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Who is the king of the micromobility industry?

New research from CB Insights about the "meteoric" rise of bike and scooter sharing startups suggests that mega-deals are driving the frenzy.

Airbnb, Uber woes show Japan does not share easily

Apo - Thousands of Airbnb reservations scrapped, Uber reduced to delivering food: life is hard in Japan for giants of the sharing economy, stuck between tough regulation and popular suspicion.

Fun's over: China's shared sex dolls snuffed out

Bejing - China's rentable sex dolls have been yanked off the market and the firm responsible for them has apologised, just days after the "shared girlfriends" began strutting their silicon stuff.

China issues bike-sharing guidelines as complaints rise

Shanghai - China on Thursday issued national guidelines governing bike-sharing operations to nurture a new industry credited with spurring a transport revolution while addressing mounting complaints over an accumulation of millions of bikes on city streets.

Instagram beta update adds support for using multiple accounts

A beta update to Instagram has added official support for using multiple accounts. The feature lets you switch logins at will without having to sign-out and in again. It will be particularly useful for people who maintain several different profiles.

Microsoft Office 2016 adds new features for more productivity

Microsoft has launched the next generation of its renowned productivity suite, Office. Office 2016, available today, includes support for enhanced collaboration on work as well as several other new features designed to "work for you".

Facebook's new Moments app highlights photos of friends

Facebook has released a new photo management app that uses facial recognition to detect forgotten pictures of your friends in your camera roll. It then suggests tags, syncs the friends and tags to the photo's subject and shares the images with friends.

Instagram to start sending 'Highlights' emails to inactive users

Photo-sharing app Instagram is now rolling out a new feature that copies other rival social networks by sending inactive users regular digests of what they have missed. New "Highlights" emails feature some of the best unseen photos in a users' feed.

Deepening the mystery: Snapchat has 'plans' for Windows Phone app

Windows Phone is known to have a substantial app gap when compared to rival platforms like iOS and Android. One of the most notable absences is Snapchat who have continually refused to come to Windows but an unexpected tweet has suggested that may change.

Review: The Inateck HB4009 'Magic Hub' is one unique USB expansion

Most USB hubs have a very simple purpose. They allow you to add more USB ports to your computer by connecting a dongle to one of the existing ports. The Inateck HB4009 has some rather different functionality though including clipboard and mouse sharing.

Microsoft's 'Project Spartan' web browser is here

Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders yesterday that includes the company's new web browser to replace Internet Explorer, Project Spartan. The new browser promises to be much faster than IE and built for the modern web.

Instagram announces adverts are coming to UK, Canada & Australia

Following a successful trial in the US last year, photo-sharing network Instagram has announced that uses in the UK, Canada and Australia will all be seeing adverts appearing in the app "later this year".

Facebook is building a competitor to Snapchat

Facebook is reportedly building a new video-sharing service of its own to enable it to directly compete against the immensely-popular Snapchat.

Canadians' mental health records shared with FBI, border patrol

Toronto - Canadian police departments have been sharing mental health information of Canadians by uploading it to a database that the FBI and U.S. Customs has access to, which has been used to deny entry by border control agents.

Why good news is shared more than bad news Special

Which will go viral – a news article on an intriguing Mars discovery or one on a divorce between two actors? Some might think celebrity news will be shared by readers more often than the space report, but it's the opposite, says author Jonah Berger.

Facebook confirms it's monetizing Instagram

Facebook acquired Instagram earlier this year, but many have pondered what Facebook will do with the mobile photo application sharing platform.

TMI - sharing too much information online biggest pet peeve

A new survey has found that people sharing too much information online, is the biggest complaint people have about new technology. And it seems to be an issue all over the world.

Op-Ed: It's not all bad news from Greece Special

Athens - Despite the crisis in Greece, there are a plethora of sustainable, ecological and ethical initiatives being offered throughout the country.

In Uzbekistan, owning a Bible may cost you $500

Tashkent - In Uzbekistan, the crackdown on evangelical Christians continues, with church leaders arrested, and Bibles, other literature and computers confiscated.

Study: Despite rise in social media, content shared mostly by email

Despite the rise in social media and all the buzz around Twitter, a new study from SocialTwist shows email is still king when it comes to sharing content online.

Hit video site Hulu coming to Britain this Fall

The move, which signals Hulu's first international presence outside of the United States, will provide Brits with commercially supported TV shows and movies online.

Monkeys experience the joy of giving

A study shows that monkeys also find it pleasurable to share when given a chance. Read to find out more about how all of us are so alike and yet so different.

For A Few Clips More: How To Make Money On The Net

In another example of the avenues the internet is providing the rank amateur, a NYT report extols the rise of video sharing. Instructional videos, do-it-yourself, how-to clips have found a burgeoning niche.

Muxtape, a beautifully simple music sharing service

Muxtape is an impressive online music tool to store your favorite songs and play anytime, anywhere. Or share music with friends and family., as if it's a simple jukebox you can customize.

Google Adds Feedback Forms Feature in Spreadsheets

Google has added a new feature that lets users create forms to collect data. Users can create polls, surveys and collect feedback to send to others and collect data in the form of a spreadsheet.

Docstoc - a user generated community for sharing professional documents

Docstoc is a new community based site in which the users share their documents to others via the widely accepted and embeddable Flash interface. So users can get the codes and embed in their sites like the YouTube videos.

TiVo Launches Home Movie Sharing

TiVo has launched a media sharing service letting Series2 and Series3 customers share home movies over the Internet with TiVo-owning friends and family...for a fee.

Sony’s Review

Looking for an alternative for Bittorrent? Time to check out befor it is too late because they have been sewed by Universal Music Group.

StumbleUpon Launches Video Referral Site, StumbleVideo

Since video is all the rage these days on the Internet, the next obvious step for referral site, StumbleUpon was a video referral site called StumbleVideo.

Confirmed: Microsoft To Reward Zune Song Sharing

The Zune team plans to reward people with Microsoft Marketplace Points.

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The Inateck HB4009 USB hub with  Magic  port
The Inateck HB4009 USB hub with "Magic" port

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