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Q&A: Data center energy efficiency: Moving beyond batteries Special

There are several ways to make existing data centers more energy efficient, such as with the adoption of technologies that can impact both consumption and bottom line. John Jeter of VYCON explains more.

Q&A: How data centers can become more energy efficient Special

As the world becomes more digital, electricity consumption in data centers will surge — that number could rise to 8 percent of the global total by 2030. A leading expert looks at energy efficiency options.

Use of data storage platforms for decentralized apps: Interview Special

With the rise in blockchain-based platforms and apps, a common problem arises for developers in terms of where to securely store and manage their sensitive data. One solution comes from the company Fluence.

'Chaos' backdoor lets attackers gain control of Linux servers

A backdoor that exploits raw Linux sockets is giving attackers control of servers, security researchers have warned. They found malware is infecting systems by guessing passwords used to protect remote control systems. It works by monitoring socket data.

Cisco: Cloud datacentres to power 94% of workloads by 2021

Cloud datacentres will serve up to 94% of Internet traffic by 2021, according to a new report from network specialists Cisco. The company found demand for hyperscale public and private clouds will drive demand to "as-a-service" offerings.

IBM launches new POWER9 servers designed for AI

IBM's announced the launch of its first POWER9 server, a dual-socket system aimed at AI. The company's underlying chip can be configured with up to 44 cores and is designed to accelerate machine learning. It's claimed to be faster than Intel's platforms.

Hitachi uses AI to predict when server hard drives will fail

Hitachi is developing AI for enterprise storage systems that will help administrators monitor drives and predict when they will fail. The "futuristic" technology could anticipate hard drive issues before they occur, allowing pre-emptive replacement.

Web security upgrade delayed over fears 60m could lose connection

A major security upgrade to infrastructure that supports the entire Internet has been delayed over fears it could knock 60 million people offline. ICANN was preparing to change cryptographic keys to boost security but has put the plans on hold until 2018.

Microsoft aims to recapture power users with new Windows version

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows 10 designed specifically for users of high-end workstation PCs. The company said it had listened to feedback from customers asking for a desktop operating system tailored to server-grade hardware.

Leak: Microsoft creating Windows 10 edition for 'Advanced PCs'

A leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed Microsoft is working on three new versions of the operating system designed for "advanced PCs." The company looks set to revive its Workstation branding last used over 20 years ago to offer extended features.

HP unveils 'The Machine': a big data computer with 160TB of RAM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the largest single memory computer ever created. "The Machine" has 160TB of memory within a single bank, allowing it to scale far beyond previous computers. It could help to enable the "big data" age.

'Fog computing' could be more important than the cloud

Cloud computing has taken off in recent years, driven by increased demand for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Now a new concept could surpass the cloud though, bringing in a 'fog' of files with even greater power.

World's most used email server has 'near-impenetrable' security

An open-source email server that powers communications services by providers across the world has been described as "near-impenetrable" by an independent security review. Just three minor issues were found in the server's highly complex code.

Perovskite could herald next generation of data storage

Technologists have developed a new perovskite based-material. The material has special properties that can be used to design and build next-generation hard drives.

NHS email knocked offline as test message sent to every employee

A test email accidentally sent to every NHS employee in England has managed to crash the health service's email system. The problem was worsened by some users complaining with the "reply all" button. Doctors have warned there could be a risk to patients.

North Korea just revealed its Internet, contains only 28 websites

North Korea has accidentally exposed the server powering its ".kp" websites. It has just 28 registered domains, showing the tight restrictions applied to the Internet in the country. They include a social networking site and education information.

4.5m web servers at risk due to insecure private keys

A study has found that over 4.5 million web servers fail to properly secure their private keys, cryptographic signatures that protect data and prevent sensitive connections being hijacked. The keys can be found online, allowing hackers to access servers.

Google and Facebook put their fierce rivalry aside to save money

Back in March, Google finally joined up with the Open Compute Project — the Facebook-led effort to build better computer hardware that's shaking up a $140 million industry.

Google tasks artificial intelligence with cutting its power bill

Google has managed to cut its power bill by using artificial intelligence from its DeepMind subsidiary to work out how to reduce power consumption in its datacentres. By giving AI control of the cooling systems, it has reduced consumption by 40 percent.

Bug at BT forwards every sent email to one man's email account

BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, has admitted a "testing" error resulted in every email sent across its network being forwarded to a single account for a brief period this week. A "Steve Webb" received every email sent by BT users.

Web hosting firm 'deletes part of Internet', loses customer sites

A web hosting company has accidentally deleted some of the customer websites it is responsible for, pulling a part of the Internet offline in the process. UK-based 123-reg admitted that many of its 1.7 million customers currently have inaccessible sites.

Man who 'deleted his company' with code bug reveals it was a hoax

The man who last week claimed to have deleted his entire business by running a single line of buggy code on his servers has revealed his original post was a hoax. The self-promotion effort was inspired by a real incident several years ago though.

Man 'deletes his entire company' with a single line of code

A man has managed to delete his entire company after accidentally running a command on his servers. The command removed every file stored on the servers that previously held customer websites the company was responsible for hosting.

'Biggest ever tech deal': Dell to acquire EMC for $67 billion

Computer manufacturer Dell has made history by announcing it has purchased storage technology specialists EMC for a record-breaking $67 billion. Dell says it will create the "world's largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company."

Op-Ed: Why Mr. Robot is the best TV series of 2015

When a show like Mr. Robot comes along, the world takes notice. As the debut season wrapped up last night, the passionate fandom over this series is well-deserved: the writing is sharp, the cinematography is stunning, and the big reveals drop jaws.

LastPass password management service hacked, users warned

Password management service LastPass has advised its users to change the master password for their accounts after noting some suspicious activity on its servers recently. Although it does not believe any data was taken, the firm is taking precautions.

Five people injured in chlorine leak at Apple data centre

A reported leak of chlorine gas at Apple's data centre in North Carolina has injured five people and led to evacuation by hazardous materials specialists. The cause of the incident is unknown and the workers were taken to hospital.

Xbox One May update brings new features including voice messages

Microsoft has released the May update for its Xbox One games console and media hub. It features several notable new features that have been often requested by the community including the ability to send voice messages and turn the console on remotely.

China blames foreign malware for Internet outage

China has blamed malware originating from "overseas servers" for causing a widespread Internet outage in the country last weekend. The unusual attack resulted in several users being redirected to one of two websites when browsing online.

IBM develops computer tape capable of storing 220TB of data

IT giant IBM has developed a new form of magnetic tape for computer storage that can hold 220TB of data on a reel of tape that could fit in the palm of your hand. The development will make it much easier to store vast amounts of data.
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