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Sewage News

Brown Danube: How Belgrade's sewers taint Europe's famous river

Belgrade - Just down the road from Belgrade's historic city centre, gates open for trucks to pass to the banks of the Danube, where they dump raw sewage into Europe's venerated river.

Further support for tracking coronavirus in wastewater

New research affirms earlier studies about the usefulness of studying wastewater samples for the novel coronavirus. Researchers took weekly samples through the early days of the pandemic and on into the more recent stages.

Aussie sewers a frontline in bid to flush out coronavirus

Melbourne - Australia is getting down and dirty to combat the coronavirus pandemic -- unrolling a vast programme of sewage testing this week in the hope of finding hidden clusters of the virus.

Is airplane sewage spreading antibiotic-resistant microbes?

Examining sewage from five airports, microbiologists have found that 90 percent of 187 E. coli isolated were resistant to at least one antibiotic.

Careless disposal of medicines increases antimicrobial resistance

Copenaghen - There are a number of ways by which antimicrobial resistance can spread, and one that is of growing concern is the disposal of medicines by consumers down sinks and toilets. A new technique can help to assess the extent of the spread.

Most drugs in sewage are not from dumped narcotics

Vermont - The belief that most drugs in sewage are stashes of illegal narcotics flushed down toilets by criminals appears to be a myth. Most drugs in sewage systems are excreted by people who have been prescribed them.

Using sewage sludge as an effective fertilizer

The idea of putting sewage on plants and crops may not seem very appealing. However, new research suggests recycled sewage helps to improve plant and crop yields. This is after the sewage has been ‘thermally conditioned.’

Treatment of wastewater raises new health concern

A new concern has been expressed about the presence of large numbers of antibiotics in wastewater. Here treatments to "clean up" wastewater may be modifying the antibiotics and, by doing so, triggering a rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Sewage to suds: Craft brewers to make beer from reclaimed water

Portland - An Oregon waste water treatment operator is challenging Oregon's renowned craft beer community to come up with a tasty beer made from treated sewage water.

Shifting through sewage to get valuable metals

Sewage, one of the most unpleasant waste products, may contain valuable metals. While not exactly worth its weight in gold, scientists are looking at ways of extracting key elements from the sludge.

Connection with bacteria found in sewage and weight gain

According to new research, a link was found between microbes identified in a city’s sewage treatment plants and the population’s obesity rate.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in the Hudson River

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been isolated in specific spots along the Hudson river, from the Tappan Zee Bridge to lower Manhattan. The cause is linked to raw sewage being pumped into the water.

Spain: Cádiz project world-first to convert sewage into bio-fuel

Chiclana - A waste-water plant in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz will be first in the world to convert sewage into clean fuel to be used in vehicles. Under the project, dubbed All-gas, the plant is using sunlight to create algae, which in turn is converted to gas.

Caffeinated bacteria may help with waste decontamination

Genetically engineered bacteria that can digest caffeine have been created for the purpose of the decontamination of wastewater.

Bacteria used to clean pharmaceuticals from sewage

Removing pharmaceutical products from water and sewage, so that uncontaminated water can be safely passed back into the environment is a costly and tricky task. A new process, using an artificial wetland and bacteria, is a promising alternative.

World Bank allocating $6.4 million to Gaza water project

Gaza - On Tuesday, the World Bank reported that it has approved a grant of US$6.4 million to improve water and sewage services in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Development Bank will also donate US$11.14 million to the project.

Photo story: Living dirty in India Special

The manholes in Jothiammal Nagar, Chennai, overflow and fill the streets with sewage. Garbage dumped by the residents is not cleared by the civic body. The area lacks even basic hygiene. Is this the way to live?

Men sell sewage as drinking water in Saudi Arabia

Riyad - Police in Saudi Arabia are searching for drinking water tanks that have been filled with sewage water by con-men hoping to turn a quick profit.

Water in Gaza not fit for human consumption say charities

Save the Children and Medical Aid for Palestinians say that the water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption, as it is contaminated with fertilizers and sewage.

The solution to world hunger?

In 1729, Jonathan Swift proposed eating babies as the solution to famine in Ireland. Recently, a Japanese scientist has proposed an arguably even more unpalatable solution.

Woman gets back ring she flushed down toilet two years ago

A woman in the UK got her diamond ring back, two years after she accidentally flushed it down a toilet and had a company conduct a search.

Japanese Sewage: One Man’s Garbage is Another’s Gold

In Japan, a sewage treatment facility has yielded more gold than some of the world’s best mines! Probably resulting from the many precision equipment manufacturers nearby who utilize gold, a new sort of rush is on.

Raw Sewage Flows Into Halifax Harbour

The new treatment plant on the Halifax water front has been shut down indefinitely as engineers look for the malfunction that allows raw sewage to flow into the harbour.

Booming Dubai threatened by raw sewage

A health threat is looming over public beaches in Dubai as two brothers have fallen ill after they fell into the sea off Jumeirah. Attention is again being drawn to illegal raw sewage dumping into the water.

Palestinian Water Authority pressed Israel to ship water chemicals to Gaza

The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) said on Thursday that it succeeded in pressuring Israel to allow chemicals used to purify water into the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Green Solutions to Sewage Problems

A report was released today by Ecojustice that highlights innovative green solutions that could stop billions of litres of raw sewage from fouling the Great Lakes each year.

Citizens Fear Sewage Dumping May Begin Again

Sierra Blanca - In 1992 to 2001, New York-based Merco Joint Ventures spread treated sewage across 18,000 acres of land on the Mile High Ranch, 80 miles southeast of El Paso. The company went bankrupt in 2002, and the dumping stopped. Until now.

Please Land This Plane - I Want To Get Off!

It was a nauseating flight from hell when 2 hours after takeoff the lavatories began overflowing. Raw human excrement flowed down the aisles. Passengers sat stunned & gagging from the overwhelming stench. A landing in Ireland fixed the problem, or did it?

2 Million Gallons Of Raw Sewage Spills Into The Hudson River

A broken pipe has spilled 2 million gallons of raw sewage directly into the Hudson River just north of New York City early Saturday. Workers are scrambling the repair the break before the amount goes even higher.

Sewage 'Tsunami' Survivors Find Themselves Up The Creek

Two elderly women and two young toddlers have thought to have drowned in a flood of raw sewage when a reservoir burst it's banks.
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An outdoor composting toilet on Lasqueti Island.
An outdoor composting toilet on Lasqueti Island.
Gaza Strip water and sewage.
Gaza Strip water and sewage.
Pollution of our lakes  rivers  reservoirs and aquifers is a major problem worldwide.
Pollution of our lakes, rivers, reservoirs and aquifers is a major problem worldwide.
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