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Sex education News

Op-Ed: Traditional sex-ed replaced with dolphins and ducklings in Turkey

Sixth graders in Turkish schools will no longer learn about human genitalia anatomy and reproduction, sparking controversy over the censorship.

Op-Ed: Parents cannot protect kids from sex by censoring books

Fremont - "Your Health Today" is at the center of a controversy on how much children should learn about sex from textbooks. While the amount of information it gives is significant, caring parents are a bit misguided in sharing it.

Teen sex education campaign makes use of giant yellow condom

Santiago - It's hard to not see a 40-foot tall fluorescent yellow condom standing straight in the middle of a suburb, and that's just the way La Florida's Mayor Rodolfo Carter likes it. The center-right mayor wants teens to notice, and stop and think about it.

Mississippi sex ed students taught homosexuality is illegal

Mississippi law mandates that the public high school students be taught that gay sex is a crime under state law and that sexual intercourse is only acceptable between a monogamously married man and woman.

Government teaching kids about masturbation, anal sex, and more

The government is informing the youth about everything from homosexuality to masturbation and even anal sex on a website designed for young girls from ten to sixteen years old.

U.K. sex education publication says porn should be education tool

A sex education publication in the U.K. believes that pornography could be used as "helpful" tool in educating young students about sex. As the BBC reports it "advocates pupils being taught how to view pornography in school sex education lessons."

High school student protests 'slut-shaming' abstinence crusader

Charleston - A West Virginia high school student is seeking an injunction against her principal after he allegedly threatened to contact the college she will attend after graduating and defame her character because she protested a sex-negative school assembly.

Tennesee passes 'gateway sexual activity' bill

Nashville - Tennessee has passed a bill which allows parents to sue teachers or other involved parties for "promoting or condoning 'gateway sexual activity' by students, TIME reports.

Op-Ed: Teen Pregnancy — its decline and what that means for U.S.

Teen pregnancy rates in the United States are declining and statistics show it's because of comprehensive sex education in schools.

Sequel announced for controversial sex-ed video game

London - The Middlesex-London Health Unit in Ontario, Canada is launching a sequel to its controversial online sex-ed game Adventures in Sex City, targeted at young people. The online game is conceived as a fun-way of promoting safe sex among young people.

NYC teachers new role: showing teens how to use a condom

New York - The times they are 'a changin' in New York City's schools. The much maligned and disputed idea of sex education is now being mandated for kids as young as 11. Within the curriculum, how to use a condom.

Sex Quest game launches on Facebook

Canadians have a new game on Facebook to learn about sex in a fun new way. The trivia game presents sex in a positive way says Dr. Amanda Black of the SOGC's Contraception Awareness Program Working Group.

Manny Pacquiao takes sides on PH Reproductive Health Bill

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has taken sides on the reproductive health bill now pending resolution in congress, against the wishes of the president and the political party he is currently affiliated with.

‘Encyclopedia of Sex’ withdrawn from schools in Chile

Santiago - The Chilean Secretary of Education announced today that sex education material called "The Encyclopedia of Sex" is being removed from schools because of erotic text and explicit sexual images.

Op-Ed: Should Teens Learn About Sex Through Texting on Cellphones?

The Birds and Bees Text Line in Durham, North Carolina, has become a hot spot for teens where they can anonymously text questions about sex to a non-judgmental voice. Is the project a god-send or a can of worms? Read on and decide.

University Bares All: Offers Porn Course

Believe it or not (and this is truly a case where even Mr. Ripley might rise an eyebrow) a university in Taiwan has opened a course to teach students how to appreciate and analyze porn movies. Read on for the interesting but very naked facts.

California Ten-Year-Olds Will Be Getting Sex Education In School

The California Board of Education implemented guidelines that will now require fifth graders to be educated about STDs. This comes just days after a study revealed that one in four American teens have an STD.

Students suspended from school for promoting safe sex

Two students at Lewis and Clark Junior High School in Wood River, Illinois were suspended for wearing homemade shirts promoting safe sex practices. Victoria Shoemaker and Cheyenne Byrd say they want the school to teach safe sex, not just abstinence.

Teach Us About Sex Says Some Bronx Student Activists

When it comes to sex ed some Bronx students have been fighting to get knowledge put into the classroom. Ten students recently testified before the City Council that sex education needs to be mandatory in the classroom.

States Want Washington to Put the Education Back in Sex Education

Just Say NO didn't work in the war on drugs and it doesn't seem to be working in Sex Education either as more and more states opt out of federal funding that requires “abstinence only” curriculum.

Op-Ed: Teen births on the rise despite education

While the U.S. government has funded programs to teach teenagers abstinence and reduce the rate of teen pregnancies, studies have shown there is more that needs to be done. What did the feds do wrong?

We Have Sex, Let's Educate the Young

In India, a country where the population has hit over a billion, there is very little sex education being taught in schools. About a dozen of the 29 states are fighting the government about offering education into the schools.

Some States 'Just Say No' to Federal Abstinence Funding

Some states are walking away from Federal money because they won't teach abstinence-only sex education programs that are being mandated by the White House.

Pilot Sex Education Classes

The Montgomery County Public Schools are offering course material that includes lessons on condom use and homosexuality at two high schools and two middle schools in the new pilot sex education classes.

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