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Shame News

Ex-SS guard 'ashamed' but tells German court he's innocent

M - A former Nazi concentration camp guard Tuesday voiced his shame at having been part of the SS but told a German court he was unaware of the systematic killings there.

Almost 300 of NYC's municipal employees are homeless

New York City - The New York Post opened a can of worms yesterday, revealing that their research showed almost 300 of New York City's municipal employees were homeless, living in shelters or their cars. On Monday, Mayor de Blasio responded.

Op-Ed: Man with Parkinson's is confronted by health care protesters

A sad scene played out in Columbus Ohio at a rally for Health care. People opposed and in favor of nationalize health insurance clashed over a man with Parkinson's who attended the protest.

Ads for anti-drinking increases alcohol use according to study

Public service campaigns that use guilt and shame are not effective when it comes to alcohol abuse according to a study from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Does Courage or Shame Guide Our Behaviors?

Shame preoccupies much of what we do, according to Brene Brown. We do things often not because something is the right thing to do but because we are compelled to by shame. Shame precipitates other behaviors as well.

Op-Ed: The 'No Shame Culture' of America

Taking blame and saying “I'm sorry, I did it, I'm to blame” doesn't seem to be the rule for behavior these days. In fact people just shift blame or talk in neutral tones. But where is responsibility in a “no shame” culture?

Op/Ed: The life of a Prostitute and the effect on her and her family

This is the story of a woman who loved her children. She was forced into being what the people called the "town's whore" in order to provide for her children. Did she want to, of course not, but she did what was needed to care for her children.

Uncle's orgy shame

A pensioner is suing the organisers of a world-record sex session after they reneged on a promise to pixellate his face in the video they made of the orgy.

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A  Shame + Regret  sign.
A "Shame + Regret" sign.
Esther Moliné
Katherine Evans
Man and woman undergoing public exposure for adultery in Japan  around 1860
Man and woman undergoing public exposure for adultery in Japan, around 1860
Chris 73

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