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Man snapping photo of his first snowfall shot dead in Dallas

Dallas - Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, recently moved to Dallas from Iraq, and he was fatally shot while he was taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever seen.

Canada: Soldier shot, killed at National War Memorial in Ottawa

An attack on the Canadian government has shocked the nation as a soldier has been reportedly shot while standing guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. The soldier reportedly died while in hospital [UPDATED]

St. Louis police allegedly shoot another African American suspect

St Louis - A cell phone video has emerged showing St. Louis police allegedly shooting an African American male in broad daylight after he stole two sodas from a local store.

Man walks to hospital after getting shot in the head

Mount Vernon - A man was driving a Dodge Challenger in Mount Vernon, New York, when he was shot in the head and ended up crashing into a house.

Man returns home from jog, realize he's been shot

Stockton - A man from Stockton, California, went for an evening jog. Only upon returning home, he suddenly realized that he had been shot.

Elk vs photographer encounter draws NPS death sentence (video)

It happened in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A photographer was taking shots at sunrise in the Cataloochee Valley when a bold young bull elk started sniffing his camera. The whole thing was caught on video, which led to the elk's death.

Former NY Giants running back, Jermaine Green, shot in Florida

Daytona Beach - Florida police released a video showing cops shooting Jermaine Green 32, and a former New York Giants running back, as he was holding a knife to the chest of his girlfriend.

11-year-old boy shot in Madrid by 'sleep-deprived' neighbor

Madrid - A young boy is in a critical condition in hospital, after a 30-year-old neighbor in the San Blas district of Madrid shot him for "not letting him sleep."

Video: Brazilian rapper MC Daleste shot on stage while performing

Campinas - Brazilian rapper MC Daleste was shot in the abdomen Saturday night during a performance in Campinas, Brazil. He died early Sunday after being taken to a nearby hospital.

Op-Ed: Gas station robber gets shot in the back while running off

A robbery occurs in a Brazilian gas station. The robber seems to be getting away with it until an off duty policeman shows up out of nowhere like a ninja. The policeman takes a shot at the robber. Could injuries have been avoided?

South Florida girl, 4, shot dead

Miami Beach - Police in South Florida are investigating the death of a four-year-old girl, who died after being shot inside a car on Saturday night.

CCTV: Man fires shots into Philadelphia Chinese store, wounds 3

Philadelphia - CCTV security cameras caught the action as a man fired his gun into a Chinese food store in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, wounding three people.

Nevada man Rick Dyer claims to have shot Bigfoot in San Antonio

San Antonio - A Nevada man Rick Dyer claims he has shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. But his claim has only raised an angry uproar among fans of the legendary humanoid who say it is hoax.

Man shot dead after updating Facebook he was about to be shot

Mount Pleasant - While it might sound like he was psychic, there is more to the story. Seems this was his way of saying goodbye to his friends in a Facebook status update after committing a couple of crimes.

4 women shot dead in Tulsa apartment

Tulsa - Four women were found shot to death in the same Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment on Monday, bringing the city's 2013 homicide total to six.

Boxer Héctor Camacho dies days after being shot in face

San Juan - With a population of less than 4 million, Puerto Rico has produced an extraordinary number of world class boxers, none more accomplished than the flamboyant Héctor Camacho.

Orangutan shot more than 100 times makes miraculous recovery

Jakarta - Rescue workers are fighting to save the life of an orangutan called Aan, hit more than 100 times by pellets from an air rifle. Aan is making miraculous recovery after she sustained serious injuries in an attack in which she was shot several times.

Teenage prank lands boy, 15, in critical condition

Tuscumbia - An Alabama teen remains in critical condition in an Alabama hospital after a friend shot him in the head during a "prank".

Man shot after police pursuit in Redfern, Australia Special

Sydney - A man fled into an eight-story public housing building where a scuffle took place. The police officer’s wrist was broken and the 29-year old man was shot in the lower leg or foot. Although not yet confirmed, he is believed to be Aboriginal.

1st woman of Navy Air & Sea Rescue Team shot by Sheriff’s Deputy

San Diego - A San Diego deputy has accidentally shot retired Jennifer Orey, 1st woman admitted to the Navy Air & Sea Rescue Team. The sheriff's department was looking for a suspicious-looking masked man in Orey's backyard when the veteran woman was shot in the chest.

Joshua Seto shoots himself in the penis with a pink handgun

Chandler - Joshua Seto was borrowing his fiancee's small, pink pistol when he accidentally shot himself in the penis with it. The shot went through his penis and into his left thigh.

Somali comedian who mocked Islamists is shot dead

A comedian, Abdi Jeylani Marshale, is said to have been shot in the chest and the head as he was leaving a radio station located in Mogadishu.

Woman accused of adultery publicly executed in Afghanistan

A man believed to be a member of the Taliban shot and killed a woman accused of adultery in front of a cheering crowd near the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Teen shot himself during online chat to 'test manhood'

On early Wednesday a teen shot himself right in the head by accident. The incident took place during a chat right on webcam.

8 people shot at Toronto's Eaton Centre, 1 confirmed dead

Toronto - Toronto police have confirmed 8 people have been shot at the lower food court at Toronto's Eaton Centre. One victim was pronounced dead on scene, two are critical and one has life-threatening injuries. The shooter is still at large.

Marine Veteran Shot in Robbery, Uses Fingers to Plug his Wounds

A Marine veteran, recently returned home to Miramar, Florida from a tour of duty in Iraq, was shot 5 times in a jewelry robbery. Using his military training, he saved his life by plugging the bullet wounds with his fingers.

Los Angeles reporter shot with BB gun on live TV (video)

Los Angeles - Leanne Suter, a reporter for KABC-TV 7 News in Los Angeles, was struck in the hand by a pellet from a BB gun over the weekend during a live weather report.

Man shot by sheriff in Centralia, Washington Special

A routine traffic stop in Centralia, Washington leaves a man shot in the chest. He was taken away to Providence Centralia hospital in an ambulance.

The luckiest tennis shot in history?

Paris - The French Open has already been packed full of twists and turns, but perhaps none as lucky as what you're about to see!

Dog survives being shot and buried alive

A dog who was shot and then buried alive in Malta is now recovering, and there have been enquiries from people around the world who are interested in adopting her.
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Angelina Jolie in  Salt
Angelina Jolie in 'Salt'
EMT Jason Green  outside court in January  was shot and killed outside a Manhattan nightclub early S...
EMT Jason Green, outside court in January, was shot and killed outside a Manhattan nightclub early Sunday.
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A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
Nicolas Mockford  an ExxonMobile executive killed by a gunman
Nicolas Mockford, an ExxonMobile executive killed by a gunman
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Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health Promotion and Protection receiving her flu shot.
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