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Sequestration News

Carbon dioxide use moves from research to industrial applications

Aachen - The 17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization is meeting in Aachen, Germany with the goal of highlighting research projects on CO2 Utilization in all levels of maturity, including showcasing some profitable industrial applications.

Will planting more trees help to reduce greenhouse gases?

There is enough room in the world’s existing parks, forests, and abandoned land to plant 1.2 trillion additional trees, which would have the CO2 storage capacity to cancel out a decade of carbon dioxide emissions.

IRS employee furloughs set to take effect next month

Washington - Starting next month, the Internal Revenue Service will be shutting its offices for one day per month until September. This is in response to the sequestration measures set by the Obama Administration and Congress.

White House says annual Easter Egg Roll won't be cancelled

Washington - As reports surfaced the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll was at risk of cancellation, the White House is saying the April 1 event won't be called off.

White House opens door to cutting Medicare and Social Security

Washington - President Barack Obama blamed Republicans for allowing $85 billion in budget cuts to move forward as part of the Sequestration agreement he signed.

Barack Obama calls sequestration he signed a 'dumb' idea

Washington - After railing against Republicans and Sequestration for months, President Barack Obama failed stop a relatively small blend of cuts that he signed into law before deciding to campaign against them.

Op-Ed: Woodward vs Obama on sequester - Who would you believe?

Washington - Known for his ability to shift blame and appealing to the public, President Obama has run into an obstacle. Well-respected journalist and author Bob Woodward put the blame for the sequester in the lap of the President. Who is more believable?

Republicans call Barack Obama's bluff on Sequestration

Washington - Democrats and much of the mainstream media have dogged Republicans for their efforts to control Washington’s out-of-control deficit spending for years.

New White House reports outline impact of sequestration on states

Washington - As part of the effort of the Obama admin. to pressure Republicans to accept a new deal including new revenues to avert the sequester, the White House released reports Sunday that outline the impacts that sequestration cuts could have on individual states.

Will the UK's end of foreign aid to India begin a donor trend?

The UK's decision to end aid to India in 2015 sets a number of questions in motion and ultimately may redefine the notions of national pride and of the donor-recipient relationship.

Op-Ed: Reality Check-Obama's State of the Union Address more campaigning

Washington - President Obama will give his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening. As highlighted in his inauguration speech on January 21st he has set an aggressive liberal agenda, including tax hikes, gun control, nuclear proliferation and the environment.

US: Fears of deep economic recession as fiscal austerity looms

Washington - Liberal analysts are warning that a deep recession could follow implementation of spending cuts and that the experience of Europe points to the significance of government spending in a weak economy.

Op-Ed: Defense Industry pessimistic about avoiding fiscal cliff

Washington - The defense industry may be becoming more pessimistic about a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff before the end of this year. They are also annoyed that they are sidelined during talks.

Op-Ed: John Boehner’s role in history

The 112th Congress has gone through this entire year without passing one single piece of significant legislation, leaving uncertainty involving employment, taxes, the farm bill, the post office and most importantly the budget deficit and the Sequester.

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