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Report: Anthony Weiner being investigated over sexting with minor

New York City - CNN is reporting former disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner is being investigated over allegations made earlier this week that he exchanged explicit text messages and photos with a 15-year-old girl even though she told him how old she was.

Texas: Sex with 17-year-old legal but sexting is a crime

Houston - A 51-year-old Texas tutor is accused of having consensual sex with a 17-year-old student. That is not a crime but authorities say sexually explicit pictures of the girl found on his phone constitutes child pornography.

Proposed sexting law is facing pushback in CO

A proposed sexting law in Colorado is receiving pushback. Concerns about how to punish teens engaging in sexting are being raised.

Dad awaiting trial in son's hot car death faces sexting charges

Marietta - The Georgia man who is awaiting trial for allegedly murdering his son by intentionally leaving the boy in a hot car in June 2014 has now been indicted on charges involving sexting young girls.

Intern sexting scandal takes down powerful Missouri politician

Kansas City - Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (R) announced his resignation from his leadership position on Thursday after being caught up in a sexting scandal.

Online bullying, sexting causes teen depression, anxiety, suicide

The number of teens seeking help for depression and anxiety disorders is on the rise and health officials in the U.K. believe it may be due to sexting and online bullying. A mental health group there reports more teens experiencing problems online.

Ben Stein begged for nude photos in texts says former escort

A former escort revealed racy text messages from commentator Ben Stein, where he asked for sexy photos of the pregnant 24-year-old.

Police allegedly have a bizarre request in child porn case

Manassas - A 17-year-old boy is facing charges of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography for sending a video of himself to his girlfriend. According to the boy's lawyers police want to take a picture of his erect penis to use as evidence.

Flipped off: Anthony Weiner ends mayoral race with middle finger

New York - New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's finger was raised high even if his head and spirits were low as he exited Connolly's Pub in Midtown after suffering defeat in the Democratic primaries.

TopFinds: Brits react to Royal Baby birth, Weiner's woes

We interview UK residents about the birth of the Royal Baby. What new trouble has Anthony Weiner found himself in this week? Researchers uncover the structure of a protein causing depression and anxiety. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Illinois teacher faces 10 years to life for alleged student sexts

Peoria - An Illinois teacher faces a minimum of 10 years behind bars for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old student enticing him into a sexual relationship with her.

Toronto teen faces several charges in sexting incident

Toronto - In circumstances similar to the well publicized case of Amanda Todd, the youth is alleged to have obtained sexually explicit photos of a young girl he met online, threatened her, and then distributed the pictures.

RCMP announces investigation into death of Amanda Todd

Port Coquitlam - On the same day the story of Amanda's bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide was extensively covered in the media, the Lower Mainland District RCMP announced a full investigation will be undertaken.

Man charged with distributing sexting pictures of ex-girlfriend

Oshawa - The 46-year-old Ontario man was charged with defamatory libel after it was alleged he sent out nude and pornographic pictures of his ex-girlfriend after the couple broke up.

Man who accidentally sexted young girls gets sentenced reduced

London - The 24-year-old U.K. man had his 18 month sentence reduced by the Court of Appeal that enabled him to immediately go free. The judges accepted he did not mean to send a sexually explicit message to the young teens.

'F-Bomb', 'sexting' among new 100 words added to MW Dictionary

Springfield - The latest English words to be added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which consists of more than 200,000 words, are quite reflective of modern day society. The editor announced some new words: "f-bomb," "sexting" and "bucket list."

Former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner will re-enter politics, maybe

New York - Although Weiner will not confirm it, there are rumours the disgraced former congressman may run for public advocate or even take a stab at becoming New York City's next mayor in 2013.

One-quarter of teens have 'sexted' nude photos of themselves

Of almost 1,000 teens surveyed in Texas, more than half reported being asked to text or email a naked picture of themselves; of these, most felt uncomfortable with the request. Still, 28 percent of the teens surveyed said they had sent such a photo.

Video: U.S. judge caught sexting to married court bailiff

Detroit - A U.S.court judge caught sending semi-nude images of himself to a married court bailiff admitted sending similar images to other women. Wade McCree, on Detroit's 3rd Circuit, said, when a reporter showed him the photo, "I've got no shame in my game."

South Carolina lawmakers approve bill prohibiting 'sexting'

Columbia - A panel of lawmakers initially passed a bill on Wednesday making it a crime for young people to partake in "sexting." The bill specifically targets South Carolina children between the ages of 12 and 17.

Oxford dictionary cuts 'cassette tapes', adds sexting, retweet

The Oxford English Dictionary has released its 12th edition of the century old book and in it readers will find 400 new terms that reflect the changing times, along with dozens of words that have lost popularity and been omitted from the abridgement.

Study: Sexting is cheating

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner brought sexting into a whole new light recently. A new study finds the practice of sending sexual texts or photos over the Internet a tool for those who want to cheat.

Anthony Weiner resigning

Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally had enough, and he has decided that the best course of action would be to step down from his position, he reportedly told colleagues.

Op-Ed: Obama says there are days when ‘one term is enough’

Washington - In an exclusive interview, President Barack Obama told TODAY's Ann Curry on Monday there are times when he thinks "one term is enough," a line certain to send a tingle down the spines of GOP presidential hopefuls who might see it as a sign of weakness.

New commercial from fiscally conservative group targets Weiner

Capitalizing on Congressman Weiner's sexting revelations as the latest example of sex scandals that have emerged in Congress, a fiscally conservative group has issued an advertisement urging action on spending control.

Weiner’s dysfunction leads to consultations with Clintons

Washington - Washington’s latest sex scandal involving Rep Anthony Weiner, D-New York, has turned into an even greater sideshow distraction as he and his wife have reportedly sought advice from the Clintons, America’s highest profile sex-scandal couple.

Op-Ed: Australia’s anti sexting campaign — $120 million for what?

Canberra - Apparently Australia’s morally purer than snow government has caught up with sexting by teens. One problem is that people under 18 can be prosecuted for “child pornography” if they send pictures, even of themselves.

Study - Increase in strangers trying to meet kids offline

Kids Worldwide Speak Out on CyberSafety -Not All Fun and Games Online. A new report found 6 of 10 kids continue to have negative online experiences from cam exposure, nudity, violence and having strangers befriend them trying to meet them in real life.

Sexting: A Crime, a Misdemeanor or a Foolish Mistake?

Young people are doing it; older folk are too. Sending nude or sexually explicit pictures and videos over the Internet and with cell phones can show a lack of judgment and can also be a felony. When does sexting become a crime?

Sexting Seniors Set New Trend

While some people were surprised to learn their teens might be sharing sexy photos on phones and the Web, how much more surprising is it that some seniors are doing the same? In fact recent polls claim 10 percent engage in "sexting."
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