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Essential Science: E-skin monitor captures vital signs

A new advancement with electronic skin devices has been developed, one that is powered by the sweat of the wearer and which can provide accurate readings relating to heart rate and blood sugar levels.

Connecting humans and machines with e-skin

Human skin is a sensitive organ that allows us to differentiate different pressures of touch and temperature. Getting a robot to replicate that has proved challenging. A new breakthrough in electronic skin helps boost robot sensitivity.

Wireless controlled ingestible capsule created

Boston - Medical technologists have constructed an electronic pill that can relay diagnostic information and release drugs in response to smartphone commands. This is to collect patient information or to allow for the controlled release of a drug.

Essential Science: Skin sensor can measure oxygen in the body

A new sensor can monitor oxygen levels inside the human body, by scanning the surface of the skin. The new device can be used to track the progress of oxygenation in relation to healing wounds in real time, providing valuable medical data.

Implantable health sensor runs off body glucose

A new implantable sensor has been developed, which assesses key biological markers to make an assessment of different types of diseases. The sensor draws on human glucose in order to operate.

Are you willing to be fitted with an alcohol monitor?

For people on alcohol reduction programs and for those wishing to monitor alcohol levels, a new type of biosensor has been developed: in essence, it's an alcohol monitoring chip.

New gas safety sensor based on graphene technology

Bejing - A new gas sensor, designed to mimic the superior sense of smell that a dog possesses, has been developed. At the heart of the technology are graphene-based nanoscrolls.

Low power CO2 sensor detects building occupants

A new type of sensor to detect carbon dioxide has the ability to indicate whether people are inside buildings to enable smart building management. The sensor is also capable of running off a low level of power.

New technology cleans up St. Patrick’s Cathedral

New York City - Condensation between window panes can ruin stained glass, causing problems for some of the finest cathedrals. As an example of how new technology can help to preserve something old and revered, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has received a make-over.

Low-cost sensor detects gas leaks in real-time

Glasgow - A new infrared imaging system, designed to provide low-cost, real-time detection of methane gas leaks has been developed. Methane gas presents a public health risk and it is a contributor to climate change.

Bionic spinach can sense explosives

In strange-but-true science, researchers have embedded carbon nanotubes into the leaves of spinach, enabling the ‘bionic’ plant to gain the capability to detect explosives.

Deploying lasers to sniff out toxic gas

The days of using dogs to sniff out toxic substances could be about to end. Scientists have pioneered a new approach for toxic gas detection based on infrared lasers, and the scientific explanation is at the quantum level.

New device allows instant detection of unknown liquids

Technologists have developed a new portable device which can instantly identify common types of liquids, including oils. The main application is for spillages, to assess if the spills are dangerous chemicals.

Tracking fuel leaks and explosives with novel method

University of Utah engineers have created a novel material that can detect fuel leaks and fuel-based explosives. When commercialized, the material will assist with screening and safety.

Canon unveils a 250MP CMOS sensor for DSLR cameras

Camera manufacturer Canon has created the world's highest resolution CMOS sensor that can fit inside conventional DSLR cameras. Capable of shooting photos with 250-megapixels, Canon claims it makes the branding on airplanes 18km away visible.

'Three billion' wearable sensors to be in use by 2025

A report has estimated that over three billion sensors will be put to collective use on our bodies over the next ten years, fuelled by growth in the wearables market. The number of physical sensors available is also expected to grow.

MIT's new camera sensor could erradicate photo overexposure

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a new way of capturing light with camera sensors that could put an end to overexposure in photos without having to enable HDR or alter the shot in post-processing.

Taking videos on iPhone might be about to get a whole lot better

Apple has been granted a patent for a new light-splitting, three-sensor camera system, Apple Insider reports, which could pave the way for a higher quality photos and videos in the iPhone.

Sensor can detect date rape drug within seconds

Researchers say that they have developed a test that can detect the date rape drug Gamma-Hydroxybutyric, GHB, within seconds.

Electronic ‘nose’ invented to scan for pesticides in food

An electronic sensor has been developed to identify pesticides in food. The device uses a nano-sensor array that can detect small quantities of harmful airborne substances that can emanate from food.

New Widget Warns Shoppers of Harmful Bugs in Food

A small iron strip could save you from bad milk in the future. A Penn State engineer has created a technology to detect food bugs in milk, juice or soup, which can be used in grocery checkouts and scanned like a regular barcode.

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Sensor Image

The 2x2 mm sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmits information wirelessly.
The 2x2 mm sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmits information wirelessly.
Fio Omenetto, Ph.D., Tufts University
Sensors: The next frontier for pollution reduction.
Sensors: The next frontier for pollution reduction.
© Jacobs School of Engineering / UC San Diego
Duo  the portable security sensor.
Duo, the portable security sensor.
Virtual reality: a wearable system to provide situational awareness for blind and visually impaired ...
Virtual reality: a wearable system to provide situational awareness for blind and visually impaired people.
The OccupEye sensor package.
CC License: Attrition  no deriv.
The OccupEye sensor package. CC License: Attrition, no deriv.
Canon s 250-megapixel camera sensor.
Canon's 250-megapixel camera sensor.
The sensor is easily inserted into the rumen of the cow where it begins monitoring a number of healt...
The sensor is easily inserted into the rumen of the cow where it begins monitoring a number of health parameters.

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