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Moscow bulldozes 100 'illegal' shops

Moscow - Moscow city authorities early Tuesday bulldozed some 100 buildings housing small shops and cafes which they said violated municipal law, putting thousands of people out of work.

Black Friday crowds smaller, calmer in stores across the country

New York - Smaller crowds and fewer unruly bargain-hunters made the start of the holiday shopping season seem almost civilized, reports from around the country appear to indicate.

Give your loved ones and yourself a holiday gift with Reveli Commissioned

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shopping season is upon us, and once again, millions of Americans will reach into their wallets for their credit cards.

Op-Ed: Plastic bag use rises in Britain for eighth year running Special

London Colney - The British population’s love affair with plastic bags shows no sign of abating. Unlike most countries around the world, the U.K. continues to use more and more plastic shopping bags.

Facebook working on a shopping assistant dubbed 'Moneypenny'

Facebook is apparently working on creating its own digital assistant. Unlike Siri, Cortana or anything else, "Moneypenny" will not be focused on productivity but rather something else entirely: shopping.

Sugar, flour, rice: Panicked Greeks stock up on essentials

Atenas - Greeks were hoarding cash and food Saturday amid mounting fears the economy could collapse, cracking open their wallets only to stock up on essentials and stripping supermarket shelves in the process.

Amazon's reviews system is now intelligent and able to learn

Amazon has launched a refreshed reviews and ratings system which will make the overall customer consensus on a product clearer. The intelligent system will be able to give ratings priority depending on certain factors, creating a better average.

Technology has killed the classic jewelry store

Online shopping and the demand for high tech gadgets has replaced the need of new and existing jewelry stores. While not yet completely gone, jewelry stores could soon become a thing of the past.

Google's 'buy buttons'will let you shop from search results

Google is reportedly testing new "buy buttons" that would sit alongside adverts in its usual search results and allow you to order products without leaving the page. The payment would be handled entirely by Google using stored card information.

Here's how companies really resist negative comments online

With news stories freely accessible to read online all the time, consumers can easily learn about all the latest events at companies. But what if the latest isn't actually very positive?

Nearly all consumers don't feel safe with new domains

A new survey of 10,000 people has found that the vast majority are not comfortable with the new top-level domain names now available to use online. Many have concerns about how safe the new domains are and what content they are used for.

High school basketball star goes to prom with Down syndrome girl

A star of a Kentucky school's basketball team has asked a girl with Down syndrome to be his prom date, proposing to her with a sign and bunch of flowers that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl's favourite singer. The news has since gone viral online.

Christmas day sales to hit $690k a minute online

A new study has shown that rather than taking part in the festivities or helping with the cooking this Christmas, many will be taking to their phones to participate in an online shopping frenzy as the sales open throughout the big day.

Sears Canada names new acting-CEO

Sears Canada Inc. named Ronald Boire of the American-based Sears Holding to replace Douglas Campbell as acting president and CEO. This is not the first time that the Canadian-based company has recruited from its American partner.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Op-Ed: Money-saving tips for back to school

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer, and of course, also back to school season. While school supply lists seem to grow, there are smart ways to save money on back to school shopping, especially on and just after the Labor Day weekend.

Luxury U.S. retailers court Canadian consumers

After years of being left out in the cold, Canadian consumers of upscale brands will now see big changes. Luxury retail is making its way north in a move to boost bottom lines and satiate a hungry market.

Kildonan Place undergoes rarely seen ownership change

In a move to help strengthen alternative investments in its retail portfolio, Ivanhoe Cambridge announced the sale of Kildonan Place to H&R Real Estate Investment Trust.

Luxury retailers drive Canadian mall expansions

The Canadian market continues to exhibit strong interest in luxury retail, indicated by an explosion of renovations projects to expand on existing shopping malls.

UK supermarkets lose battle with German chains

Aldi and Lidl are the winners of the British supermarket industry this year. Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco are losing ground.

Car shoppers embracing the online age

According to a new report published Tuesday, a rapidly expanding number of car buyers are now finding great deals just by shopping exclusively on the Internet.

