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Serbia News

Flagged! Russia objects to Kosovo background at UN video conference

New York - A United Nations Security Council meeting on Kosovo was temporarily suspended Tuesday after Russia objected to the partially recognized country's flag appearing behind Pristina's foreign minister during the video conference.

Vaccine tourists welcome as Serbians say 'no thanks' to jabs

Belgrade - While most of the world struggles to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines, Serbia faces a different battle -- how to persuade its citizens to get the life-saving shot.

Scents of time: Belgrade's last craft perfumery

Belgrade - From a cobblestoned street in downtown Belgrade, the Sava perfumery has seen more than half a century sweep past without ceasing in its mission to keep the city's citizens smelling flowery and fresh.

Serbian Orthodox Church elects new head with close govt links

Belgrade - The Serbian Orthodox Church on Thursday elected as its new patriarch one of its youngest bishops known for his close ties to the Balkan country's political leaders.

US asks Kosovo election winner to back Serbia talks

Washington - The United States on Tuesday called on Kosovo's incoming leader to prioritize normalization negotiations with Serbia, after he vowed to take a new tack.

Kosovo election winner Kurti wants new tack in Serbia talks

Pristina - After a landslide win in Kosovo's parliamentary elections, left-wing reformist Albin Kurti told AFP Monday he wants to reframe talks with Serbia to put the two sides on equal footing.

Forgotten at home, Italian comic strip enjoys cult status in ex-Yugoslavia

Belgrade - Alan Ford, a 1960s Italian comic strip following hapless secret agents as they battle a bizarre cast of villains, including one who steals from the poor and gives to the rich, was intended as satire.

With China's help, Serbia overtakes EU in vaccine rollout

Belgrade - Inside the dome of Belgrade's concrete fair hall, dozens of nurses in hazmat suits inject Covid-19 shots into young and old alike, working with an efficiency that has turned Serbia into continental Europe's fastest vaccinator.

Kosovo establishes Israel ties, to open embassy in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Israel and Kosovo established diplomatic ties on Monday, with the Muslim-majority territory recognising Jerusalem as the Jewish state's capital, putting it at odds with the rest of the Islamic world.

'Beautiful' or 'kitsch'?: Massive Belgrade statue stirs controversy

Belgrade - A gargantuan statue of a medieval Serbian prince unveiled in Belgrade on Wednesday has sparked a fierce debate: is it a "beautiful" tribute to a historical icon or "monstrous" kitsch spoiling a public square?

'You are not alone': Balkan women seize #MeToo moment

Belgrade - When a Serbian actress accused her former drama teacher of rape last week, the reaction was seismic: thousands of women across the Balkans have since come forward with their own stories, united under the banner "You are not alone".

'Catastrophic': Balkan healthcare overwhelmed by virus surge

Belgrade - Not enough beds and not enough doctors: a skyrocketing coronavirus caseload is pushing hospitals in the Balkans to the cusp of collapse, in chaotic scenes reminding some medics of the region's 1990s wars.

Montenegro, Serbia expel each other's ambassadors

Podgorica - Montenegro and Serbia on Saturday expelled each other's ambassadors, both countries' foreign ministries said, in a move likely further to strain already tense relations between two former Yugoslav republics.

Thousands attend Serbian patriarch's funeral, coronavirus victim

Belgrade - Thousands of mourners paid homage Sunday to Patriarch Irinej, leader of Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), who died of Covid-19 during the country's record surge in coronavirus cases.

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch dies of Covid-19

Belgrade - Patriarch Irinej, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, died of coronavirus on Friday, three weeks after his unofficial second-in-command also succumbed to Covid-19, the church said.

Kosovo ex-president Thaci denies war crimes

Den Haag - Kosovo's former president Hashim Thaci pleaded not guilty to war crimes charges in the 1990s war against Serbia as he appeared for the first time at a special international court in The Hague on Monday.

Lake Trump? Disputed reservoir could be named after US president

Pristina - In addition to his own golf clubs and hotels, Donald Trump may soon have a lake named after him following proposals to christen a contested Balkan reservoir in his honour.

