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Video shows what the extra shoelace hole on your shoes is for

A few weeks ago a video surfaced, and it showed people what the extra shoelace hole on their shoes was for, which is to prevent blisters.

Op-Ed: He left a Hollywood life to become a shoe repair man Special

Sonoma - Some of the most interesting lives can be hidden in ordinary places. Such is the situation of a small business owner who left the excitement of the Rodeo Drive scene in Hollywood to take over the family business.

Why Skechers could be Nike's biggest threat

Thanks to some recent investments, Skechers is now one of the hottest shoe companies in America. It's also one of the most underrated, according to a recent report by Morgan Stanley.

Socks with sandals making news as funky new fashion statement

The freewheeling comfy charm is being made unique as men and women embrace wearing distinctively designed and colorful socks with their sandals to make an even more pronounced fashion statement.

Converse files suit over infringement of Chuck Taylor shoes

Brooklyn - United States shoemaker Converse has filed suit against more than two dozen companies alleging those businesses have copied the design of the popular Chuck Taylor shoe.

Stainless steel shoes literally and figuratively armor your feet

A new line of shoes called "Paleo(s) Ultra" is out from the German manufacturer Gost-Barefoot. These shoes are supposed to be "nearly indestructible" and made to be used in the toughest conditions.

Vans teams with ASPCA to fight animal cruelty

Vans has teamed with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to help spread the word that animals deserve respect and protection from abuse. Vans hopes to raise awareness and get more people active in this effort.

Op-Ed: Most unique sites for online shoe shopping

Buying anything online can be troublesome because you really can’t try out the item and guarantee it is what you want. Match that with the shipping cost and return policies, and you have a less than pleasant shopping experience.

Google unveils motivational talking trainer shoes

Google has unveiled a new pair of motivational talking trainers which announce "this is super boring" if the wearer is sitting around too long.

10 hour customer service call sets record

Las Vegas - Good customer service can sometimes be hard to find, and one Zappos customer put the companies motto of "Powered by Service" to the test.

Video: Dog less than pleased with new fashion statement

In this day in age, it is not unusual to see pets sporting fashionable apparel, in fact the pet fashion industry has become big business in some areas.

Are GPS shoes the footwear trend of the future?

A London-based developer has created a pair of GPS-enabled shoes that will guide a walker to his or her next destination.

World’s longest catwalk with ECCO shoes Special

Sydney - An event was held this morning, at Darling Harbour, Sydney, in order to beat the world record for the longest catwalk. Revered author and writer Mia Freedman hosted the chic, fashionable extravaganza.

Feel like Jane Bond with new Double Agent Shoes

Ladies, no more are the days of going to the club and having to shove your cash and credit cards down your bra. Instead we can now store our going out essentials in a handy compartment located in the heel of a stylish wedge shoe.

Sneaker causes riot in Florida, then on eBay with bid of $99,100

Orlando - More than 100 Orlando riot police officers wielding batons and shields, were called to the Florida Mall Foot Locker Thursday to break up a large crowd waiting for the midnight, first-come first-serve release of Nike's latest limited edition sneaker.

Smugglers molded cocaine into Manolo shoes

A two-year international trafficking caper has finally come to an end this week. These smugglers found a completely different way to smuggle drugs into the country.

The economics of fashion Special

Can a belt or a pair of heels be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Can it be tailor-made, of high quality and affordable?

Protesters throw eggs and shoes at former PM Tony Blair?

Dublin - Protesters threw eggs and shoes at former PM Tony Blair during a book-signing in Dublin, according to media reports. The anti-war activists chanted slogans and held up placards accusing Blair of having blood on his hands.

UK protesters attack Pakistan President Asif Zardari with shoes

Birmingham - Since an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at United States President George W. Bush, shoe-attacks have become quite popular all over the world to symbolize dissent against the establishment.

Berlin Vital Spring expo focuses on fitness, health Special

Berlin - The Berlin Vital Spring 2010 Expo will take place at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport beginning March 25 and will run until March 27. The trade show is dedicated to fitness, sport and well-being.

Korean Man Steals 1700 Pairs of Shoes

Seoul - His collection would shame even the most fashion conscious of people, boasting 1700 pairs of stolen shoes sorted neatly into brand and sizes. 59-year-old, Park, is believed to have stolen the shoes from out the front of funeral homes and hospitals.

Barefoot running: researchers look into going shoeless

Barefoot runners of the past may have ran more effectively than the modern runner. In fact, Harvard scientists believe that barefoot runners, who land on the front of their feet, as opposed to "heel strikers", are less prone to injury.

The rubber in your shoes could power your electrical gadgets

A team of engineers at Princeton has developed energy-harvesting rubber chips that could harness natural body movements like walking and breathing to power electrical devices.

LAPD to give 10,000 pairs of confiscated shoes to homeless

Starting on Monday officers of the Los Angeles Police Department will hand out 10,000 pairs of confiscated, counterfeit athletic shoes to homeless shelters around the city.

Burger King no shoes policy carried too far

Jennifer Frederich was asked to leave a Burger King restaurant in Sunset Hill, Mo. unless she put shoes on her six- month-old baby.

Buster Brown clog children’s shoes recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Buster Brown & Co.have announced a voluntary recall. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Darwin ‘liked expensive shoes’

The famous biologist Charles Darwin spent more money on expensive shoes than he did on books during his time as a student.

Shoe Sales Skyrocket Following Assault on President

The answer: Model 271 Brogues, shoes for men. The question: What is the hot must-have item throughout Arab countries this holiday season?

Op-Ed: Another Black Eye For the Bush Administration

President Bush may have dodged an attack by incoming shoes during last weekend’s now infamous Iraq press conference, but it seems White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was somewhat less fortunate.

Crocs: The Fashion Trend That Isn’t Getting Captured and Killed Anytime Soon

We’ve all seen them and frankly, some observers would rather turn a blind eye. But despite hate reviews, the fashion footwear has survived. What’s more? They are thriving and expanding with a new high-heeled version of the shoe now on the market.
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Shoes Image

A six-year-old wearing Skechers shoes
A six-year-old wearing Skechers shoes
Gaby Av
When autumn leaves are flying  it s sometimes surprising what the forest floor may give up.
When autumn leaves are flying, it's sometimes surprising what the forest floor may give up.
Yinan Chen
Turkish shoe maker
Turkish shoe maker
Shoe decorations from the Hochdorf Chieftain s grave  found in the same area as the Heuneburg.
Shoe decorations from the Hochdorf Chieftain's grave, found in the same area as the Heuneburg.
Cheryl Cole s new shoes on a display rack in a chic Parisian shoe sho...umm  I mean boutique
Cheryl Cole's new shoes on a display rack in a chic Parisian shoe sho...umm, I mean boutique
Otzburg on Flick'r
Flip flops
Flip flops
Photo by Speaking Latino
Marathon runners in Paris
Marathon runners in Paris
Josiah Mackenzie
Double Agent Shoes: Every pair of shoes opens up on the very back of the heel to reveal a hidden com...
Double Agent Shoes: Every pair of shoes opens up on the very back of the heel to reveal a hidden compartment
Bellona Fashions, Inc.
Imelda Marcos  shoes
Imelda Marcos' shoes
High heel shoes
High heel shoes
EraPhernalia Vintage
Vans releases dog and cat themed items to support the ASPCA
Vans releases dog and cat themed items to support the ASPCA

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