American Eagle to close 150 stores after disappointing 1Q

American Eagle Outfitters, the clothing company known for their polo shirts and popularity among teens, will close 150 stores over the next three years.

Inside the rise of online shopping Commissioned

Over the last three decades, the world has seen a major shift in how it shops. As home computers have become more affordable and access to the Internet simplified, more people have discovered the convenience of online shopping.

Japan shoppers see first sales tax rise in 17 years

Tokyo - The price of everything from beer and sushi to cars and dishwashers will rise across Japan Tuesday as shoppers are greeted by the first sales tax rise in 17 years, which has prompted fears of a drop in consumer spending.

Japan shoppers brace for tax hike after years of deflation

Tokyo - Japan is bracing for its first sales tax rise in years, with last minute shoppers buying up a host of goods from gold to ice cream, as the government tries to tackle its crushing national debt.

Japan shoppers splash out the yen before tax rise

Tokyo - Tokyo resident Reiko Oguma is splashing out the yen in a last-minute buying spree as she and millions of Japanese shoppers brace for the country's first sales tax hike since the late 1990s.Oguma, a forty-something housewife, reckoned there was no time ...

Twitter begins not-so-quietly hiring for its commerce platform

As rumors continued to circulate on Twitter's plans for a commerce service, the company has begun quietly seeking staff to help market its new platform.

Wal-Mart planning mass expansion in Northern neighbour Canada

American discount shopping chain Wal-Mart is planning a massive expansion in Canada, having announced plans to build more than 30 stores.

German couple chained their teen to the floor while shopping

Yes, you heard right. A German couple are currently under investigation for allegedly chaining a 13-year-old boy to the floor while they went out shopping. They didn't want him leaving the house to meet unapproved friends while they were away.

Men don't always behave badly

Contrary to what many women believe, men aren’t actually like Al Bundy — they don’t actually hate shopping and they don’t prefer to hang out in nudie bars, forsaking time with their families — according to an online poll.
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Shopping Image

People shopping at the International Horse Show at Olympia.
People shopping at the International Horse Show at Olympia.
ProCuffs logo
ProCuffs logo
ProCuffs logo
A woman shopping online
A woman shopping online
By Flickr user Pete
Build a Bear at Cool Springs Galleria
Build a Bear at Cool Springs Galleria
Looking east over the main streets of Nazareth.
Looking east over the main streets of Nazareth.
Christmas shopping 2012
Christmas shopping 2012
A selection of clothing from the Japanese menswear company Fatyo  who offers sizing in  titch    ski...
A selection of clothing from the Japanese menswear company Fatyo, who offers sizing in "titch," "skinny," "fat," and "jumbo," offending North American women everywhere.
A resident of Nazareth has decked out their house.
A resident of Nazareth has decked out their house.
Enjoying the holiday season
Enjoying the holiday season
Via Revelie
A Christmas tree on display at the front of this house in Ashbury  Sydney - every Christmas most hou...
A Christmas tree on display at the front of this house in Ashbury, Sydney - every Christmas most houses in the area of Second and Third Street put on a spectacular Christmas lights display by decorating their houses.
Christmas trees were for sale at this place along the Pacific Highway.
Christmas trees were for sale at this place along the Pacific Highway.
Macy s
New York: Macy's
A Target store
A Target store
Ron Dauphin
Window shopping in Nazareth.
Window shopping in Nazareth.
A woman shopping in Manhattan
A woman shopping in Manhattan
Ed Yourdon
TJ Hughes department store in Liverpool  England
TJ Hughes department store in Liverpool, England
The NorthPark centre mall in Dallas
The NorthPark centre mall in Dallas
Wii no Ma Shopping
Wii no Ma Shopping
Video sceengrab
Another view of Eindhoven. Some fountains gurgle upwards  close to the entrance to the main shopping...
Another view of Eindhoven. Some fountains gurgle upwards, close to the entrance to the main shopping center.
Macy s at the corner of State and Washington streets.  Chicago  IL
Macy's at the corner of State and Washington streets. Chicago, IL