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After 45 years, the Navajo Generating Station powers down

One of the nation’s largest coal plants permanently powered down this week after the owners determined it would be uneconomical to continue operating the facility as natural gas and renewable energy prices continue to drop.

Vending machines in Tokyo shut down for President Obama's visit

Tokyo - Just before the arrival of United States President Barack Obama, a number of ice cream and beverage vending machines were shut down in Tokyo. Reportedly, Japan is normally known as the kingdom of vending machines.

Video: Democracy Now! interviews Ladar Levison of Lavabit

The encrypted email service used by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden shut down abruptly last week. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed the owner of Lavabit to try and find out why.

Homophobic ministry, Exodus International, shuts down

Exodus International, a formerly homophobic ministry, claiming to 'cure homosexuality,' has had an apparent change of heart, closing down its operations in favor of a new mission: to bring a message of acceptance to all.

AOL Music shutting down? Staff tweets about layoffs

AOL Music may be shutting down and firing all its staff according to tweets made by some of its employees posted Friday (April 26).

Video: Italian miner slits wrist to protest mine closure

Cagliari - One of the Sardinian coal miners, barricaded underground in protest over the possible closure of the mine, slit his wrist live on TV during a press conference.

Occupy San Francisco plans shutdown of city's financial district

San Francisco - Being billed as the largest demonstration in San Francisco in a decade, Occupy San Francisco is preparing to unleash a massive street protest on Friday which could shut down the city’s financial district.

Op-Ed: A second look at U.S. government shutdowns

Politics that lead to government shutdowns will greatly influence future government interruptions resulting from Congress’s failure to enact within a certain time-frame, such as the October 1 deadline for FEMA funding.

San Francisco police shut down kids' lemonade stand

While shutting down dozens of Mexican ice cream vendors during Sunday's San Francisco Symphony concert in Dolores Park, police also put an end to a successful lemonade stand that kids were running.

General Motors to shut down Saturn brand

GM will discontinue its Saturn brand after deal with Penske fell through. Penske's board of directors rejected an initial agreement with GM that was reached in June.

Chrysler Canada assembly plants shut down

On Friday, Chrysler closed its Canadian assembly plants on a indefinite basis due to the company's bankruptcy protection filing the day before in the United States.

Craigslist founder has no plans to shut down erotic services

Despite the recent case where a woman was murdered after meeting someone on the popular website Craigslist, its founder says he has no plans to shut down the “erotic services” section of the website.

GM To Shut Down Most US Plants for 9 Weeks this Summer

Breaking News: It is being reported by AP that sources at General Motors are telling them the company is preparing to shut down most of its US plants for up to nine weeks this summer.

Wikipedia popularity forces Microsoft to kill Encarta

Microsoft said it plans to discontinue its Encarta encyclopedia by the end of 2009. The move comes after the company secretly admitted it's unable to compete with Wikipedia.

How to shut down a Windows PC instantly

Are you tired of your Windows computer taking forever to shut down? Then you should try the following Registry tweaks that will help you shut down your computer quickly. Some programs have a preset shut down time takes too long to shut down.

Escalating DoS attacks may 'shut down the Internet'

Denial-of-service attacks are now growing faster than bandwidth is being added to the Internet, at least according to VeriSign, the company that administers the .com domain...

North Korea Says Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor Shut Down

The first of the promised oil shipments have arrived in North Korea and the North Korean government has said it has shut down a nuclear reactor. North Korea will receive will receive 907,000 tonnes of oil if they continue to shut down reactors.

Dubai airport shuts down after plane accident

Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane aborted its take-off on the runway for which the Dubai international airport was forced to close for more than seven hours.

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Occupy San Francisco.
Occupy San Francisco.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station as of February 2014.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station as of February 2014.
Z22 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Hazelwood shutting down Unit 1 for the last time on the 29th of March  2017. The thick plume of smok...
Hazelwood shutting down Unit 1 for the last time on the 29th of March, 2017. The thick plume of smoke is caused by a combination of the electrostatic precipitators switching off automatically during the shut down to eliminate the risk of them igniting, and what's left of the auxiliary fuel (briquettes) stored on site being fed into the boiler to empty their stores.

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