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Sexual harassment News

Op-Ed: Google vs women? Something sane might happen!

San Francisco - The recent global walkout of Google’s female workforce underlines a major legal issue, as well as corporate malaise. Some of the walkout issues are in-house, some are much more significant. This is #WeToo, in many ways.

Review: ‘Delicate Balance’ holds up as a study of bourgeois hypocrisy Special

Toronto - It’s hard to review Soulpepper’s production of “A Delicate Balance” without bringing up the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against former artistic director Albert Schultz. Even though they have nothing to do with the play.

Facebook publicly released its internal harassment policy

On Friday, Facebook publicly released its internal anti-harassment policy on its website. The post breaks down the tech giant's processes when it comes to investigating harassment claims.

Penis seat installed to raise sexual harassment awareness

Mexico - Mexico City surprised commuters by installing a molded 'penis seat' on the subway. It was for a good cause, to raise sexual harassment awareness.

German mayor blames young girls for 'provoking' migrants

The mayor of a small German town caused outrage when he suggested young girls should not provoke migrants by passing a refugee centre while walking to school.

Canada's top general apologizes for 'biological wiring' remark

Canada's top general has apologized for talking about "biological wiring" being to blame for sexual harassment in the military. Outgoing Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Tom Lawson apologized, saying that the wording he used was "awkward."

Video exposing street harassment draws rape threats (Video)

New York - Shoshana B. Roberts was fed up with the sexual harassment she was experiencing in the streets of New York City. She decided record this treatment on a hidden camera to expose what women have to go through every day in the streets of the city.

Op-Ed: NYer makes a video case against street harassment

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, a spotlight was turned on an organization called Hollaback! thanks to a two-and-a-half-minute video. The film was edited from 10 hours of footage of a woman walking around New York City.

New research: Internet harassment — online abuse investigated

Washington - New research published today finds that 73 percent of internet users have witnessed online harassment and 40 percent have experienced it personally.

Op-Ed: Lords in the news — Dead and alive

London - Now that he is dead, Lord McAlpine is fair game for any scandalous gossip. Lord Rennard is a different kettle of fish, in spite of Nick Clegg.

U.S. school drops sexual harassment charges against 6-year-old

The Colorado school system has decided to drop its charges of sexual harassment against Hunter Yelton. The boy was suspended from school and charged with sexual harassment for kissing a girl in his class on the hand. He's all of 6.

Op-Ed: Six-year-old suspended, accused of sexual harassment

It seems that the "Zero Tolerance" policy in American schools have reached the point of sheer madness, now that a six-year-old Colorado Kindergarten student has been accused and found guilty of "sexual harassment" by his school principal.

Bad Santa! Man working as mall Santa arrested for pinching elf

Hanover - A 62-year-old man who was working at a Massachusetts mall was arrested after allegedly pinching the rear end of an 18-year-old woman who was working as an elf.

Op-Ed: Stringent laws against bullying needed in India

While bullying is a universal concern, it is especially acute in India. The latest victim of school bullying is Oindrilla Das of Calcutta.

Op-Ed: The Lord Rennard witch hunt is over

London - Six months ago, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard was at the centre of sexual harassment allegations. Today the police said enough is enough.

Great-grandmother accuses Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment

San Diego - Just days after being banned from Hooters, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been hit with another sexual harassment claim, this time, from a great-grandmother who says the mayor kissed her and asked her if she thought he could "go for eight hours."

Op-Ed: Lord Rennard — Here comes another witchhunt

London - There is a new scandal brewing in British politics. A leading Liberal-Democrat is the subject of unspecified allegations of sexual impropriety. But is it all smoke and mirrors?

Op-Ed: School suggests breast reduction for sexually harassed teenager

Tammie Jackson, the mother of a 13-year old girl in St.Louis, Missouri is fuming after her daughter’s school suggested the teenager undergo a breast reduction when she lodged complaints of sexual harassment and bullying.

Top ICE official resigns over allegations of lewd conduct

Washington - Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff of U.S. Immigration Enforcement, resigned yesterday in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations made by male ICE employees.

Female officer brings second lawsuit against RCMP

Const. Karen Katz filed the lawsuit against the RCMP on Friday. She brought a similar suit against a fellow officer last January.

Head cop no fan of Mounties airing dirty laundry in public

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's top cop, Bob Paulson, tasked with restoring public confidence in Canada’s national police force, decried Mounties airing workplace grievances in the public eye on Saturday.

Ellis, Warriors named in sexual harassment suit

Oakland - A former employee for the NBA's Golden State Warriors has filed sexual harassment charges against team captain, Monta Ellis, alleging the star guard sent her inappropriate text messages, including a photo of his genitalia during the 2010-2011 NBA season.

Boy suspended for sexual harassment after calling teacher 'cute'

Gastonia - You usually imagine young children to be suspended from school for fighting, or perhaps verbally bullying another student. Neither was the case for one North Carolina schoolboy, who was suspended for sexual harassment after calling his teacher "cute".

Op-Ed: Do conservative women hold cards for Cain ticket?

GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was riding high in the polls even after sexual harassment allegations surfaced. What will now be determined is how much the allegations will affect conservative women’s support for Cain in the primaries.

Sharon Bialek's ex-boyfriend confirms her sexual harassment story

Washington - The ex-boyfriend of Sharon Bialek, the woman who last week accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment, held a news conference on Monday where he confirmed her story that Cain sexually harassed her when she contacted him for a job.

Op-Ed: Obama vs the torturers

Barack Obama may have been a disappointment as the candidate of change, but the alternatives in 2012 are a Christian Zionist who may well start World War III, and a woman who would allow the unemployed to starve.

Cain ignores sex harassment claims, continues to crack 'jokes'

Ypsilanti - Herman Cain is moving forward from the accusations that he sexually harassed four women. Now, he's delivering quips and jokes, some of them offensive to their victims and others defensive and testy.

Report finds widespread use of sexual harassment in high schools

In one of the most comprehensive surveys to date, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) highlights the prevalence and widespread use of sexual harassment in middle and high schools in a new report.

Republican mother accuses Herman Cain of putting hand up skirt

New York - 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and former head of the National Restaurant Association, Herman Cain has received another sexual harassment charge. Sharon Bialek accused Cain of putting his hand up her skirt in the 1990s.

Op-Ed: Herman Cain's house of cards is falling down

New York - GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain is probably at a crossroads in his career now. Not only has the National Restaurant Association confirmed he was accused of sexually abusing two employees, but one accuser confirms it in writing, as well.
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Media reports have escalated regarding the growing number of bullying   in schools
Media reports have escalated regarding the growing number of bullying in schools
Wikimedia Commons
screenshot from TF1 news report
screenshot from TF1 news report
Nine-year-old suspended for sexual harassment.
Nine-year-old suspended for sexual harassment.
YouTube Screen Capture - 116falconer
Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has suspended from the Liberal caucus Montreal MP Massi...
Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has suspended from the Liberal caucus Montreal MP Massimo Pacetti and Newfoundland MP Scott Andrews pending an investigation into two separate sexual harassment allegations made by two MPs of the NDP party
Digital Journal illustration

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