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Sierra leone News

Liberia Experiences another Ebola death

Ebola Virus has resurfaced in the West-African regions — leading to calls for stronger steps to counter the persistent nature of this catastrophic epidemic.

Chance of Ebola reemerging — 48 contacts missing in Sierra Leone

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday that about four dozen people linked to the latest Ebola case are missing, and at least 18 of those people are considered to be at high risk for having the virus.

Sierra Leone is officially Ebola free

Freetown - Some good news with the battle against the Ebola virus in West Africa — Sierra Leone, which has experienced the second highest level of incidences, has been declared free of the virus.

Ebola virus 'reactivates' in UK nurse — condition is serious

London - A nurse who contracted the Ebola virus last year in Sierra Leone is now in serious condition in a London hospital after the Ebola virus re-activated, just 10 days after meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron's wife, Samantha.

Massive Ebola outbreak nearly under control due to global efforts

With Liberia now Ebola-transmission free, the effort to fight the disease and bring the current outbreak under control appears to have turned a corner. Still, the global community must remain vigilant as the disease continues to spread elsewhere.

China's plan to eradicate Ebola in Sierra Leone

When the African nation of Sierra Leone was declared a focal point of the 2014 Ebola epidemic, one of the first countries to respond was China. Since then, Chinese participation in the fight against Ebola has become critically important.

Sierra Leone district on 'lockdown' as Ebola continues to spread

Ebola has taken a backseat to other news stories lately, but the deadly virus is still spreading like a brush fire in western Sierra Leone and some parts of the forested interior of Guinea, according to David Nabarro, the UN's special envoy for Ebola.

New Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone could see death toll increase

A fresh outbreak of the dread Ebola virus has broken out in the district of Koinadugu, where the virus was thought to have been contained. News of this latest outbreak was released when an ambulance was sent to pick up 30 bodies for burial.

Ebola on the rise in Sierra Leone with over 20 deaths a day

Freetown - Sierra Leone government officials said on Tuesday that Ebola cases are rising in the western section of the country. Over 20 deaths a day have been recorded since the start of the week, and authorities are having problems collecting the corpses.

Russian Health Minister: Three Ebola vaccines six months away

Moscow - On Saturday, Russian Health Minister, Veronika Skvortsova disclosed to journalists that three Ebola vaccines will be ready within the next six months.

Governmental incompetence in Sierra Leone delays Ebola shipments

Freetown - A shipping container full of over $140,000 worth of supplies to aid in the Ebola fight has been sitting on a dock in Freetown, Sierra Leone for two months. Yet, for want of needed supplies, 120 people died of Ebola on Saturday in this country.

New study demonstrates how fast Ebola virus can spread

Earlier this week, Liberia's defense minister, Brownie Samukai told the U.N. Security Council that Ebola "is now spreading like wildfire, devouring everything in its path." A new study just released shows us how fast the deadly virus is spreading.

Ebola lockdown 'will not work'

A three-day lockdown announced by Sierra Leone to combat Ebola will not help contain the virus, a leading charity has announced.

Sierra Leone lockdown to fight Ebola

Sierra Leone has declared a three-day "lockdown" in an attempt to tackle the Ebola virus disease. This will mean that from September 19 to 21, people will not be allowed to leave their homes.

WHO and Canada pull Ebola health teams out of Sierra Leone

Freetown - The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday announced the closing of one of its labs in Sierra Leone after a health care worker became infected with Ebola. At the same time, Canada announced they were recalling their three-member lab team.

U.S. cuts resources for project involved in Ebola in Sierra Leone

Kenema - Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone was part of a project that started 10 years ago to test for and treat Lassa Fever, a hemorrhagic disease like Ebola. Now it is being used to treat patients with Ebola, a disease that has hit the country hard.

Doctor at forefront of fight against Ebola contracts the disease

Virologist Sheik Umar Khan, 39, has been hailed as a National Hero by Sierra Leone's Health Minister. After working so hard to control the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in his country, the doctor has now caught the disease.

Ebola virus spreading amid urgent appeals for international help

This time, the Ebola virus outbreak is being classified as the worst outbreak ever, and people are scared. There is fear that the virus will spread all across West Africa unless cooperation is seen between countries and international help is forthcoming.

