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Shale gas News

Controversial new fracking to go ahead in U.K.

The path is clear for fracking to go ahead in the U.K. after the British government upheld a fracking appeal in what is being heralded as a landmark ruling, paving the way for shale gas extraction.

New genus of bacteria found in fracking wells

Dig deep and there are potentially hundreds of bacteria on Earth that have yet to be discovered or characterized. One recent discovery relates to fracking where a new genus of bacteria has been discovered.

How the shale gas industry helped defeat Gov. Tom Corbett Special

Harrisburg - Tom Corbett became the only GOP incumbent governor not re-elected for a second term in the recent 2014 mid-term elections. Backed by the powerful oil and gas industry, it appears this overwhelming industry support may have cost Corbett a second term.

Josh Fox’s ‘Gasland 2’ widely available to buy on DVD (VIDEO)

Josh Fox has released “Gasland 2” — the sequel to his Oscar-nominated documentary exposing the dangers surrounding the controversial method of shale-gas extraction (a.k.a. “hydraulic fracturing”).

America's natural gas boom could curb the Russian stranglehold

The crisis in Crimea is handing a powerful set of cards on the table, heralding a new diplomatic strategy for Washington.

Total to announce investment in UK shale gas

London - French energy firm Total are to announce a multi-million pound investment plan in UK shale gas which would see them become the first big investor in the industry.

U.S. surpasses Saudi Arabia as world’s top energy producer

U.S. oil and natural gas production surged past Saudi Arabia in 2013, making the United States the world’s largest oil-producing state.

Op-Ed: UKIP's most embarrassing MEP

London - UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has lost the party whip over what has been called a demeaning comment aimed at women. He is the least of the party's problems.

Fracking: Residents arrested for protecting their community

Balcombe - Residents have been arrested by police in Balcombe today, after trying to stop Cuadrilla from setting up drilling sites in their community.

Tax breaks for UK shale-gas production angers opponents

New tax breaks outlined by the British government that will benefit the UK shale-gas industry have been heavily criticised by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

Alberta fracking may have led to Innisfail oil spill

Calgary - Hydraulic fracturing’s impact on the environment received another mark this week when an oil well blowout occurred on a farm located about a kilometer away from a fracking well in Alberta, Canada.

Canada fracking creates ‘test tube’ residents in B.C., Alberta

Calgary - Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Canada is taking its controversial operation to new levels with reports surfacing of the largest fracking job ever undertaken having occurred in northern British Columbia in 2010, using 259 million gallons of water.

Fracking and investor-owned water utilities share the spoils

Washington - America’s two largest publicly traded water utilities are positioned to benefit from the billions of gallons of water needed annually by the oil and gas industry’s hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and could be downplaying associated water risks.

Study: Shale gas by fracking more dangerous than conventional gas

Ithaca - A new study released this week reveals that shale gas, the product of a highly controversial extraction method called hydraulic fracturing, brings with it a greater greenhouse gas impact than conventional oil, gas, and coal over a 20-year period.

Could shale gas extraction save Ontario's economic butt?

There is a race on in Ontario to stake out a claim to Ontario's shale gas reserves, with at least three companies purchasing land or buying gas rights.

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Shale gas Image

Schematic cross-section of the subsurface illustrating types of natural gas deposits.  Fracking is u...
Schematic cross-section of the subsurface illustrating types of natural gas deposits. Fracking is used to extract shale gas.
US Energy Information Administration
Not for shale. Anti-fracking protest outside Labor Party conference Manchester Sept 30 2012
Not for shale. Anti-fracking protest outside Labor Party conference Manchester Sept 30 2012
North American shale gas basins.
North American shale gas basins.
Shale plays in the United States for fracking.
Shale plays in the United States for fracking.

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