000x faster than silicon

A new method of engineering the processors that power computers could result in chips with 1000 times the performance of today's best offerings, according to a group of researchers.

Intel pledges $50m investment in quantum computing research

Intel has announced that it is making a long-term investment into the development of quantum computing systems. It will contribute $50 million over the next 10 years to help shape the future of computing for when semi-conductors are obsolete.

Moore's Law continues as IBM announces new smaller computer chips

IBM has announced that it has successfully halved the size of the smallest components on today's computer chips to create the fastest processor ever seen using a circuit of the same area. The development continues Moore's infamous law.

Researchers create a working wooden processor for future PCs

U.S. and Chinese researchers have successfully created a processor made nearly entirely of a material derived from wood. Biodegradable, cheap and fully functional, our phones and computers of the future may be powered by the most basic of materials.

Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg dies suddenly

Famed Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg has died suddenly at the age of 47. Described by Mark Zuckerberg as "an amazing person," Goldberg was married to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and has long been a key player in Silicon Valley.

Taking silicon to the next level

Atlanta - Silicon has been used for several decades in modern semiconductor manufacturing and it is found in a diverse array of electronic devices. Can silicon be improved? One scientist thinks the answer is a clear "yes."

Alternative to silicon semiconductors

Time to re-name 'Silicon Valley'? Researchers have announced silicon alternatives for semiconductors to be used in future computers and next-generation electronics.

Butt-Building Silicon Injections Critically Injure Two Women

They wanted to look better. So they went to a woman who had no medical degree and allowed her to give them injection after injection of a homemade silicon solution. Both women are now extremely ill in the hospital with complications.

Silicon Valley Switches Focus to Energy

More venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are pulling their money together to discover the best alternatives for energy. But even when solutions are found, technology takes years to develop, and even more time to bring to market.

Silicon wafers to solve blue laser supply problem?

Seem like someone always finds a way around problems, to bad it won't help with the immediate shortage situation...

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Stanford engineers have created a four-layer prototype high-rise chip. In this representation  the b...
Stanford engineers have created a four-layer prototype high-rise chip. In this representation, the bottom and top layers are logic transistors. Sandwiched between them are two layers of memory. The vertical tubes are nanoscale electronic "elevators" that connect logic and memory, allowing them to work together to solve problems.
Max Shulaker

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