African-Canadian Consultant on Sierra Leone's Health Care System Special

Vancouver - Dr. Godwin Eni is a retired academic, health service provider, manager and adviser who has worked in Canada and has helped in the governance of many cultural and non-profit organizations, and consulted in many countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Video: Self-taught African prodigy Kelvin Doe dazzles MIT experts

Freetown - Kelvin Doe, 16, from the African country of Sierra Leone, has become the youngest person ever to be invited to MIT's "Visiting Practitioner's Program," after he invented batteries and a generator using materials picked from trash bins in his neighborhood.

Former Liberian Pres. Charles Taylor imprisoned for war crimes

Leidschendam - Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was sentenced to 50 years in prison Wednesday for war crimes he committed by arming and supporting murderous rebels in Sierra Leone in exchange for "blood diamonds."

Pictorial presentation of Dr. Eni's activities in Sierra Leone Special

A couple of days ago I submitted a report on the activities in southern Sierra Leone of Dr. Godwin Eni, a Vancouver based public health specialist. Here are some photos of Dr. Eni doing presentations.

Dr. Godwin Eni in Sierra Leone to reshape health care Special

Nigerian-born Vancouver resident Dr. Godwin Eni is in Sierra Leone, West Africa, as a health consultant. This is his first visit and stay in that country where he arrived last December to help rehabilitate the health care system.

Climate change already affecting people in Sierra Leone Special

Freetown - Most people love their hometown. But what if you lived in a regularly flooded slum? Residents of a poor area of Freetown, Sierra Leone suffer regular floods, and climate change is exacerbating their problems.

Africa: Children of the diaspora to the rescue Special

The children of recent immigrants from developing countries often find it easier to adjust or integrate into their new environment while their parents struggle with many of the day to day challenges they face.

Sierra Leone: UN sanctions lifted

A very significant event happened recently in New York and that was the lifting of an arms embargo and other sanctions imposed onthe tiny West African state of Sierra Leone in 1998 at the height of that country’s brutal civil war.

Interview with Sierra Leonean academic giant Eustace Palmer Special

It’s not everyday that one gets to interview Professor Eustace Palmer, one of Africa’s intellectual heavyweights, academic giants and distinguished son of Sierra Leone, a small country in the west of Africa.

UN wants more media spotlighting sexual violence in Sierra Leone

The United Nations Development Programme is hoping that the media can shine a spotlight on the sexual violence in Sierra Leone.

Former RUF Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes

Three former leaders of Sierra Leone’s rebel Revolutionary United Front were found guilty today of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the country’s decade-long civil war.

Salma Hayek Nurses Another Woman's Infant In Sierra Leone

Salma Hayek breast fed a child that was starving in Sierra Leone. The infant's mother was unable to nurse her child so Hayek stepped up to the plate.
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Sheik Umar Khan  the head doctor fighting an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has ...
Sheik Umar Khan, the head doctor fighting an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has himself caught the disease, one of a growing list of medical workers infected while battling to halt its spread across West Africa
Secular Talk
Kaci Hickox in Sierra Leone. She is the nurse on the left of the picture.
Kaci Hickox in Sierra Leone. She is the nurse on the left of the picture.
Screen grab
A Doctors without Borders (MSF) medical worker feeds a child suffering from Ebola at an MSF facility...
A Doctors without Borders (MSF) medical worker feeds a child suffering from Ebola at an MSF facility in Kailahun, eastern Sierra Leone on August 15, 2014
Carl De Souza, AFP
The Ebola virus has now moved into western Sierra Leone  with an average of 20 new deaths a day.
The Ebola virus has now moved into western Sierra Leone, with an average of 20 new deaths a day.
Ebola Virus
A new outbreak of the Ebola virus sparks fears of more deaths in Sierra Leone.
A new outbreak of the Ebola virus sparks fears of more deaths in Sierra Leone.
Screen grab
Researcher working with the Ebola virus while wearing a BSL-4 positive pressure suit to avoid infect...
Researcher working with the Ebola virus while wearing a BSL-4 positive pressure suit to avoid infection
United States Army
This is the hospital in Kenema  Sierra Leone  West Africa  where the Ebola virus samples are tested ...
This is the hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where the Ebola virus samples are tested to see if someone has the virus or not. It was taken June 8, 2014.
A boy in Kroo Bay  Freetown  Sierra Leone
A boy in Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone
A man in Kroo Bay  Freetown  Sierra Leone
A man in Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone

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