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Shingles News

Long-term link between shingles and stroke

New York City - A new study has drawn a connection between the virus that causes the skin rash shingles with an increased chance of suffering from a stroke in later life.

Insight into how dormant chicken pox causes shingles

The virus varicella-zoster causes chicken pox, a common childhood illness. A "similar" virus is responsible for shingles, which affects some adults. Both are painful red rashes. Scientists have shown a new relationship between the two.

Top tips for shingles pain management Special

Shingles is a painful viral infection: more troublesome and itchy than chickenpox. For adults affected with the virus, the condition lasts on-and-off for a long-time. A top dermatologist has spoken with Digital Journal about dealing with the condition.

The problem of shingles explained

Shingles is a painful viral infection that affects almost 1 million people worldwide. Outbreaks occur mostly in people older than 50 because the virus can lay dormant in the nerve tissue. A new health report explains the disease.

Shingles vaccine is available for seniors

Shingles is the name that is used for a condition that is called "herpes zoster" It causes a very painful rash that can affect different parts of the body. The risk of getting shingles is normally people over 50. The risk increases with age.

Tai Chi to a Better Immune System

The ancient martial art of Tai Chi is beneficial to the immune system, it also promotes health and longevity.

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