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Scientists at U.S. conference say time to contact Aliens

A scientist from the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute told a meeting of the American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science that the time has come to contact extraterrestrials. It sparked a debate at Thursday's meeting in San Jose.

'Vulcan' overwhelming choice of names for Pluto's smallest moons

Mountain View - Star Trek fans have reason to celebrate after learning their choice for the name of one of Pluto's smallest moon is the overwhelming favorite.

Scientists: Advanced alien technology may exist in solar system

Pittsburgh - Although scientists have not (officially) come into contact with an extraterrestrial species, two scientists are theorizing that it is possible that they have gone unnoticed in our solar system because of the vastness of space.

Op-Ed: Search for alien life off — Budget cuts shut down SETI monitoring

Federal government cuts have shut down the radio telescope used by SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Ironically, it was a form of alien intelligence, for want of a better description, that shut it down- Accountancy.

Hunt for aliens to be mothballed as SETI close Allen telescope

Hat Creek - The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) in California has been shelved due to funding shortfalls. The array, which monitors the skies for extra-terrestrial life, became the latest victim of US budget cuts.

Scientists suggest we might be overlooking alien communications

A new theory has been put forward in the astrophysics world suggesting people have assumed too much when looking for alien attempts to communicate with Earth.

World-class radio telescopes face closure

If this happens then those nearly seven-years my computer and I spent looking for friends other than those on this planet will have been wasted...

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Allan Telescope array in California
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