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Emergency declared after Galapagos ship grounding

Quito - Ecuador activated a state of emergency Wednesday at the famous Galapagos Islands, authorities said, a week after the stranding of a cargo ship loaded with supplies that included hazardous materials.

Three dead as tourist ship sinks off Costa Rica

San Jos - A catamaran carrying nearly 100 tourists and 10 crew capsized and sank within minutes off Costa Rica on Thursday, leaving three elderly foreigners dead while rescuers saved dozens from the choppy seas.

Catastrophe avoided as runaway ship stopped off Italy

- Italy's coastguard said Wednesday it had narrowly averted a catastrophe by intercepting a runaway freighter that was on a collision course with the country's rocky shoreline with 768 people on board.

Two dead, four missing as Turkish ship sinks off Italy

Rome - Two seamen died and four more were missing, feared drowned, after a Turkish-registered merchant ship sank off Italy Sunday following a collision with another vessel in rough seas, coastguards said.

Russia finds empty lifeboats from sunken S. Korea fishing boat

Moscow - Rescuers have recovered four empty lifeboats from the South Korea fishing vessel that sank off Russia's far eastern coast, a Russian official said Tuesday, as hope faded of finding 52 people missing in the icy cold waters.

Dozens missing as S.Korea fishing boat sinks in Bering Sea

Seoul - A South Korean fishing vessel with 60 people aboard sank Monday off Russia's far east coast, leaving one crew member confirmed dead and 52 missing, Seoul officials said.

Questions around One World Trade Center sloop finally answered

New York - In 2010, construction crews working at the One World Trade Center site made a startling discover while digging beneath the streets of New York:

Russian troops storm last Ukraine ship in Crimea: Kiev

Simferopol - Russian troops on Tuesday stormed the last naval vessel still flying the Ukrainian flag on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, a regional Ukrainian defence official said.The raid on the Cherkasy trawler occurred one day after Russian forces took control...

Creditors seize ship tied to Mexican oil company probe

Creditors to Oceanografia, a Mexican oil services company at the center of an alleged fraud that forced Citigroup <C.N> to cut its 2013 profit, have seized a ship that was used as collateral for debt issued by the company....

Cruise ship worker admits to raping passenger

A cruise ship worker has confessed to raping, as well as beating a passenger in her stateroom. Federal investigators say he also tried to throw the victim overboard.

Replica Hanseatic cog ship sinks in Bremen, Germany (Video)

Bremen - A reconstruction of a 24-meter Hanseatic cog ship, named "Roland of Bremen," has sunk to the bottom in the River Weser in Bremen, due to a leaky valve. Only the mast and sections of the deck can now be seen.

World’s biggest ship enters the water

The oil giant Shell has launched a ship that the company claims to be the world’s biggest. The new boat is longer than the Empire State Building is high.

Japanese 'Tsunami Ship' in Kesennuma to be dismantled

Kesennuma - More than two years after Japan's devastating tsunami, workers have begun dismantling a stranded fishing boat that was swept inland of the northern port city of Kesennuma.

Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship's power fails

While out at sea, another Carnival cruise ship has lost power. This time the Carnival Ecstasy, which can carry 2,056 passengers, lost power.

Video: Crew of HMS Bounty rescued after Sandy sinks famed vessel

High seas from Hurricane Sandy proved to be too much for the HMS Bounty to handle, sinking the famed sailing ship off the coast of North Carolina on Monday.

Nuclear Sub, Cruiser collide off east coast of U.S.

A United States Navy nuclear submarine and an Aegis cruiser collided off the east coast on Saturday while participating in routine training exercises.

Roman-era boat found buried off Italian coast

Varazze - A well-preserved ship has been found buried in the sea off the Italian coast. The ship is believe to be dated about 2,000 years old, from the Roman-era.

Sydney International Boat Show 2012 — Live webcast Special

Sydney - The 45th Sydney International Boat Show will run from 2-6 August 2012. It takes place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre & Cockle Bay Marina, Darling Harbour.

Wrecked Brazilian ship spilling oil in Antarctica

The "Endless Sea" is trapped in the ice and is spilling fuel. There is no hope of containing damage until October this year, due to the long South Pole winter.

Replica Titanic to be built in China by billionaire Australian

While it will have all of the newest technological gadgets and safety systems, and other modern features, it will still be a replica of the RMS Titanic. So says the Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, about the luxury liner he plans to build.

Op-Ed: Costa Cruises denies offering discounts to survivors, 16 dead now

Giglio Island, Italy -The death toll has risen to 16 confirmed dead and the fuel removal is expected to begin on Saturday. Many ships are currently on site for salvage purposes and a large ship is expected to offload the 500,000 gallons of fuel.

