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Is it a ship or iceberg — Can you decide from space?

The Centre for Cold Ocean Resource Engineering (C-CORE) and Norwegian energy company Statoil have launched a competition to find a more effective method of spotting icebergs that pose a risk to ships and infrastructure.

Pollution abatement technology extended to Asia Pacific

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., the U.S. environmental, pollution abatement and energy solutions company has initiated projects in Asia aimed at reducing environmental pollution from shipping.

Japan to operate self-navigating cargo ships soon

Tokyo - Developments with autonomous vehicles are set to become much bigger with Japan planning to have gigantic self-navigating cargo ships on the oceans by 2025.

Russian warship fires shots to 'avoid collision' with Turkey boat

Moscow - A Russian destroyer in the Aegean Sea on Sunday opened fire to avoid a collision with a Turkish fishing boat, the defence ministry said, as a bitter dispute over the shooting down of a Russian warplane raged on.

Google barge becomes Google garbage

"Google barges" was a large ship event meant to float about and showcase projects such as Google Glass. Now one boat was bought by an unknown owner and is allegedly being turned into scrap.

Russia uses holiday to remind world of 'nuclear potential'

Severodvinsk - Amid increased criticism, escalating sanctions and pending lawsuits, Russian President Vladimir Putin used a national holiday to launch two new nuclear submarines and reminded the world that Russia is more than capable of using nuclear weapons.

Photo Essay: Picnic along the Welland Canal Special

A favorite family picnic place is at any of the 8 locks on the Welland Canal to watch how the engineering marvel moves large commercial lakers and small pleasure craft up 326 meters across the Niagara Escarpment between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

U.S. science fleet in decline

Without additional investment, the U.S. oceanographic fleet could shrink to a third of its current size over the next 20 years, scientists warn.

133-year-old ship found in Lake Huron, wrecked in 1910

A steamer that had been lost in Lake Huron a century ago has been located. The ship was recently found after two years of searching by an organization.

Welcome aboard the ships of discovery: The Niña and the Pinta Special

Little Rock - Replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships, the Niña and the Pinta, are touring America for the purpose of educating the public about these "caravel" vessels used in the discovery of the new world.

Iran sends ships through Suez Canal for first time in 30 years

Through an agreement that came as a result of the Egyptian uprising against Hosni Mubarak, Iran has sent two of its ships through the Suez Canal to Syria. The voyage was described as a training mission.

Philippines hit by 99 disasters during first half of the year

Almost a hundred disasters have hit the Philippines during the first half of the year affecting about 600,000 families according to Citizens Disasters Response Center (CDRC).

Distress call saved crew of cargo ship off Philippine coast

Three crew members of a cargo ship were rescued after a distress call was received by authorities off Philippine coast. The rescued crew includes the ship captain and two crew members. One dead body was recovered by the rescue team.

Russia demands total technology transfer for warship deal

In a move that may well anger Washington, Russia insists on French agreement to a full technology transfer before signing a contract for two French-designed warships. Russia wants to construct more of the ships in Russia in the future.

New ship on its way to break Gaza blockade

Dublin - Another ship, the cargo vessel Rachel Corrie, is on its way to confront the Israeli blockade on Gaza. If the ship is boarded by soldiers, the passengers have been instructed to sit down on the deck with palms facing up to show they carry no weapons.

Subic Shipbuilder Wins $450 Million Shipbuilding Project

South Korean shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries recently announced it has received orders worth at least $450 million to build new tankers and bulk carriers in its facility in Subic Bay, Philippines

Ships stranded in baltic sea by thick ice

A number of ships have been stranded by heavy ice in the Arctic sea as the area suffers one of its worst winters for years.

'Cloud Ship' is Favorite to Cut Global Warming

Scientists say that an armada of ships with huge funnels travelling the world's oceans are the best idea to cut global warming.

North Korea Appears To Be Preparing Short Range Missile Launch

North Korea has no intention on stopping their missile testing as the rest of the world condemns their actions. South Korea is confirming that it appears that the North is preparing a launch.

Somali Pirates Seize Four More Ships in 24 Hours

Just after three Somali pirates were shot dead by the US Navy, the pirates are at it again -- they have seized four ships in less than 24 hours.

Tension building as Japan, US, ready for North Korean launch

Japan has authorized its military to destroy any debris which may fall on its territory from the controversial North Korean missile launch scheduled for early next month.

Pirates high-jack European ships

Worryingly, even more instances of piracy in waters off the coast of the East African country of Somalia have been reported.

Two U.S. Vessels Collide, 15 Injured, Fuel Spills

Two U.S. Navy vessels are headed back to port under their own power after colliding in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula around 1:00 a.m. local time on Friday (5 p.m. EDT, Thursday).

Chinese ships cause concern for US

It has been reported that up to five ships from China have caused concern after moving too close to a US ship which is currently in the South China Sea.

Commercial Ships Emit Significant Particulate Pollution

Globally, commercial ships emit almost half as much particulate pollution into the air as the total amount released by cars, according to a new study.

Four Ships Seized in Gulf of Aden

Four ships have been seized by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden on the very day the UN Security Council authorized countries to pursue pirates on land.

Somali Ex-Colonel: 'Our problem is not piracy, it is illegal dumping of toxic wastes'

The world is focused on the piracy in African coastal areas, but Somalis say there is illegal dumping of toxic wastes and heavy foreign fishing.

US and Russian warships begin dangerous game in Black Sea

Russia is not happy with NATO activity in Georgia as U.S. Navy ships continue the delivery of humanitarian relief supplies. Russian Navy ships are moving into the Black Sea for a closer look.

White House proposes plans to limit ship speeds to protect whales

The U.S. government proposed plans to limit ship speeds within 20 nautical miles of the Atlantic ports along migration routes of the endangered right whale.

US sends ships to the eastern mediterranean sea

Tensions are high in Syria and there is political uncertainty in Lebanon and because of this the United States Navy is sending three ships to the Eastern mediterranean sea.
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Ships Image

From inside Jamaica Inn. The window is a homage to the smuggling past.
From inside Jamaica Inn. The window is a homage to the smuggling past.
A Mistral Class French amphibious assault ship in 2005
A Mistral Class French amphibious assault ship in 2005
Aquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine Power - A Sail Assisted Ship
Aquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine Power - A Sail Assisted Ship
EcoMarine Power
A unique event on the sea.
A unique event on the sea.
Madam Butterfly
A ship docks at the Volga River
A ship docks at the Volga River
The Pinta and the Nina.  Little Rock  Ark.  11-6-11
The Pinta and the Nina. Little Rock, Ark. 11-6-11
Venice's "No Big Ships" Committee (No Grandi Navi) staged a protest after Sunday&apos...
Venice's "No Big Ships" Committee (No Grandi Navi) staged a protest after Sunday's incident -- the MSC Opera is seen to the rear -- which reignited a row over damage caused to the city's fragile ecosystem by large ships coming too close to shore
RMS Titanic departing from Southampton  for the first and only time  on 10 April 1912
RMS Titanic departing from Southampton, for the first and only time, on 10 April 1912
A view of Lake Nemi from  Genzano di Roma. It is obvious the lake is in a volcanic crator.
A view of Lake Nemi from Genzano di Roma. It is obvious the lake is in a volcanic crator.
A view of the Pinta s deck with Nina to the right.  Little Rock  Ark.  11-6-11
A view of the Pinta's deck with Nina to the right. Little Rock, Ark. 11-6-11
Sails and flags on the Nina and Pinta.  Little Rock  Ark.  11-06-11
Sails and flags on the Nina and Pinta. Little Rock, Ark. 11-06-11

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