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Rogues' gallery to decide fate of Brazilian leader

Rio De Janeiro - One Brazilian is accused of taking bribes, another with hiding a secret bank account, a third with trying to help a man escape prison.So who are they -- hardened conmen? Mobsters?

Manny Pacquiao virtually elected as Philippine senator

In the April 18-20 survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) nationwide, incumbent congressman and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao landed in the No.3 spot of the Top 12 list of possible winners in the May 9 general elections.

Op-Ed: Bob Arum's wish for Manny Pacquiao getting closer to reality

About five years ago, Bob Arum disclosed to media his wish for Manny Pacquiao and if that wish comes true in the future, it will be the biggest achievement of his career as boxing promoter spanning more than 50 years.

Brazil Senate forms impeachment committee

Bras - Brazil's Senate met Monday to form a committee that will consider whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, who has accused her opponents of mounting a constitutional coup.

Op-Ed: Why Pacquiao need not campaign to win a senate seat if he wins

Fighting congressman and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao need not travel to the countryside to ask the electorate to vote for him as senator in the coming May 9 general elections in the Philippines if he wins in his April 9 fight against Tim Bradley.

Comelec ruling motivates Pacquiao to train hard to ensure victory

Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao is delighted to hear about the ruling of the Philippine Commission on Elections (Comelec) on March 29 not to block the airing of his April 9 fight in the Philippines.

Senate leader rejects action on Obama high court nominee

Washington - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected action Wednesday on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, minutes after President Barack Obama announced his pick.

Pacquiao back to winning circle in latest senatorial poll

Filipino boxing superstar and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao is back in the winning circle of the latest Pulse Asia survey on senatorial candidates for the upcoming Philippines national elections.

U.S. House bans microbeads in personal care products by 2019

Washington - Several states have passed legislation to put and end to the use of tiny microbeads in beauty products, but now the rest of the nation is catching up. It's all part of an effort to keep the tiny plastic beads out of the ocean and our seafood.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan files candidacy for senator

Manila - Former Phl Secretary of the Department of Interiors and Local Government Rafael Alunan has finalized his plan to seek a senate seat in next year's elections by filing his Certificate of Candidacy on Friday, Oct. 16 at the Comelec office in Manila.

Senate takes up case of MEK refugees trapped at Camp Liberty

Washington D.c. - Members of the Senate Armed Services committee heard the case of the Mojahedin e Khalq. Over 2,000 members of the MEK are trapped in Iraq, facing threats from the ongoing instability in the country, and potential attacks from pro-Iranian forces.

Manny Pacquiao may join administration party for senate seat

Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao may join the administration's Liberal Party as one of its senatorial bets in the upcoming national elections in the Philippines.

NY: You and pooch may soon get to dine outside at area eateries

If you live in New York, have a dog and don't like eating at restaurants by yourself, you and Fido may be in luck. New York's state Senate has passed legislation that amends state health laws to allow diners and their dogs to eat in outdoor dining areas.

Haiti first lady barred from running for Senate

Port-au-prince - Haitian First Lady Sophia Martelly can't run for the Senate due to questions over her nationality, authorities said Wednesday.New York-born Martelly had provided election authorities with documents showing she had renounced her American citizenship.

U.S. parties flip-flop on experience in White House race

Washington - Back in 2008, a freshman senator named Barack Obama got savaged for his inexperience.As Republicans prepare their 2016 presidential races, political messaging has flip-flopped as they face the most seasoned woman in American politics.

Op-Ed: U.S Republicans make science pledge

Contrary to reports issued by the U.S. Democrats, the Republican Party has declared that it is committed to science, despite the call within its ranks to cut science spending. Not everyone is convinced.

Senate Republicans face executive action on immigration reform

Even though they have a majority in the Senate, the Republicans do not have enough votes to avoid President Obama’s veto of any action they take to stop the President’s executive action on immigration.

Federal funding cuts hit U.S. scientific research hard

Washington - The U.S. legislature has passed a spending agreement for science for next year. The deal signals only modest increases for federal science agencies.

Republicans poised to snatch U.S. Senate in mid-terms

Washington - Republicans appear increasingly likely to win back the U.S. Senate in November 4 mid-term elections, a move that would heap misery on President Barack Obama in his final two years in office.

Op-Ed: Why Manny Pacquiao and known celebrities will win in next polls

Manila - Despite the perceived negative effects of the ongoing probe involving celebrities turned politicians on their future political plans, it appears that more movie and television personalities will still be elected in the 2016 national elections.

Democrat John Walsh drops out of Senate race over plagiarism

Helena - Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) announced on Thursday that he is ending his re-election campaign due to fallout from a college plagiarism scandal.

Pacquiao tops voters awareness rating in 2016 elections survey

Fighting Sarangani Congressman Manny Pacquiao has beaten all aspiring senatorial candidates in the 2016 national elections in a survey conducted by Pulse Asia among 1,200 respondents nationwide.

Has last California oyster cannery taken its last breath?

Washington, D. C. - California's last oyster cannery may just about be on its last breath Monday after the US Supreme Court refused to hear the operation's final challenge to an order to shut down.

Video: Dr. Oz called into Senate review

Dr. Oz has for some time been making claims about how miraculous his products are. Now senators are calling him in for a review of how much his products do and how much is just marketing.

Op-Ed: The privacy & anti-bullying bills that ruin privacy and bully us

Two conspicuously named bills that are currently being reviewed in the Senate and House of Commons are quite troublesome — Canadians need to take note.

Senator pushes further on antibiotic resistance threat Special

Washington - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has expanded on his plan to combat antimicrobial resistance and call for greater federal attention to the increase in antibiotic-resistant infections.

Boehner: 'Obamacare is the law of the land'

After more than 55 failed attempts by the House, Speaker John Boehner finally conceded that Obamacare is here to stay. Boehner’s admission comes only three weeks after he vowed the House would continue to try to repeal the law.

Op-Ed: Florida's special election could be a predictor of the midterms

Florida's 13th congressional district held a special election last week, and its results may offer a tea-leaf reading on the upcoming midterm elections.

CIA accused of hacking Senate computers

Washington - Dianne Feinstein and other senators have accused the Central Intelligence Agency of searching computers used by the congressional staff. CIA Director John Brennan denies the allegations.

Op-Ed: Why Manny Pacquiao needs senate seat in 2016

Fighting Congressman Manny Pacquiao has not officially announced his intention to seek a senate seat in the 2016 national elections but presidential aspirant and incumbent Vice-President Jejomar Binay has already included him in his senatorial slate.
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Joe Miller candidate for Alaska s Senator
Joe Miller candidate for Alaska's Senator
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MONEY -- California State Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) says legislative and union leaders hav...
MONEY -- California State Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) says legislative and union leaders have agreed to raise the Golden State's minimum wage to $15 by 2022.
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Congressman and boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao with wife Sarangani Province Vice-Gov.Jinkee Pacquiao
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President Obama visits Keystone XL pipeline
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The house of congress
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