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Broadvoice database: 350 million customer records exposed online Special

A Broadvoice database cluster holding more than 350 million records, many including personal details and voicemail transcripts of Broadvoice clients’ customers, was found to have been left open online for anyone to view.

Millions of patients' data exposed on database without password Special

New has emerged that Dr. Lal PathLabs, a laboratory testing giant in India, left a massive amount of patient data exposed on a public database without a password for several months.

Unsecured Microsoft Bing server exposed search queries Special

It was recently revealed that a back-end server associated with Microsoft Bing exposed sensitive data of the search engine's mobile application users, including search queries, device details, and GPS coordinates, among others. user resumes found exposed online Special

A misconfigured cloud server is thought to be behind a database containing resumes from job seekers, many from the recruitment site Monster Worldwide Inc., being found exposed online.

Facebook's clear history setting doesn't actually clear anything

For those keen to maintain their privacy Facebook's planned roll-out of its new 'clear history' function sounds good. The issue is that the cleared data doesn't really go anywhere, you just won't be able to see it.

Vine vulnerability lets hacker download the complete source code

A hacker looking for bug bounties has stumbled across a security hole in Vine that allowed him to download the entire source code from a publicly accessible website. He was awarded over $10,000 for the discovery of the blatant internal oversight.

Passwords of seven million Minecraft players being sold online

The passwords to over seven million user accounts owned by members of a popular Minecraft community have been hacked and are now being offered for sale on the dark net. The community, Lifeboat, didn't notify users until three months after the breach.

Web hosting firm 'deletes part of Internet', loses customer sites

A web hosting company has accidentally deleted some of the customer websites it is responsible for, pulling a part of the Internet offline in the process. UK-based 123-reg admitted that many of its 1.7 million customers currently have inaccessible sites.

Shady $17 smartwatch sends your data to an unknown Chinese server

Smartwatches are usually quite pricey accessories but, as with most electrical products, cheap knockoffs can easily be found online. One such device is the "U8" $17 smartwatch, recently caught transmitting user data to an unknown Chinese server.

Microsoft testing submerged servers that operate under the waves

An ambitious Microsoft research project wants to put the datacentres of the future at the bottom of the ocean. Although the plan may sound odd at first, it would lower cost and increase the efficiency of the datacentre.

Intel may be working on a 5.1GHz CPU for customers including NSA

A rumour regarding Intel's upcoming range of next-generation processors claims the company may be building one very special chip for its Xeon family. It is said to have a clock speed of 5.1GHz and will be sold to limited customers, including the NSA.

Facebook to open-source 'Big Sur,' a server built for AI

Facebook has announced it will be open-sourcing the hardware designs of the computers powering its artificial intelligence systems to aid future advances in the field and foster innovation. The design of 'Big Sur' is now freely available.

650,000 Chinese smartphones behind massive web server outage

It has been discovered that a massive DDoS attack that took out a web server was fuelled by spam requests originating from the combined might of 650,000 Chinese smartphones. The server was forced offline by the massive overload.

Permanent data loss at Google as lightning strikes four times

Energy-charged atmospheric clouds destroyed a tiny slice of Google's energy-charged digital cloud last Thursday as a data centre in Belgium was struck by lightning four times, wiping disks of data into a state that makes them non-recoverable.

Torrent network could let single hacker bring down major websites

A vulnerability has been found in several widely used torrent applications that could allow a single undetectable hacker to use the software as a tool for executing devastating DDoS attacks against major websites, throwing them offline.

Turning on Windows 10's privacy controls may not actually do much

Windows 10 has been found to send and request data from Microsoft's servers even when the user enables privacy controls designed to disable this behaviour. Details transmitted include a unique machine ID that has the potential to link computer and owner.

Serious networking flaw threatens the existence of the Internet

A critical flaw in software relied on by the web servers that power the Internet is being actively exploited by hackers in the wild. The bug is so severe that attackers could bring down the entire Internet, if used to its full extent.

North America has now run out of IPv4 Internet addresses

North America has now run out of IPv4 Internet addresses as the ageing protocol becomes over-burdened and insufficient to power the ever-growing web. New devices now have to use the newer IPv6 as no more IPv4 addresses can be assigned.

What you need to know about 'Venom', billed Heartbleed 2 by some

An "extremely critical" bug has been found in virtualisation software relied on by web hosts across the Internet. Named "Venom", some have been calling it "Heartbleed 2.0" as it could allow an attacker to gain access to the entire contents of a server.

ICANN has spent $7M trying to get control of DNS from U.S. gov

Domain directory manager ICANN is reported to have spent nearly $7 million trying to gain complete control of the global DNS registries from the U.S. government in a bid to dominate how web address are allocated online.

Op-Ed: The onslaught of ad blockers is killing websites and the Internet

The vast majority of websites rely on revenue from adverts displayed on their pages to be able to operate. Yet many consumers install ad blockers that hide them from sight, preventing websites from getting much needed money - and the trend is growing.

'Komodia' software behind Superfish found in 12 more programs

The dangerous code that allowed the Superfish adware preinstalled on Lenovo laptops to spoof secure SSL certificates has now been found inside another twelve programs online. All are capable of getting around the security mechanisms in the HTTPS protocol.

Blackberry adds BBM encryption to win over enterprise support

Blackberry has been suffering from intensified competition as Android makes a bigger appearance in the mobile market while Apple is still maintaining their fan base. Blackberry's new service aims to take another stand against the competition.

Microsoft Will Battle RIM With Its First Mobile Server

Microsoft is boldly entering the smartphone enterprise market by announcing a 2008 launch of its first dedicated mobile server. Gates and company are competing against Research in Motion, which holds a 70 per cent share in the business mobile industry.

Ebay employee server hacked

Vladuz hacks eBay again.

Bob builds a video server for the minivan

For $190 I had a diskless, fanless, completely silent PC with a Via processor and 128 megs of RAM.

Gateway's Servers Powered BY AMD

Gateway has followed Dell and is now offering servers that are powered by AMD.

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VYCON s green data server solution (image used with permission from VYCON)
VYCON's green data server solution (image used with permission from VYCON)
Apple s Maiden data centre  as first shown off by Steve Jobs
Apple's Maiden data centre, as first shown off by Steve Jobs
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A server at an office.
A server at an office.
Facebook s open-source  Big Sur  artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Facebook's open-source 'Big Sur' artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Facebook s open-source  Big Sur  artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Facebook's open-source 'Big Sur' artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Microsoft Project Natick wants to put future datacentres at the bottom of the sea
Microsoft Project Natick wants to put future datacentres at the bottom of the sea

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