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Pranksters change iconic Hollywood sign to 'Hollyweed'

Washington - The famed Hollywood sign high in the hills over Los Angeles got a little higher on Sunday, when someone altered two of its letters to make it read "Hollyweed.

Gamma rays from dwarf galaxy may provide proof of dark matter

A promising new discovery by physicists at Carnegie Mellon and Brown and Cambridge Universities in the US could provide a step towards finally identifying the elusive substance called dark matter.

Neon signs are causing robins to stay awake at night

Researchers have discovered that bright lights emitted by neon signs and streetlamps at night in cities are disrupting the sleep cycles of robins and other birds, keeping them awake at night and getting "worn out" due to a lack of sleep.

Russia clinches economic union with Belarus, Kazakhstan

Astana - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed a deal creating an economic union with ex-Soviet states Belarus and Kazakhstan, with Ukraine conspicuously absent after it turned its back on Moscow.

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign

Any parent will tell you nothing is worse than losing a child. Yet, the latest bizarre behavior by the so-called Sandy Hook "truthers" could only make coping harder for Lynn McDonnell and other parents.

Prank upsets residents of Spanish village with unusual name

When a group of friends stole a road sign from the little Spanish village of Villapene, they really upset the locals. Due to a possible, and rather rude, meaning of the name, they merely wanted to use it as a prop in a joke wedding photo.

Colorado 420 highway marker repeatedly stolen by pot enthusiasts

On Colorado's Interstate 70, east of Denver, there once stood a sign to mark mile 420. In recent years, this sign has been stolen and replaced numerous times by weed enthusiasts due to its unintended reference to their favorite herb.

Parents force their teen to hold sign as punishment

Crestview - Gentry and Renee Nickell of Crestview, Florida, decided to punish their 13-year-old daughter by making her hold a sign at a busy intersection.

Trade agreements signed between China and Brazil

Trade agreements between China and Brazil were signed by leaders of the two nations. Increasing investment and trade flows is the aim of the agreements.

Anger over tattooed 'Queen' on pub sign

Acomb - A sign at a Northumberland pub, which appears to be a cartoon version of the Queen with tattoos, has upset many people, while others feel it is a laugh.

Neo-Nazi pleads guilty to theft of Auschwitz sign

Krakowa - A Swedish neo-Nazi leader accused of ordering the theft of the Auschwitz death camp entrance sign will serve 32 months in prison in his home country of Sweden under a plea bargain, Polish prosecutors say.

Shitterton sign now in stone to discourage thieves

After repeatedly losing their sign to potty humor thieves, residents of Shitterton, Dorset, England decided to fight back with a large stone.

Stolen Auschwitz sign found in pieces, 5 arrested

The "Arbeit macht frei" sign, which was stolen from the main gate of Auschwitz concentration camp, has been recovered. Five men have been arrested by Polish police.

Op-Ed: Auschwitz 'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign stolen

The concentration camp’s sign, which means “Work makes free” literally translated, may not be everybody’s idea of a collector’s item, but it’s been stolen.

Pen-demonium: Pres. Obama learns to never use same pen twice

As he settled into his very first days in office newly sworn President Barack Obama made a surprising discovery this week—in the White House, pens matter.

Bush signs $555 billion spending bill

When you think Congress has had enough time spending money they seem to find a way to spend even more. President George Bush has yet again signed a $555-billion bill Wednesday to keep government agencies running and to further fund the Iraq War.

Ohio Man Chooses His Punishment for Littering

An Ohio man chose the punishment he should receive for littering in a small Ohio town. He passed up the options of jail time, fines or community service to pose as a human sign along the streets of Bridgeport wearing a pink sandwich board.

Progressive Insurance Broker Decries Gay Marriages

Progressive Insurance broker Rick Piper has placed a huge sign in his office window which reads: "Save the kids -- Say no to gay marriage in NY." Now the debate begins. Does the township have authority to have him pull the sign? Or will Progressive?

Manchester United to Sign 14-Year-Old Striker

Manchester United has reached an agreement with Burnley soccer club from Lancashire to sign 14-year-old striker John Cofie. No transfer fee amount is disclosed to the media but some say they must have signed for a six-figure deal.

Halloween: No Candy Signs At Perverts Homes

To discourage contact with children, some registered sex offenders in Maryland will be asked to post signs at their homes that say "No Candy at This Residence," on Halloween..

Google Founders Sign Elusive Deal with NASA

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have signed a two year deal with National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA); this will allow Google to use the government’s Moffett Federal Airfield, near Mountain View, California.

Man Fined For Impeach Bush Sign

School teacher Kevin Egler, 45, was ticketed by police on July 25th for posting a free-standing sign that read 'Impeach Bush' at a Main street intersection in Kent, Ohio.

Dad makes Son wear sign for using Drugs

Father forces son to wear a sign as a punishment in School for using drugs

Video: Bigfoot Business Partner

Intrepid entrepreneur and filmmaker Taylor Ward recently attempted to locate and sign Bigfoot to a long-term, exclusive contract.

Does your astrological sign determine your health issues?

"The study, which used data from 10 million Ontario residents in 2000, was conducted with tongue firmly in cheek, a press release said." Results Show How Studies Can Be Misinterpreted

US Refuses to Sign UN Ban on Renditions and Secret Detention

A U.N treaty that bans governments from carrying out forced disappearances and holding individuals in secret detention was presented for signing on Tuesday in Paris.

Actual KFC Sign in New York

This is hilarious! It's hard to believe a business would have the gall to do this in New York where Hillary Clinton resides and works!

Cingular launches iPhone sign-up page!

Cingular has launched a page on their site for users curious about the iPhone to sign up for announcements about the upcoming product!

Sign Language Teacher Gets 90 Days for Forcible Sex With Student

"I abhor what you have done here," declared the judge while sentencing a Utah woman.
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The lone protester  Province House  Charlottetown PEI 
Prince William and Kate Canadian tour 
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The lone protester, Province House, Charlottetown PEI, Prince William and Kate Canadian tour, July 2011
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420, the code name for marijuana.
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General travel pictures.
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