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Sexual health News

Americans and Canadians warned not to eat romaine lettuce

Health officials in the U.S. and Canada told people Tuesday to stop eating romaine lettuce because of a new E. coli outbreak.

Social media, health and STI rates

London - As research findings go, the question ‘Are Facebook and Twitter to blame for increasing STI rates?’, is certain to spark interest. Data from Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, suggests a connection.

Sexual transmission of Ebola poses public health risk

A new research study warns that sexual transmission of Ebola is likely to impact on course of future outbreaks of the viral disease. This is to the extent that recent measures to control the virus could be undone.

Gonorrhoea set to become 'untreatable'

Leeds - Gonorrhoea could become the first bacterial disease to shift from "once treatable" to "untreatable," in the U.K., the nation's most senior medical officer has warned. This follows a highly resistant strain being detected in the northeast of England.

Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea high in U.K.

Leeds - Multi-drug-resistant gonorrhea, a sexual health disease, is spreading in the north of England, with a focal point centered in the city of Leeds.

Home testing kit for HIV now available in the UK

Campaigners and clinicians hope the advent of HIV self test kits in the UK will help reduce transmission and increase the success of modern treatments.

California considers 'yes means yes' sex law

Sacramento - In what would become the first of its kind, California state legislators are weighing the establishment of a ground-breaking sexual consent law.

STDs are a growing problem among senior citizens

Dr. Bradley Stoner, an associate professor of anthropology and of medicine at Washington University who both treats patients with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and also conducts research in this area, says that STDs are growing amongst seniors.

Fifty Shades of Grey leading to STD rise in older couples says MD

Dr. Charlotte Jones, chair of the British Medical Association’s GP Committee, said that the success of novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" could be giving older couples more sexual confidence but warned that there is a risk of failing to protect from STDs.

Op-Ed: 'Girls just want to have fun'

Warning *** Video not suitable for minors*** In truth, there is probably no further explanation required for the video. With that in mind, I have provided none.

Group puts women's rights front and center in condom purchases Special

In an interview with the Lovability Movement's Navriti Sood, the issue of empowering women on condom purchases underscored the need for better packaging and for more comfortable retail environments.

Can daylight savings time save your sex life?

From trendy magazines to topical Internet blogs, it's one of the most common complaints you will find about couples when discussing their sex lives: they no longer have the sex drive of their former, younger selves.

The best way to exercise your brain? Have an orgasm.

New Brunswick - The importance of keeping your body healthy through a healthy diet and exercise has been well documented for years but did you know that providing your brain with a daily mental workout will keep your brain healthy?

Why yoga will improve your sex life

The American Dietetic Association, Americans says Americans are eating more vegetables, fish, chicken, and whole grain foods. Overall, people believe that maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is very important.

Regular sex makes you seven years younger, expert claims

Having sex on a regular basis can take five to seven years off your face, an expert claimed, as sexual pleasure is a crucial factor in preserving youth. It releases the human growth hormone, keeping the skin elastic and thus less likely to wrinkle.

Gay & Bisexual men in Mexico now allowed to donate blood

Mexico has lifted the ban on blood donations coming from gay and bisexual men. Instead of looking at the donors' sexual preferences, donors' sexual and health histories would be examined in place.

Alberta government launches program to curb high STI rate

Edmonton - The Alberta government is launching a $14 million program to help lower the amount of sexually transmitted infections in the province.

Police investigate claims of sex trafficking in Edinburgh

Edinburgh - An Eastern European woman has told health workers in Edinburgh that she was brought to the UK and forced to work as a prostitute sparking an investigation into claims of sex trafficking in the city.

Claim: Anti-baldness drug affecting men’s sexual health

Some doctors are claiming that a proprietary drug used to combat baldness in men is interfering with their sexual health.

Britain will see first ever TV advert that informs about abortion

Abortion has been legal in the UK for more than 40 years, but a planned advert informing women where to go and find such a service still inflames so-called family groups, church leaders and others who call the move 'grotesque' and threaten legal action.

Inside Toronto event exploring teen sex

When it comes to sexual health and youth, people have to understand one important fact -- teens have sex. How they experience their sexual health needs to be addressed, as a Toronto event explained.

Birth Control Pills For Men, Is It About Time?

It may soon be a reality that the issue of birth control will fall into the hands of the male part of the equation. But is it a good thing and what does it really mean in terms of male-female relationships? Read on for a little light on the subject.

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