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Robert Lambert talks new documentary series 'Breaking LA' Special

Filmmaker Robert Lambert chatted with Digital Journal about his new documentary series "Breaking LA," as well as the impact of technology in the film industry.

Five things we learned from the 112th World Series

Cleveland - Five Things We Learned From the 112th World Series, which ended with the Chicago Cubs beating the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in 10 innings to win Major League Baseball's best-of-seven final four games to three:1. Everybody matters.

Curses foiled: Cubs manager says fans' burden lifted

Cleveland - At long last, for the first time since 1908, the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions.So say goodbye to the "Curse of the Billy Goat," Cubs fans. No more worrying about black cats crossing in front of the dugout like in 1969 at New York.

Lorenzo Richelmy talks second season of 'Marco Polo' on Netflix Special

Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy chatted with Digital Journal about playing the lead character on the Neflix series "Marco Polo."

Nikki and Nora (N&N Files) is back and ready for a Season Two Special

Nikki and Nora actresses Liz Vassey, Christina Cox and Writer/Director Nancylee Myatt are back and crowdfunding for Season Two.

AMC's 'Hell On Wheels' rolls on into its fourth season

AMC’s "Hell On Wheels" is one of the channel’s longest running dramas. Based on historical fact, it tells the story of the transcontinental railroad through the eyes of the people who made it happen. What an ambitious piece of work it is.

HBO's 'The Leftovers' is a chilling look at a world in mourning

What has “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof been doing lately? He’s been working with Tom Perrotta on "The Leftovers", a show that has the potential to be the next big HBO series.

Titus Welliver's 'Bosch' gets the green light from Amazon Special

"Bosch," a drama starring Titus Welliver, based on Michael Connolly’s novel series, has been given the green light by Amazon to become a full-fledged series for their Prime members . The fans spoke and Amazon listened.

A conversation with Phillip P. Keene from TNT's 'Major Crimes' Special

A flight attendant during the last years of Pan Am’s existence, Phillip P. Keene did not let the demise of the airline stop him from starting over in a new career: acting.

Will Titus Welliver's 'Bosch' be Amazon's next original series? Special

A brilliant character actor with an impressive body of work to his credit, Titus Welliver now has a shot at a TV series of his own. But it can only happen with your help.

First 'Sherlock' series 3 trailer excites but reveals little

Friday, August 2, BBC One released the first teaser trailer for their popular, award winning, Sherlock series' third season.

Review: Netflix original series 'Orange Is the New Black' debuts July 11 Special

Like 'House of Cards' and 'Hemlock Grove' before it, The new Netflix original series is quality fare. It is a provocative, unflinching look at life at life in a women's prison...from a yuppie's point of view.

Mini-documentary series: 'Portraits of Greece in Crisis'

Athens - A new series of short documentaries about the Greek crisis has been created to fulfill the need for an alternative crisis narrative. The series shows the people going through their daily routines in a country which is suffering.

'Endangered Species' prints by Andy Warhol up for auction

London - In the 1980's, following a conversation about ecology and beach erosion, Warhol's New York art dealers suggested he make prints of endangered species. He went ahead and called his works "animals in make-up".

Dallas continues: JR and clan return in a sequel

While some of us remember wondering who shot J.R., and how on earth Bobby returned from the dead, we now have the opportunity to watch a continuation of this popular series.

Vince Duque, House's first AD, discusses the show's final days Special

For its cast and crew, the end of the long-running medical drama was a time of of hard work and emotional ups and downs. First assistant director Vince Duque was an essential part of it all.

Review: Showtime's Nurse Jackie returns for a fourth season

The series' fourth season opener is a quality entry into the new season fold. Here is a series that is still worth watching.

Terra Nova cancelled by Fox - scifi fans will be disappointed

Fox says that the highly inventive TV series, Terra Nova, will not continue for another season. No more dinosaurs will be seen.

Chatting with the cast of 'Glee' as Season 2, Volume 1 hits DVD Special

Gleeks are getting an early DVD treat with the release of the first 10 epsiodes of 'Glee': Season 2. Plus, share a few laughs with 'Glee' castmates Jenna, Kevin, Lea, Matthew, Mark, Jane and Amber. Also: MI-5, The Color Purple, Matlock and The Traveler.

LG's first Windows Phone 7 Series Mobile Phone revealed

A Microsoft employee has shown off LG's first pre-production prototype mobile phone running Microsoft's recently announced Window Phone 7 Series mobile operating system.

