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Sex offenders News

Legislators: Sex offenders could use Pokémon Go to lure victims

Albany - Two New York state senators expressed concern that Pokémon creatures have been found near the homes of serious sex offenders. They want restrictions placed upon sex offenders' use of the app and the creatures removed from around their homes.

Rehabilitation programs don't change sex offenders, report says

Sex offender treatment programs — in which offenders follow a syllabus aimed at "normalizing" their sexual impulses and fantasies — have not been shown to reduce the likelihood that sex offenders will change their behavior after they get out of jail.

Police: Suspected serial killers on parole killed four women

Anaheim - Two sex offenders, on parole and wearing GPS trackers, are suspected in the killing of four prostitutes in Orange County, California. Police believe there may be more victims.

Louisiana sex offenders must list status on social media sites

A new law coming soon to the state of Louisiana will require the online profiles of sex offenders and child predators to indicate their sex offender status while using social networking sites.

Festival boycott call because gay-rights campaigner will be there

A leading consultant with Anglican Mainstream, the Church of England’s conservative and traditionalist wing, has called for a boycott of the UK’s Christian version of Woodstock, the mega Greenbelt arts festival, which takes place in August.

Michigan homeless sex offenders don't need to register

The Michigan Court of Appeals has handed down their ruling that homeless sex offenders don't have to comply with Michigan's Sex Offender Registry Act.

Once Victim, Now Activist Helps Miami Sex Offenders With Housing

When Lauren Book-Lim was a little girl she was victimized by her nanny. The woman she called "Waldy" was both kind and cruel, raping the young girl. Today Book-Lim helps sexual predators that have been forced into tent cities under a bridge in Miami.

Sex offenders in Cobb Co. Georgia sleeping in the woods

Probation officers are recommending a camp site in the woods near Marietta, Ga. as a housing option for homeless sex offenders. The camp is a "last resort" for offenders who cannot find other housing that is in compliance with Georgia law.

In Miami sex offenders live under the bridge

There is no where to live in Miami if you're a sex offender other than a tent city in the area under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. The tent city is home to about 70 convicted sex offenders.

Changes coming to national sex offender registry from Ottawa

It's going to be tougher for convicted sex offenders in Canada soon as the Conservative government works to revamp the current federal laws.

Op-Ed: Incest, France and the world’s dirty little secret

Liberation carries an article today on the fact that much-needed legislation on incest has been delayed, again, in order to make time to vote a bill on internet copyright, viewed as being more important. Let’s hope it isn’t delayed much longer.

Czech Republic Uses Surgical Castration on Sex Offenders

In the Czech Republic sex offenders are punished with a simple operation. Doctors make an incision in a man's scrotal sack and remove the offender's testicles. The Council of Europe is saying that punishment is degrading and wants it to be off the books.

Did My Space Ousted Sex Offenders Travel To Facebook?

MySpace had rid itself of sex offenders. 90,000 of them have been kicked off of the site in the past two years. They seem to have found a new home, Facebook.

Georgia Sex Offenders Soon Will Not Be Allowed To Volunteer At Church

Sex offenders are suing in Georgia for the right to help out at church. The Southern Center for Human Rights based in Atlanta filed a lawsuit on Tuesday on behalf of 15,400 sex offenders on Georgia's state registry.

Carnival Ride Collapse & Sex Offenders W/ Updates

Two individuals were arrested in Calaveras County California while working at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee.

Lawmakers Consider Castration for Sex Offenders

A Louisiana lawmaker has proposed a bill in which castration could be a sentencing option for some sex offenders in the state. The bill will be sent to the Senate for final approval.

35-Year-Old Convicted of Coercing Teen into Prostitution

Some immigration advocates for allowing free and open access continue to point to illegals coming here to "end their poverty and suffering." What happens when someone can't come forward for protection by the law because of their legal status?

State wants special car plates for sex offenders

Lawmakers in Ohio have made a proposal to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified wherever they go.

For Halloween, All Sex Offenders In Lockdown

For Halloween Night, numerous sex offenders in Anderson, South Carolina will be gathered tonight for Halloween. They will be placed on lockdown for the night as a measure to protect children as they trick or treat for candy.

Tennessee Sex Offenders Told No Halloween Activities

The Tennessee Board of Probation & Parole has sent notices to sex offenders in its state and advises them that they are prohibited in participating in any Halloween activities.

Sex Offenders Find Sanctuary In Florida Trailer Park

A trailer park located in St. Petersburg, Florida has become a sanctuary or refuge for registered sex offenders. To them, this place is a mere piece of salvation. Almost half of the residents are registered sex offenders.

Update: Man arrested for luring teen on MySpace.

William Joe Mitchell, the man who befriended a fifteen-year-old girl on and convinced her to run away with him, has been arrested at a truck-stop Winchester, Virginia.

Map Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

Vision 20/20 is a website that offers a web-based mashup of sex offender data and Windows Live Maps so users can see if any sex offenders live near their home. It is a free service offered to customers.

Sex Offenders Roam Free on MySpace in Canada Thanks to Laws and Politics

The system that found 29,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace this week has been applauded everywhere but Canada. Reports now say restrictive Canadian law and politics are preventing companies from getting sex offenders off the social network.

Don't Take Away Our Porn, Jail is Hard Enough

Those poor sex offenders in Sweden almost lost the right to read their porn. In their infantile judgement the Supreme Administrative Court in Stockholm last week said jails can not deny porn to the inmates. Even those in for rape.

MySpace Sex Offender List Available

A list of sex offenders using the popular MySpace was made available for the public, thanks to our Attorney General Mike Cox. There are about 200 names of men and women in Michigan alone.

Seven MySpace Sex Offenders Arrested in Texas

Seven sex offenders and users of MySpace were arrested in Texas follow two week long investigation and cooperation between MySpace and Texas Attorney General's office. More arrests will follow across the nation.

Sex offenders younger, more violent, study says

Sex offenders are getting younger and the crimes more violent. The number of Juvenile sex offenders have increased 40% over two decades. There are more treatment programs for juveniles and under 12 than ever before.

How Do Cops Find An "Invisible" Sex Offender? They Don't.

In Central Florida there are many sex offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes but no one can find them. They have become "invisible" due to being homeless. Without known addresses they cannot be kept track of.

MySpace deletes profiles of convicted sex offenders

In a response to the demand from eight U.S. attorney generals to hand over information MySpace has gathered on convicted sex offenders that use the MySpace site. Today MySpace removed and blocked "a few thousand" user profiles today.
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H.M.P. Whatton in Nottingham  is a category C prison which specializes in male sex offenders.
H.M.P. Whatton in Nottingham, is a category C prison which specializes in male sex offenders.
Jacob Harvey  charged with stabbing and raping a female prison teacher
Jacob Harvey, charged with stabbing and raping a female prison teacher
Arizona Department of Corrections
Brent Daley  27; and Brianne Daley  25. of Pinal County  Arizona were arrested and charged with chil...
Brent Daley, 27; and Brianne Daley, 25. of Pinal County, Arizona were arrested and charged with child neglect and child endangerment.
Pinal County Sheriff's Department

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