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Kroger follows Walmart's lead in banning open-carry in stores

Kroger followed Walmart’s lead Tuesday in banning customers from openly carrying weapons in its stores even in states that allow it, a spokeswoman said.

8chan founder hopes El Paso shooting 'final nail in coffin'

Manila - The American creator of the 8chan website linked to deadly US mass shootings said Tuesday he hoped the El Paso carnage would be the "final nail in the coffin" for the forum, which he accused of harbouring "domestic terrorists".

Weekend gun-violence in Chicago leaves 7 dead and 44 injured

Chicago - In a weekend marred by mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, Chicago registered its own weekend of gun-violence chaos, with more than four dozen people gunned down, at least seven fatally, in various shootings around the city.

Poor fourth-quarter earning keep gun stocks down

After a mass shooting in the U.S., there is always a call for more gun control, resulting in the NRA seeing a surge in membership, along with increased gun sales. But gun manufacturers are now posting losses as gun stocks plunge. Something has changed.

Venezuela protest deaths rise to 72 after two killed

Caracas - Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday during anti-government demonstrations in separate regions of Venezuela, bringing the total deaths in more than two months of protests to 72, officials said.

A person is shot by a toddler each week in U.S.

Toddlers have shot, on average, on person each week during the course of 2015 and 2016, according to newly reported statistics.

Los Angeles police defend weekend fatal shootings of black men

Los Angeles - Los Angeles police chief Charlie Beck defended the actions of officers involved in two fatal shootings of black men over the weekend that touched off protests and raised tensions.

Review: DJ Tony Moran soars on new song 'High,' helps Orlando victims Special

Orlando - DJ Tony Moran tugs at the heart on a remake of "High," where he collaborates with dance queens Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya.

Chicago releases videos of police shootings

Washington - It's a scene that could have come straight out of a Hollywood action movie: a video of a minivan suddenly careening backwards at high speed. It almost collides with a group of police officers, who draw their guns and shoot.

President considers tightening gun control laws without Congress

Washington - President Barack Obama plans to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday to devise strategies for tightening gun control without the help of ideologically deadlocked U.S. lawmakers.

Op-Ed: Toddlers shoot more Americans than Muslim terrorists

San Francisco - The recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris, France have rekindled long-simmering Islamophobia and xenophobia among many Americans, including political leaders from both major parties who now want to shut the door on Syrian refugees fleeing civil war.

Arizona on alert over sniper freeway shootings

Los Angeles - Police in Arizona are on alert following a spate of shootings targeting motorists on a busy freeway, with officials describing the attacks as "domestic terrorism.

Two killed in Sweden gang-related pub shooting

Gothenburg - Two men were killed and more than 10 were wounded after gunmen burst into a pub firing automatic weapons in a suspected gang-related attack in the Swedish city of Gothenburg late Wednesday.

Disgruntled employee shoots CEO and himself over demotion

Chicago - Employees at ArrowStream were "shocked" after finding out that two high-ranking members of their staff were in a struggle over a gun which left one dead and the other in emergency care.

Gunman who shot 6 people in Calif. was under psychiatric care

A gunman killed at least six people and wounded an additional seven more in a series of drive-by shootings late Friday night in the California college town of Santa Barbara. The gunman, now dead, was being treated by multiple therapists.

Four die in Fort Hood shooting

Killeen - At least four people were killed and several wounded Wednesday at Fort Hood Army base in Texas when a soldier allegedly opened fire near the facility's medical center.

Op-Ed: The right to have and bear arms

There are few things that incite more passion than the debate around gun control. The tragic shooting at Columbia Mall, has thrust the conversation into the headlines and legislature once more.

Op-Ed: The answer to mass shootings: There is none

The media and society in general have for years now been searching for a reason. A reason for the violence, which appears to be unpredictable. That's because it is.

Op-Ed: The people's teeth: why guns are a necessary evil

Here is a concise commentary on the core beliefs of gun rights advocates. Hopefully this will clear up some of the misconceptions, and replace them with logical and reasonable truths, all of which point to guns being a necessary evil.

Austrian gunman shoots three officers and an emergency worker

Melk - Three police officers and one emergency worker were killed before the attacker barricaded himself in a farm house. The standoff is ongoing.

6-month-old girl shot in Chicago drive-by dies

Chicago - A 6-month-old infant who was shot along with her father on Chicago's South Side on Monday has died of her injuries in a local hospital.

Sandy Hook students and staff will head back to school Thursday

Newtown - Students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School will resume classes on Thursday since last month's last shootings that claimed 28 lives, including the perpetrator.

Toronto's Galloway Boys linked to Danzig murders

Toronto - Toronto Police said today that one gang is behind the murder of D'Mitre Barnaby, the murders at a Danzig Street BBQ and several shootings in the past six months.

Batman makes $30.6 million at midnight; will studio pull film?

FINAL UPDATE: Actuals released and before the shootings, studios were looking at up to $175 million, but truth is, event did not keep people home. Box office total is $160.8 million and third best opening ever. And the best 2D opening ever.

Toronto journalist blames gun violence on absentee black fathers

Toronto - Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein wrote today, "Kids growing up in poverty without dads are the single greatest future recruitment mechanism for the gangs." He believes "black men impregnate as many willing women as they can."

U. of Alberta 'person of interest' knew shooting victims [update]

Edmonton - At least three people have been reported dead and one is in critical condition after a failed armed robbery attempt at the University of Alberta. All four victims were employees of G4S Security, the world's largest security company.

Gunman, kills self and 5 others in shooting

Seattle - On Wednesday, a suspect walked into a café near the university district of Seattle and shot five people. Later that day, in what police believed to be a separate incident, a woman was shot and killed as her SUV was stolen.

Suspects arrested in Oklahoma killings

Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma authorities have made a pair of arrests in the case involving three deaths and two injuries by gunfire today.

Four students wounded in Ohio school shooting

Cleveland - The parents of Chardon High School students had their worst nightmare come to life as five students were wounded in a shooting at the school Monday morning.

Violence in the streets ring in 2012 in Toronto

Toronto - The clock had barely started into the new year in Toronto when police sirens could be heard across the city racing from one act of violence to the next. One murder and several shooting or stabbing victims were rushed to hospital throughout the night.
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Shootings Image

Still photo rom YouTube video of the alleged suspect in shootings on Friday night. ( May 24 ...
Still photo rom YouTube video of the alleged suspect in shootings on Friday night. ( May 24,2014
BMW crashed in Isla Vista neighborhood after law enforcement returned gunfire.
BMW crashed in Isla Vista neighborhood after law enforcement returned gunfire.
A shooting occurred on Tuesday at Lone Star College in Houston.
A shooting occurred on Tuesday at Lone Star College in Houston.
KHOU 11 screen grab
 Pick a street  any street in Chicago.  This shooting took place on Dec. 17  2014 near 79th and Clyd...
"Pick a street, any street in Chicago." This shooting took place on Dec. 17, 2014 near 79th and Clyde Street.
An array of hand guns.
An array of hand guns.
Jushua Sheam
McClemore Arms  where the fatal shootings occurred  near Picayune  Mississippi.
McClemore Arms, where the fatal shootings occurred, near Picayune, Mississippi.
YouTube screen grab Wochit News
The city of Chicago  which has seen a spike in homicides.
The city of Chicago, which has seen a spike in homicides.
Daniel Schwen

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