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Shark Attack News

Lightning strikes and shark attacks - Risks of going to the beach

While the beach is the ideal place to cool off on a hot summer day, it is also one of the worst places imaginable to be during a thunderstorm or when sharks are feeding. Common sense should always reign when at the beach.

11 shark attacks in Carolinas scare beachgoers, puzzle experts

A shark attacked a man on Wednesday off North Carolina's coast, bringing the number of attacks in the Carolinas to 11 for 2015. Experts agree that the number of attacks is strange, but are still searching for why this is happening.

17-year-old boy in shark attack off N.C. coast is victim No. 6

As families head to the beaches of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for the Fourth of July holiday coming up, they will have to proceed with caution. A shark attack on a 17-year-old boy on Saturday brings the total to six people in two weeks.

Shark attack victims were in waist-deep water, officials say

Oak Island - In two separate shark attacks on Sunday a 12-year-old girl lost her left arm below the elbow and suffered an injured leg and a 16-year-old boy had his arm bitten off above the elbow. The attacks occurred about one hour and 20 minutes apart.

Surfer in Australia dies after shark bites off both legs

A surfer in Australia died today not long after a shark bit off both his legs. His death came in an area where only a day before a swimmer was mauled by a shark.

Western Australia teen spears shark that attacked friend

Perth - A teenager from Western Australia has used his spear gun to kill the shark that fatally attacked his friend. Jay Muscat was killed following an attack by a great white shark at Cheynes Beach in Albany only days ago.

Shark attack: Australian teen spears shark after it kills boy

A 17-year-old teen in Western Australia was killed by a white pointer shark Monday and the shark then went for his friend. That boy had a spear gun and stuck it in the shark's mouth and fired. The shark swam off, alive but with a spear in its mouth.

Tiny shark with big dreams takes on snorkeler (Video)

A shark smaller than many ocean fish apparently had dreams of becoming the next Jaws when he went after a snorkeler two months ago.

Australia: Human remains found of shark attack victim

Sydney - The cap and goggles belonging to Christine Armstrong presumed to have been "taken" by a large shark while swimming off the coast of Australia on Thursday morning have been found, along with human remains, police said Friday.

Small Australia community shocked by shark attack

Tathra - The small community of Tathra New South Wales, Australia was rocked this morning by a shark attack that has taken the life of a woman in her 60's.

Martial arts, pretty effective against a shark attack

Martial arts training has proven to be useful against a shark attack as Mariko Haugen used punches to the sensitive nose of the shark.

California surfer dies after shark attack

Santa Barbara - A male surfer was killed by a shark Tuesday at Surf Beach near Vandenberg Air Force base located North of Santa Barbara.

Surfer survives vicious shark attack off Western Australia coast

Carnarvon - A 34-year old man suffered serious injuries but was conscious after being rescued from a shark attack off Western Australia's Gascoyne coast. The shark bit the surfer on the abdomen and then latched onto his arm as he tried to fight off the attack.

Great White Shark Attacks Kayak, Ignores Man

Shark attacks on humans are rare, and often occur when sharks mistake a surfboard for the outline of a prey item. Similarly, in the following attack the kayak may have resembled something edible:

Florida mother saves 15-year-old daughter from shark attack

New Smyrna Beach - A mother successfully fought off a shark that attacked her daughter on Wednesday while the two were surfing on New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The incident was the second attack on the beach on the same day.

Shark attack victim Craig Hutto receives faster bionic leg

Panama City - Over six years ago while on vacation at Cape Sand Blas, about 50 miles southeast of Panama City, Florida, Craig Hutto, then aged 16, was fishing in waist-deep water about 60 feet from shore with his brother when he was attacked by a bull shark.

California surfer attacked by shark

A shark attacked and bit a 27-year-old man several times as he surfed off Marina State Beach in California, perhaps signaling the start of a busy shark-sighting season; last week another man was killed by a ten-foot great white shark in Australia.

Florida resturaunt offers free sushi to shark attack victims

New Smyrna Beach - Attention shark-attack victims: If you've lived to tell your story about being attacked by a shark, one Florida restaurant believes you also deserve a free meal. A free meal typically priced $8.99, that is.

Beaches closed in Santa Barbara County after fatal shark attack

Three beaches in Santa Barbara are still closed after a shark attack on Friday which left a student dead. There have been 12 fatal shark attacks in California since 1950.

Boy bitten by shark on Florida's First Coast

Saint Augustine - A 10-year-old boy was bitten on the ankle yesterday morning by a small shark on the beaches of Saint Augustine in Saint Johns County. The sheriff's office has confirmed they found a shark's tooth inside the boy's wound.

Kiteboarder attacked by shark in Florida

Every year people enter the water by the billions and they get out without a care or concern other than not getting pulled under by a riptide. Still, there are other dangers in the water to concern people.

Shark Attack in Florida Kills Kite Surfer

The Palm Beach Post News reports that a 38-year-old kite surfer was attacked and killed by sharks off the coast of Stuart after landing in the water about a quarter-mile offshore. He was rescued by a lifeguard, but was pronounced dead soon after.

Sharks lured by sewage: 2 lifeguards killed

A South African lifeguard was killed in an attack by a tiger shark at the popular holiday resort of Port St. Johns This is only the second shark attack in this area - ever. A local historian warns that the heavy sewage runoff attracts the sharks.

San Diego Beaches Closed After Shark Kills Triathlete

Nine members of the Triathlon Club of San Diego were swimming at Solana Beach yesterday when a shark attacked and killed one of its members, 66-year-old David Martin.

12-Year-Old Boy Survives Shark Attack

A 12 year old boy was surfing off the coast of Florida when a shark attacked him and bit him in the ankle.

Man Lives Because He Doesn't Taste Like Seal

All he was doing was minding his own business trying to find a bit to eat when he spies what looks like a seal- his favorite! What a suprise he got when he bit down and found that not only did this seal taste bad but it REALLY resented being eaten a...

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The great whit shark is said to be one of only four kinds of sharks that have been involved in a sig...
The great whit shark is said to be one of only four kinds of sharks that have been involved in a significant number of fatal unprovoked attacks on humans
Shark fishermen from Punta Bilar found human remains inside a shark  they caught between the Bohol a...
Shark fishermen from Punta Bilar found human remains inside a shark they caught between the Bohol and Camiguin islands.
screen grab
There have been six shark attacks off the coasts of North and South Carolina in the past two weeks.
There have been six shark attacks off the coasts of North and South Carolina in the past two weeks.
Bethany Hamilton on the set of  “Soul Surfer”  her bio-pic.
Bethany Hamilton on the set of “Soul Surfer”, her bio-pic.
Bethany Hamilton
sharks can be dnagerous
sharks can be dnagerous
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