Op-Ed: Costa Cruises offers discount to Costa Concordia survivors

Reports have said that Costa Cruises have offered 30% discount on the 'next cruise' to survivors rescued Friday 13th. That is if you weren't one of the 15 already dead from the tragedy in Giglio Island, Italy.

Salvage crews prepare to pump out fuel from Costa Concordia

A Dutch salvage company is on scene at the Italian island of Giglio of the Tuscan coast, ready to pump out more than 2,300 tonnes of heavy fuel and 200 tonnes of diesel oil.

Passenger Ship sinks near Zanzibar - updated

Bodies have now begun to wash up in the area of Zanzibar, an island in the nation of Tanzania, from a boat which has sunk nearby.

Officials fail to re-float grounded ship in South Africa

Durban - A bulk carrier, the MV Phoenix, is stuck fast on South Africa’s eastern coast despite three attempts to re-float the ship. Fears that the ship would cause an environmental disaster have receded as most of the fuel has been recovered.

Ark Royal for sale on MoD website

The recently decommissioned aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal is now being advertised for sale online by the Ministry of Defence.

HMS Chatham makes final trip into home port

Plymouth - Well-wishers waved, tugs fired hoses high into the sky in salute and the HMS Chatham fired her ceremonial guns as the ship made her final homecoming on January 26, after 20 years of service.

Federal agents raid Jam Cruise ship for drugs prior to departure

Fort Lauderdale - Passengers aboard a 'Jam Cruise' music festival ship got a surprise prior to send-off when federal, state and local police officers boarded the ship just before it embarked to search for drugs and contraband.

Netanyahu: No apology for Israeli raid of Turkish vessel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered no apologies for the Israeli raid in international waters on a Turkish flotilla that was headed for Gaza in May.

Chipping sections of Bluenose ll causes controversy

Lunenburg - Many people were upset to hear that the bulk of Bluenose II’s hull had gone through a wood chipper as restoration work takes place on the famous schooner, which is often used as a symbol of Nova Scotia.
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Ship Image

Merchant vessels like this one are at great risk when facing crime on the high seas.
Merchant vessels like this one are at great risk when facing crime on the high seas.
Boat sank near Panama City  Florida
Boat sank near Panama City, Florida
One of Roman Abramovich s yachts - Titan.

Moored in St. Aubin s Bay  Jersey  on 1st June 2011.
One of Roman Abramovich's yachts - Titan. Moored in St. Aubin's Bay, Jersey, on 1st June 2011.
A picture of the great ship Titanic
A picture of the great ship Titanic
Ship of the French built Mistral class.
Ship of the French built Mistral class.
Defense Industry Daily
An aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor
An aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor
U.S. Navy
First Greenpeace visit to Libya in 2007.
First Greenpeace visit to Libya in 2007.
Salvatore Barbera
Ocean Countess
Ocean Countess
Boat sank near Panama City  Florida
Boat sank near Panama City, Florida
An Oryx helicopter of the South African Air Force.
An Oryx helicopter of the South African Air Force.
Ship repait at a drydock in St.Catharines Ontario Canada
Ship repait at a drydock in St.Catharines,Ontario,Canada
The Pinta  facing west  on the Arkansas River.  Little Rock  Ark. 11-6-11
The Pinta, facing west, on the Arkansas River. Little Rock, Ark. 11-6-11
The ROKS Cheonan  a corvette of the South Korean navy  that sank on Friday.
The ROKS Cheonan, a corvette of the South Korean navy, that sank on Friday.
The amphibious support ship  FS Tonnerre
The amphibious support ship, FS Tonnerre
One of the wrecked ships on display in the Charlestown Shipwreck Museum. With ships brought together...
One of the wrecked ships on display in the Charlestown Shipwreck Museum. With ships brought together over the last 50 years, it forms the basis of one of the most unusual and interesting collections.
The USS Mahan  stationed near Syria  caught during a live-fire weapons exercise
The USS Mahan, stationed near Syria, caught during a live-fire weapons exercise
Via Official U.S. Navy Page
The pirate vessel destroyed by Royal Marines from HMS Montrose
The pirate vessel destroyed by Royal Marines from HMS Montrose
Britsh Ministry of Defence
Ship Kalamata  Greece
Ship Kalamata, Greece
Boat sank near Panama City  Florida
Boat sank near Panama City, Florida
Carnival ecstasy
Carnival ecstasy
Carnival Cruises