Canadian TV show Corner Gas aired its final episode

Corner Gas, a television sitcom series which airs on CTV Canada, WGN in USA, and SBS in Australia, ran its final episode tonight.

Arlen, Texas Will Disappear From The Planet As We Say Farewell To The Hill Family

Now in its thirteenth year of success, 'King of the Hill' will soon be no more. FOX made the announcement late last week to pull what Time Magazine called one of the greatest shows of all time. A sad day for the state of Texas, for sure.

INSP TV Network To Air Series Addressing The Silencing Of Christians In The USA

Titled "Speechless ... Silencing the Christians", the 13 week series examines the growing anti-Christian bias throughout the nation. The American Family Network is also showing the series online and states that the first episode received 40,000 hits.

If You're Invisible Do You Matter?

They are the forgotten. The invisible. Scores died in the Holocaust and yet their very mention is brief. They are a timeless people.

"Heroes" gets a spin-off series

To satiate fans during hiatus, NBC has put "Heroes: Origins" into production. The 6 episode series will center on characters who won't be in the regular show and viewers will be able to go online to pick who should be in the regular "Heroes" show.

Uno World Championship Fever Sweeps the Nation

Final four players Erin Donovan, Meghan Foley, Katie Donovan, and Matt Leonard duke it out for the World Championship Uno title.

Epic 40 Part Bruce Lee TV Series

China's national television broadcaster has started filming a series depicting the life of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, as a prelude to the Beijing Summer Olympics next year.

Cricket World Cup 2007 schedule

The Cricket World Cup series begins on March 11th. There are several divisions playing in designated host countries throughout the Caribbean. So why all the big hype?

DRIVE -- The new television series airing on FOX.

The series is set across the backdrop of an illegal road race with the central focus being on the competitors and eventually on the puppet masters behind the race.

Wii Wanna Rock!

Now you will be able to rock out on your Wii because Guitar Hero is coming to Nintendo.
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Roache and de la Garza trying a case against Timothy Bushfield in Law & Order
Roache and de la Garza trying a case against Timothy Bushfield in Law & Order
Warner Bros
Anastasia Griffith (Haverford)  Tom Weston-Jones (Corcoran) and Franka Potente (Heissan) in a scene ...
Anastasia Griffith (Haverford), Tom Weston-Jones (Corcoran) and Franka Potente (Heissan) in a scene from 'Copper'
BBC America
The cast of Season One of  Copper
The cast of Season One of 'Copper'
BBC America
Archer and his boss/mother
Archer and his boss/mother
An animated Ricky from  The Ricky Gervais Show
An animated Ricky from 'The Ricky Gervais Show'
The cast of the 20th Season of Law & Order: S. Epatha Merkerson  Jeremy Sisto  Anthony Anderson  Sam...
The cast of the 20th Season of Law & Order: S. Epatha Merkerson, Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson, Sam Waterson, Alana de la Garza and Linus Roache.
Det. Kevin Corcoran (Weston-Jones) on the streets of Five Points in  Copper
Det. Kevin Corcoran (Weston-Jones) on the streets of Five Points in 'Copper'
BBC America
Maura and Jane s first meeting (a Season Three flashback)
Maura and Jane's first meeting (a Season Three flashback)
Warner Bros.
Tom Weston-Jones (Det. Kevin Corcoran) and Franka Potente (Madame Eva Heissen) from  Copper
Tom Weston-Jones (Det. Kevin Corcoran) and Franka Potente (Madame Eva Heissen) from 'Copper'
BBC America
Archer and Malory in Season 3 Episode 2  El Contador
Archer and Malory in Season 3 Episode 2 "El Contador"
Nikki and Nora
Nikki and Nora
BBC America
The Toronto  Canada-based set of  Copper
The Toronto, Canada-based set of 'Copper'
BBC America
Tom (Wyle) prepares for battle in  Falling Skies
Tom (Wyle) prepares for battle in 'Falling Skies'
Warner Bros/TNT
Burt Reynolds meets Archer at the ISIS offices
Burt Reynolds meets Archer at the ISIS offices
The spies of  Archer
The spies of 'Archer'
Number one of a series: The fighter begins to approach the sound barrier as it pulls a high-G turn a...
Number one of a series: The fighter begins to approach the sound barrier as it pulls a high-G turn and climb.
Weston-Jones and Potente in a scene from  Copper
Weston-Jones and Potente in a scene from 'Copper'
BBC America

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