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Shelters full, hopes dim for migrants in Mexico seeking US asylum

Tijuana - The giggles of children at play are about the only pleasant thing about a dark, crowded and stifling warehouse in Mexico that is home to some 150 migrants waiting for the United States to process their asylum claims.

Libya oasis town offers rare 'Safe House' for migrants

Tarhuna - For migrants who escape torture and starvation at the hands of people traffickers, a "Safe House" in an oasis town offers a rare commodity in Libya: shelter and medical care.

Bangladesh to build 14,000 shelters for Rohingya

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh will build 14,000 new shelters to house the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees camping on roadsides, in fields and on hills, an official said Saturday.

Shelter lends helping paw to animal victims of Syria war

Sahnaya - In the sandy yard of a shelter near the Syrian capital Damascus, a three-legged dog bounds excitedly, her tongue swinging as she runs despite her amputated limb.

Florida shelters quickly reach capacity, turning some away

Jacksonville - Shelters along the eastern coast of Florida were jammed amid a frantic race to protect people and pets from the "potentially catastrophic" effects of Hurricane Matthew as the deadly storm barrels in from the Caribbean.

Neglected East German shelters return to use in refugee crisis

Berlin - Once used as temporary housing for East Germans fleeing communism, container homes in western Berlin have been dragged out of neglect to host a record influx of refugees.

Man lives in cave for five months after evicted from apartment

Oban - In the Scottish woods, a disabled former builder brought a whole new meaning to life off the grid living with his partner Elaine for five months in a cave after the housing authorities booted him from his Oban apartment.

Boy opens up a no-kill animal shelter in his garage

Ken, a nine-year-old from the southern Philippines, wanted to open an animal shelter to help cats and dogs who were on the streets. Ken eventually did just that.

Interview with country singer Jimmy Wayne: 'Ruby's Pet Treats' Special

On July 26, I chatted via telephone with country singer Jimmy Wayne about his launch of “Ruby’s Pet Treats,” an online pet store that gives dog owners the opportunity to make a positive impact while stocking up on their favorite toys and treats.

A photo of a man and his dog go viral helping them reunite

San Bernardino - A photo that pulled many heart strings and a kind photographer who posted the photo on her facebook and asked it to be shared means Dave Thomas will be reunited with his beloved dog this morning at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter.

Hotels across Japan have rooms for tsunami evacuees, govt pays

Victims of the recent Japan tsunami can stay in hotels and inns at the government's expense. Residents of a damaged area who are without household water can take baths in local hotels, and a Tokyo hotel postpones demolition in order to house refugees.

Hero dog from Afghanistan mistakenly put down in US

Florence - A dog who was considered a hero by American soldiers in Afghanistan was mistakenly euthanized at an Arizona animal shelter.

Daring doggie 'jail break' nets Oklahoma senior jail time

Hydro - His name is Edwin Fry. The 73-year-old man insists on doing things his own way. He is known for using his riding lawnmower as his main source of transportation. But don't ever get between Fry and any of his dogs.

Brooklyn Ohio Animal Shelter to hold 'Furry Friends Festival'

The Brooklyn Animal Shelter located at 8300 Memphis Avenue In Brooklyn, Ohio will hold the "Furry Friends Festival on Sunday August 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Op-Ed: Toronto's homeless population decreases, new shelter to open Special

Toronto - Toronto's street homeless population is now estimated to be in the 5,000 range according to the Street Needs Assessment, 2009. The number of homeless relying on shelters is a little over 5,000.

Where have all the Haitian donations gone?

The devastating earthquake that killed an estimated 250,000, and displaced at least 1 million people in Haiti prompted an outpouring of generosity from people and businesses around the world.

New Toronto shelter yet to be opened, costing millions Special

A shelter in the downtown core of Toronto is set to open in March for the city's homeless. That may sound like good news but factor in the costs since the project started and it will leave Toronto residents shaking their head.

Edmonton Shuts Down Tent City

Not everyone who lives in Alberta, Canada, is thriving. The homeless population of Edmonton, for example, is around 2,600 people and the city's social service agencies struggle to find indoor shelters, especially during the winter months.

Woman's Shelter Is Stunned About Texas Mom Who Hung Herself And Four Daughters

An eyeopening glimpse into the life of Gilberta Estrada, the woman who hung herself and her four young daughter in her Texas mobile home. A caseworker at the women's shelter where Estrada lived for three months tells about the Estrada she knew.

Pit bulls wreak havoc at Ohio shelter

Pit bulls seized in dogfighting investigations have bitten workers at an animal shelter.

Ontario government to allow smoking shelters at casinos

The Ontario government is losing money, so it is allowing casinos to build smoking areas. The area can only have two walls and a roof. Critics are not impressed.

Humane society rescues 30 cats from a Toronto animal shelter

Toronto Humane Society officials rescued 30 cats that were found inside a self-described animal rescue centre.

Kim died close to food, shelter, officials say

The San Francisco man who sought help for his stranded family and got lost in the snowy wilderness died of hypothermia near a fishing lodge stacked with food, authorities said.

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The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka  Tokyo  Japan
The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
Joseph Brent
Evacuees from Fukushima prefecture in gym in Hitachi City  Ibaraki prefecture.
Evacuees from Fukushima prefecture in gym in Hitachi City, Ibaraki prefecture.
Yoshihiro Ide
Tsunami evacuees in shelter in Rikuzentakada City  Iwate prefecture March 27  2011.
Tsunami evacuees in shelter in Rikuzentakada City, Iwate prefecture March 27, 2011.
official Shelter publicity photo, used with permission.
Puppy breaks into a dog shelter and befriends Duke.
Puppy breaks into a dog shelter and befriends Duke.
American Red Cross volunteers provide blankets and pillows to passengers of a commercial airline fli...
American Red Cross volunteers provide blankets and pillows to passengers of a commercial airline flight taking shelter March 11, 2011, at Yokota Air Base, Japan.
US Air Force

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