The art of the non-deal? Scepticism over Trump's Balkan pact

Belgrade - 'Truly historic', 'a real breakthrough' and 'very big' -- US President Donald Trump let the superlatives flow when he announced a deal between Serbia and Kosovo, earning himself a second Nobel Peace Prize nomination this year.

Brown Danube: How Belgrade's sewers taint Europe's famous river

Belgrade - Just down the road from Belgrade's historic city centre, gates open for trucks to pass to the banks of the Danube, where they dump raw sewage into Europe's venerated river.

Kosovo to recognize Israel and Serbia to move embassy to Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Israel scored two diplomatic gains Friday when majority-Muslim Kosovo agreed to recognize the Jewish state and Serbia said it would move its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Serbia, Kosovo strike economic pact at White House

Washington - Former foes Kosovo and Serbia agreed Friday to normalize economic relations in a US-brokered deal that the administration of President Donald Trump touted as a major diplomatic success.

Trump announces historic accord between former foes Serbia, Kosovo

Washington - Former foes Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on a historic pact to normalize economic relations, US President Donald Trump announced Friday at the White House.

Serbia, Kosovo expected to sign pact at White House

Washington - Serbia and Kosovo are expected to sign an agreement on opening economic relations at the White House Friday, giving President Donald Trump the opportunity to claim a new diplomatic victory for his administration.

'Real progress' at Serbia-Kosovo talks hosted by White House

Washington - Kosovo and Serbia officials made progress toward thawing economic relations in talks Thursday at the White House, officials said, but Serbia said it rejected an effort to force it to officially recognize its bitter enemy.

Trump to host summit between bitter enemies Kosovo and Serbia

Washington - The United States hopes to foster a breakthrough in talks between Balkan war foes Kosovo and Serbia as leaders of the two countries meet at the White House Thursday and Friday.

Montenegro pro-West party risks ouster after three decades

Podgorica - Montenegro's pro-West ruling party could be knocked from power for the first time in three decades after an election gave a razor-thin edge to opposition camps, results showed on Monday.

Montenegro votes in tense election dominated by church row

Podgorica - Montenegrins voted in force Sunday in an election that could weaken the three-decade domination of a pro-West party after a year of protests and high tension with supporters of the influential Orthodox church.

Mladic blasts genocide court as 'child of NATO'

Den Haag - Former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic said Wednesday he had been "pushed into war" and dismissed a UN court as a "child of western powers" in a dramatic end to his appeal against his conviction for genocide.

'Butcher of Bosnia' personally led Srebrenica massacre, prosecutors say

Den Haag - Prosecutors urged UN judges on Wednesday to uphold former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic's genocide conviction, saying he personally oversaw the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Croatian leadership pays first homage to Serb war victims in Grubori

Knin - Croatia's president and top ministers on Tuesday attended for the first time a ceremony in memory of six Serb civilians murdered at the village of Grubori after the 1990s independence war, in a rare gesture of reconciliation.
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Just one of the 180 Balkan donkeys on the reserve farm.
Just one of the 180 Balkan donkeys on the reserve farm.
Stado doo Dimitrovgrad Sergej Ivanov
Tiny one room house built in 1968 by young people on the Drina River in Serbia.
Tiny one room house built in 1968 by young people on the Drina River in Serbia.
Days of Hvar cuisine was started by Kod Kapetana restaurant in Hvar
Days of Hvar cuisine was started by Kod Kapetana restaurant in Hvar
Kod Kapetana
The EU Flag
The EU Flag
Tiny one room house built in 1968 by young people on the Drina River in Serbia.
Tiny one room house built in 1968 by young people on the Drina River in Serbia.
Platoon of the Serbian Army
Platoon of the Serbian Army
The ruins of NATO s bombing campaign in the heart of Europe  in Serbia  still exist today.
The ruins of NATO's bombing campaign in the heart of Europe, in Serbia, still exist today.
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Snow on the Serbia mountain Kopaonik
Snow on the Serbia mountain Kopaonik
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