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Trump threatens to shoot migrants who throw stones at US military

Washington - President Donald Trump on Thursday warned that soldiers deployed to the Mexican border could shoot Central American migrants who throw stones at them while attempting to cross illegally.

Habit forming: Leafs tame Sabres in fourth consecutive shootout Special

Toronto - Contrary to the Buffalo Sabres, who had won three of their last four games, The Toronto Maple Leafs headed into the Christmas holidays in a bit of a slump.

Miss Universe may face fine in India for Taj Mahal shoot

Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, of the United States, is in hot water and may face charges and a fine for a photo shoot before the Taj Mahal in India.

Hawthorne police shoot Leon Rosby's Rottweiler dog Max dead (Vid)

Hawthorne police were caught on video shooting and killing a Rottweiler called Max while they were arresting his owner Leon Rosby. The police department has received hundreds of angry emails and calls after the video was uploaded to Reddit on June 30.

Shark dies after Kmart commercial shoot In Van Nuys pool

Van Nuys - Kmart and the American Humane Association (AHA) might have bit off more than it could chew, following allegations of animal mistreatment during a shoot.

Cops shoot dogs in front of Philadelphia high school

Philadelphia - When a stray dog got into a pickup truck at a red light outside the high school in Chester, Pa, a fight ensued. Police officers responding to a call about the dog fight opened fire and shot the dogs five times with a pistol and once with a shotgun.

Photo: Man pulls gun on NYC cab driver, shoots him three times

New York - A gunman wearing a hoodie was caught on security camera moments before he shot Raphael Martinez, 54, a livery-cab driver early on Sunday morning in the Bronx area of New York.

Audio: 'Shoot him!' Georgia husband coaches wife to kill invader

Loganville - Police have released the audio of a 911 call made during a home invasion in Georgia in which Donnie Herman, husband of Melinda Herman, coaches his wife, urging her to shoot the intruder.

Houston police shoot and kill double amputee armed with a pen

Houston - A Houston police officer shot and killed a man in a wheelchair, missing an arm and a leg, when he allegedly threatened people with a pen.

Two in Florida claim they seek right to shoot illegal voters

The source of this story suggests now the two men in the midst of it were pulling a hoax, as the article below and the original source noted may be the case. it is unknown who the men really were.

Teen shot himself during online chat to 'test manhood'

On early Wednesday a teen shot himself right in the head by accident. The incident took place during a chat right on webcam.

Bono stirs up anger with remarks about song

Irish pop star Bono has upset some people with remarks he made about a South African song which includes words which translate as "shoot the farmer."

Assistant principal shot dead by Omaha teen

Omaha - A 17-year-old boy shot and killed the assistant principal, Vicki Kaspar, as well as himself afterwards. He also wounded Principal Curtis Case and caused chaos and panic within the Omaha high school.

Sheriff's deputy fires shots at robbery victim

A liquor store clerk who had just been held up by a gunman might have thought he was safe when the robbers left, but then a sheriff's deputy arrived and fired shots at him.

Mozambique police shoot into crowds during food riots

Maputo - Police have fired on rioting mobs in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, killing six and wounding 16 as youths threw stones burned tires and looted shops.

New Year's warnings not to shoot guns in the air go unheeded

Every year, authorities in an around Los Angeles warn New Year’s Eve revelers not to fire guns in the air to welcome in the new year. Every year the warnings go unheeded.

Chinese man sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing tiger

A man living in Yunan Province in Southwestern China has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting and eating a rare Indo-Chinese tiger.

Lady Plays With Pit Bull, Texas Cop Shoots Them Both

A lady was playing with her neighbor's pit bull, as she often does. An overzealous La Marque, Texas cop thought she was being attacked and shot the dog and shot her in the chest.

NASA: Moon's south pole to be bombed on friday

If everything goes as planned, NASA's Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission will crash a rocket and a spacecraft into the Moon's south pole. The mission's objective is to determine whether or not there is water on the Moon.

Secret files reveal U.S. pilot ordered to shoot down UFO

The British defense ministry released files to the National Archives of London recently. Those files reveal dozens of UFO sightings including one shoot-down order from the military.

Shoot Out With Tommy Gun Leads to One Man Hospitalized

A man with a classic tommy gun gets into a shoot out with police responding to a domestic dispute call. They were warned he had a gun, but they were surprised to find out what kind.

Police shoot and kill two actors playing bank robbers in a movie

Angola police shot dead two actors who were playing the role of bank robbers in a movie. The police mistook them as real robbers after they noticed guns and ammunition.

Cheney Loves to Shoot Tame, Pen-Raised Birds

Vice President Dick Cheney's shootings don't stop at elderly attorneys. It seems he has a bloodthirsty hobby, shooting scads of tame, pen-raised birds which have no way to escape.

Samsung S850

Some sites will glorify a particular digital camera because they could be getting a kickback of some sorts. Other than getting the specs from the box, I wonder if the camera was actually used or tested.

Taxi driver is shot in city shooting

Taxi driver shot to death in a city shooting in the UK.

Shotguns still used to euthanize unwanted pets in northern Ontario town

A local woman founded Chapleau Rescue Ring to stop town's practice of shooting unwanted dogs.

The Incredible Hulk to Shoot in Toronto

Reports that Marvel Studios has chosen Toronto as a principal photography location for The Incredible Hulk, to be directed by Louis Leterrier ("The Transporter" films, Unleashed)

Police Shoot And Kill Man In Parkville Standoff

Police shot and killed a man early Sunday after he emerged from a standoff and fired shots from a rifle, a spokesman for the Baltimore County police said.

Minigun shoot out mayhem / shoot the dillon

DefenseReview first mentioned the Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun a.k.a. M134D MiniGun in our September 2005 article on the BSC AGSS II helicopter gunner simulator, after we saw both systems (M134D and AGSS II) at International SOF Week/APBI 2005 in June...
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