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Sicily News

In Sicily, pope hails 'martyr' priest who defied 'blasphemous' mafia

Palermo - Pope Francis denounced the mafia's "blasphemous" existence on Saturday during a brief trip to Sicily to honour a priest murdered by the mob 25 years ago while trying to save youngsters in poor neighbourhoods from falling into their hands.

Pope in Sicily to honour priest killed by mafia

Palermo - Pope Francis visits the Italian island of Sicily on Saturday to pay homage to a priest murdered by the mafia 25 years ago after trying to save youngsters in poor neighbourhoods from falling into their hands.

Newly-elected politician in Sicily tax fraud arrest

Rome - The champagne corks had only just stopped popping in Sicily when one of the newly-elected councillors from Silvio Berlusconi's winning coalition was clapped in cuffs for tax evasion, Italy police said Wednesday.

'Immortal' Berlusconi leads Italy's resurgent right to Sicily triumph

Catania - Silvio Berlusconi was Monday celebrating a return to centre-stage in Italian politics as a right-wing coalition he helped put together declared victory in Sicily elections that had been billed as a key test ahead of Italy's general election next year.

Rightwing coalition seen edging ahead in Sicily vote

Catania - A rightwing coalition spearheaded by Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia was projected Monday to have edged out the populist Five Star Movement in a closely watched regional election in Sicily, according to polling forecasts.

Resurgent right ahead in Sicily vote: exit polls

Catania - Italy's resurgent right was ahead in Sicily's regional vote Sunday and looks likely to narrowly beat the populist movement in a victory seen as a key indicator for the general election, exit polls showed.

Italy right looks to have trumped populists in Sicily vote

Catania - Italy's resurgent right looked set to triumph over the country's populists in Sicily's regional vote Sunday, in a victory seen as a key indicator for the general election, exit polls showed.

'Crime-fighting' Italian populists pin national hopes on Sicily win

Bagheria - The unauthorised houses on Bagheria's beaches boast one of Sicily's most alluring views, but their fate has become a hot topic in an election overshadowed by the whiff of corruption.

Rescue boats recover 17 migrant bodies off Italy

Rome - Over 1,000 migrants were pulled to safety from rickety vessels in the Mediterranean Thursday by rescuers who also recovered 17 bodies, Italy's coastguard said.

Legendary metal of Atlantis found in Sicilian shipwreck

The legendary metal of Atlantis, orichalcum, has been found in a 2,600-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Sicily. Discovered near the shore in shallow water, it appears that the boat sank in a storm before it could dock at the ancient port of Gela.

Video: Prison inmates dance and get 'Happy Inside'

Enna - Prisoners in Sicily, Italy, decided to show the world that they too can smile and be happy, even if they are behind bars. You can watch them dance and generally perform to the Pharrell Williams song "Happy," and they actually do look the part!

Video: Mount Etna erupts with spectacular streams of lava

Catania - Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna, got active again this Sunday as it erupted with lava streaming down its sides and billowing smoke rising from its crater.

Holidaymakers made human chain to save migrants in Sicily

Syracuse - Beach-goers on Morghella beach in Syracuse, Sicily created a human chain into the sea to help save 160 boat migrants from Syria, after a swimmer alerted the coastguard to their plight.

Sicilian city of Catania hit by torrential rains and flooding

Catania - Catania in Sicily, Italy has been inundated by torrential rains on Friday, flooding the streets and causing traffic chaos.

Top Italian Mafia boss arrested in Thailand thanks to Facebook

Bangkok - Vito Roberto Palazzolo, 64, sentenced in absentia by an Italian court in 2009 to nine years in jail for being the treasurer of godfathers Toto' Riina and Bernardo Provenzano, was arrested in Thailand on March 30.

Italy's Mount Etna erupts

Europe's biggest volcano, situated in Sicily, an island at the southern tip of Italy, has erupted spewing lava and an ash cloud which is reaching 5,000 metres into the air.

Sicilian Mafia Members Arrested While Regrouping to Set Strategy for the Organization

This is about the raid conducted by the Italian Police on various places in Sicily which resulted in the arrest of about 90 people who are suspected to be members of the notorious Sicilian Mafia.

Sicily mayor offers bargain homes for a single euro

The Italian mayor of Sicily is offering abandoned homes in the town for just one euro ($1.44) each in order to revive the community in the town.

In Palermo, It Not What You Know How To Do, It's Who You Know

Residents of the city of Palermo in Sicily are now trying to figure out how it is now employing more than 100 bus drivers, none of whom actually hold a driving licence.

Minor Volcanic Eruption near Sicily

A normal occurance on the Sicillian island of Stromboli.

Volcanic Ash Closes Sicily Airport

Volcanic ash spewed from simmering Mount Etna on Friday, forcing the Authorities to close a nearby airport, officials said

The Charm Of Decaying Splendour: Baroque Cities In Sicily

Syracuse (dpa) - A dozen boys kicking a soccer ball around the cathedral square in Syracuse could not have picked a more spectacular backdrop for their game. Whether the cathedral itself, the town hall or one of the city's palaces, the eye is drawn to ...

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Refugee in Italy
Refugee in Italy
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Gangi  Sicily
Gangi, Sicily
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Beachgoers in Sicily formed a human chain to rescue Syrian migrants from a boat which ran aground.
Beachgoers in Sicily formed a human chain to rescue Syrian migrants from a boat which ran aground.
Sergio Cicala and 6 of his kidnappers
Sergio Cicala and 6 of his kidnappers
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Italy from space

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